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Justice In The Dark (光·渊) is one of China's newest dramas. The drama immediately aired its first eight episodes without prior promotion on February 18. The drama is adapted by Priest's Mo Du which finally aired suddenly on February 18.

Justice in the Dark is an adaptation of the novel Silent Reader or Mo Du by Priest. The drama is one that is eagerly awaited by both the readers of the novel and the fans of the stars. Apart from airing without promotion, the drama also surprised fans by making several changes, one of which was the title. Initially, the drama was planned to be titled Abyss, but now it is running under the title Justice in the Dark.

Not only that, the names of the two main characters have also changed, different from the novel. In the original work, they were named Fei Du and Luo Wenzhou. However, the names became Pei Su and Luo Weizhao in the play. This drama is directed by director Qiu Zhongwei who previously directed the films The Living Dead (2019) and Fatal Journey (2020) which are prequels and sequels to The Untamed series.

Meanwhile, the script was written by Li Lin who also wrote the script for A League of Nobleman which also aired suddenly on January 30 and finished airing with 29 episodes some time ago. Justice in the Dark will have 30 episodes that can be watched on the Youku app.

Justice In The Dark synopsis
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Synopsis of  Justice In The Dark

Solving Mysteries While Overcoming Trauma. Justice in the Dark tells of Pei Su (Zhang Xincheng), an eccentric rich man and a police detective, Luo Weizhao (Fu Xinbo) in solving the same case. The story is set in the 253rd Year of the Xinyuan Civilization. At that time, there were several murder cases that occurred in close proximity.

Luo Weizhao tries to investigate the case. He is assisted by Tao Ze (Liu Yihang) and Lan Qiao (Xiao Yu). In his investigation, the murder case developed towards people with "zero-degree empathy." He is then confronted with the murder of a courier who actually leads him to a criminal organization. The perpetrator is also suspected of being a zero-degree empath.

Luo Weizhao is in charge of the case and realizes that things are not as simple as they seem. Not only that, Pei Su also always seems caught in the middle of the cases he investigates. They actually had a good relationship in the past. However, everything changed when Luo Weizhao tried to tell him about the problems related to Pei Su's mother. Apart from facing case after case, Justice in the Dark also tells how the main character deals with the trauma that has bound him so far.

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Cast of Justice In The Dark 

Zhang Xincheng play as Pei Su

Fu Xinbo play as Luo Weizhao

Zhao Zhiwei play as Xiao Hanyang

Liu Yihong play as Tao Ze

Xiao Yu play as Lan Qiao

Zhang Xinyi play as Yang Xi

Geng Jiawei play as Xiao Wu

Long Zhengxuan play as Tang Ning

Zhang Shen play as Zhang Zhaolin

Zheng Yu play as Fan Siyuan

Ma Yue play as Zhang Zhaojin

Jianing Xue play as Heather

Chai Wei play as Su Ruowan

Yu Bo play as Pei Chengyu

Liping play as Zheng Kaifeng

Gao Zifeng play as Guo Shinan

Ding Haifeng play as Du Yuliang

Zhang Junyi play as Du Jia

Du Zhiguo play as Luo Cheng

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