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Justice In The Dark (光·渊) Episode 3 Summary

Justice In The Dark (光·渊) Episode 3 Summary

Pei Su had another dream. He dreamed that he came to a room. In that room, he saw himself when he was a child, holding a few pieces of paper in his hand. He was about to take those papers to read. It started burning automatically, and at this time, his mother's voice sounded in his ears again, and his mother asked him to save her, but his father asked him, is he still sympathetic to those animals, and started to pinch his neck, Pei Su was there Woke up in a dream. After waking up, Pei Su realized that he was being hypnotized by the doctor. The doctor asked him inexplicably why he came to her for treatment and why he wanted to retrieve those memories, but he didn't answer just told her that he would not come again in the future.

The doctor asked him why, he smiled and told her that he had found a solution to the problem. Team Luo found a person named Chen Zhen based on the content of the report. Chen Zhen handed over his sister's belongings to him. Chen Zhen also told Team Luo that his sister seemed to be very scared those few days. He asked her what happened , My sister didn't tell him, but just told him not to get involved in this matter. After leaving Chen Zhen, Team Luo called Tao Ze and asked someone to investigate Cui Ying. Team Luo asked Pei Su in puzzlement why he was hanging out with Zhang Donglan, and before Pei Su could answer, Zhang Donglan came over. After Zhang Donglan was released, his cronies burst into cheers. 

At this moment, He Zongyi's mother came over crying suddenly. Asked why he wanted to kill her child, Captain Luo comforted Mother He, and Pei Su supported Mother He, wanting to take her to the guest house to rest, but Mother He went to the police station to see if they caught the bad guys, Captain Luo After she came back, it didn't matter if she knew Feng Nianguo, but Mother He shook her head. After everyone's persuasion, Mother Tao went to the guest house. Tao Ze asked for leave from Dui Luo, saying he wanted to go on a blind date. Dui Luo and Pei Su took out the car keys at the same time and wanted to lend him the car. Luo Dui and Pei Su ate together, but Pei Su didn't eat this or that. Although he ate shrimp, he didn't want to grill it by himself. Luo Dui felt very awkward seeing him sitting there and didn't eat. 

Justice In The Dark Episode 3

Pet, plucked a few shrimp for him. Looking at Dui Luo's way of grilling shrimp, Pei Su remembered what Tao Ze said, so he told Dui Luo that he had figured it out over the years, life and death are natural laws, and he had already accepted this in his heart. Reality. I found out he went to see a psychiatrist. Team Luo asked him if he was still having that dream. The two were talking when someone suddenly called Team Luo, and after hanging up the phone, Team Luo left in a hurry. What Dui Luo received was a call for help, and the person calling for help was Chen Zhen, but just as Chen Zhen called for help twice, the phone hung up, and when Dui Luo called again, the other party had already turned off his phone. 

Tao Ze found the Hongfu Grand View KTV where Chen Zhen last appeared by phone, and he had a good relationship with a man named Hu Xuechun, so Team Luo came to Hongfu Grand View and asked Hu Chunxue to accompany him by name. As for the name, the waiter was taken aback, and then told Captain Luo that Hu Chunxue’s name in the karaoke hall was Linda, because she was not feeling well today, so it was inconvenient to pick up customers, but Pei Su insisted on letting Linda accompany her. The waiter led Dui Luo to a private room at the end of the corridor. After Linda arrived, Dui Luo began to write on the table. 

Hu Chunxue hurriedly said that she was in poor health and couldn't do that. As he spoke, he stood up, just in time to block the surveillance video. Team Luo continued to write and communicate with her. Through talking with her, Team Luo discovered that Chen Zhen was indeed here. Jin Zaihong's subordinates at Hongfu Grand View watched the surveillance video, saw Hu Chunxue stand up and blocked the camera, and hurriedly called Jin Zaihong, Jin Zaihong recognized Luo Dui immediately, and asked his subordinate Chen Zhen how he was doing Yes. His subordinate replied, Chen Zhen was given an injection just now, in order to prevent the special dispatch team from focusing on them, 

Jin Zaihong planned to release Chen Zhen, unexpectedly, shortly after his subordinate left, he suddenly ran over and told him , Chen Zhen was already dead, Jin Zaihong slapped his subordinates a few times angrily, and decided not to do anything. Through questioning, Team Luo has learned from Hu Chunxue that Chen Zhen is in the warehouse of the karaoke hall, and he is about to rescue Chen Zhen when there are suddenly hurried footsteps outside the door. He looks outside and finds a group of A man was walking towards this side with a sharp knife in his hand. Captain Luo realized that the situation was not good, so he let Hu Chunxue jump out of the window to escape, and then picked up a wine bottle to meet him. He first knocked down two of them with a beer bottle, then pushed up the cake cart on the side, made a bloody road and rushed into the warehouse, and finally saw Chen Zhen in the warehouse, but Chen Zhen had no breath of life. 

At this moment, the group of people chased after him again. Pei Su was outnumbered and was stabbed in the back. In desperation, he had no choice but to jump out of the window and escape. At this time, Hu Chunxue was still waiting for him downstairs, and the two of them just wanted to leave , Several people riding motorcycles rushed towards them suddenly. At this critical juncture, Pei Su suddenly drove over.

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