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Justice In The Dark (光·渊) Episode 2 Summary

Justice In The Dark (光·渊) Episode 2 Summary

Pei Su had a dream. He dreamed that he was admiring a bird. Suddenly, his father came over and asked him if he knew who could rule life. He shook Pei Su's hand vigorously and watched the bird in the air. Struggling to die, Pei Su woke up in a dream. He got out of bed panting, picked up a photo and looked at it, and then remembered the scene where someone asked him for directions. That person was indeed a bit strange. He inquired about Chengguang Mansion, and he thought Chengguang Mansion wanted to recruit couriers. 

Tao Ze told Captain Luo one thing, and Miao Xiaowei gave a clue to the police. He found that He Zongyi had an extra mobile phone in his hand, and that mobile phone was relatively expensive, so he asked him where the mobile phone came from. He Zong replied that he While delivering the courier, there was a conflict with someone else, who beat him up and gave him the mobile phone as compensation, but Captain Luo thought that there must be something wrong with He Zongyi. He was not found to be injured, which means that he was not seriously injured, and the other party didn't need to pay him such an expensive mobile phone, and judging from the old suit He Zongyi was wearing, if he wasn't going to see his elders, he would definitely He was going to meet a powerful person. 

After listening to Luo Dui's analysis, Tao Ze said that Luo Dui wanted to go with him, but Luo Dui immediately guessed that it was Pei Su's analysis, so he reminded him Don't forget, the two of them had an agreement not to let Pei Su participate in solving the case. Miao Xiaowei provided another clue. He Zongyi was wearing a suit that day and said he was going to Chengguang Mansion to meet someone, because Chengguang Mansion was Zhang Donglan’s residence, so Team Luo called him, and Zhang Donglan told Team Luo They held a party that day, and Pei Su was also present at that time. Luo Dui was about to find Pei Su, but Pei Su came to him on his own initiative. 

Justice In The Dark Episode 2

After the two met, Dui Luo asked Pei Su why he was going to the Chengguang Mansion. Seeing Dui Luo doubting himself, Pei Su smiled and replied that if he wanted to kill someone, he would definitely strangle him to death, so that the other party could experience death slowly. Seeing Pei Su talking about killing people like tasting tea, Luo Dui was about to reprimand him, but Pei Su reminded Luo Dui that they could send a special team to investigate an ordinary homicide case as a serial case. Things should not be so simple, after he stood up and was about to leave, Luo Dui couldn't help but say, did he not let go of what happened 7 years ago. 

Policewoman Lan Dayan eavesdropped on their conversation, and asked Tao Ze strangely what happened seven years ago. Su's mother committed suicide, but Pei Su told them that her mother was killed by his father. Because there was no evidence to prove it, no investigation was filed in the end. Team Leader Du of the Supervisory Committee handed over a report material to Captain Luo. On the top of the material was a group photo of young men and women. Chen Yuan was written under the group photo, and a sister was written on the back of the photo. Tao Ze discovered through monitoring that Team Luo was holding a brown paper bag in his hand on the day of the incident, which should be the money he wanted to return to the borrower, and the note on his forehead should be on the brown paper bag. 

Pei Su accompanied Zhang Ying to the police station. He told the police that his brother did have conflicts with the deceased, but his brother would never kill anyone. When the police asked him who else was there at the time, Zhang Ying replied that there were hers. Boyfriend Zhou Hongchuan, at that time his brother didn't let the other party pay for the mobile phone. After Zhang Donglan finished speaking, Team Luo asked her to go to another room to take notes. Seeing that Dui Luo was about to leave, Pei Su suddenly said something. In this world, all crimes will leave traces. This sentence was exactly what Dui Luo told him. 

After hearing this, Dui Luo stopped in his tracks. Knowing that Pei Su was still worried about his mother's death, he explained to him that when his mother died, the scene was closed, and his mother put on makeup and left a suicide note. Music was still playing at the scene. His mother's dead money committed suicide because of depression, and it has been 7 years since the incident, and all the evidence has disappeared. I hope Pei Su will not be entangled in this matter.

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