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Justice In The Dark (光·渊) Episode 4 Summary

Justice In The Dark (光·渊) Episode 4 Summary 

After knocking the motorcycle away, let Luo Dui get on the car quickly. After Luo Dui and Hu Chunxue got on the car, Pei Su drove in front, and a group of killers on motorcycles chased after him. Pei Su looked at the killers behind, and suddenly Feeling dizzy for a while, their car almost hit the person in front, thanks to Luo Dui calling Pei Su's name to wake him up, later, on a bridge, their car was blocked by killers, at this time Pei Su asked Luo Dui, If he killed these people with his car, would that count as self-defense? Team Luo told him that his life was much more precious than those people. Just as Team Luo finished speaking, police sirens sounded from afar. 

When the police came, he hurriedly turned around and fled, but was soon stopped by a police car. Seeing those killers being taken away, Dui Luo and Pei Su got out of the car to get some air. At this moment, Team Leader Du called Dui Luo and gave him a hard reprimand, telling him not to act like an idiot again. Heroism, he also told Captain Luo that all the people in Hongfu Grand View had been taken to the police station. Pei Su felt that there was something wrong with the front desk, and he was about to go to investigate. When he heard that they had all been arrested, Pei Su decided to He went back to the police station first. He didn't expect this homicide case, which included a crime in the case. By the way, a drug gang was pulled out, and Team Leader Du issued an order that he must investigate the matter. 

On the way back, Dui Luo asked Pei Su how he came here, didn't he follow him on purpose? There are a lot of new immigrants, a mixed bag. The two walked into the police station while talking. Seeing that Mother He was still there, Pei Su chatted with her. Zhang Donglan's driver provided a clue to the police. He found a blood-stained tie in the car. Tao Ze went to see the tie and concluded that the tie was the murder weapon that killed He Zongyi. Miao Xiaowei surrendered himself, admitted that He Zongyi committed homicide, and explained his criminal history, but Team Luo found out that he was not the murderer at all, because the murderer left a note on He Zongyi's body, and the murderer dared to show up in front of the police. 

Justice In The Dark Episode 4

Exposing himself shows that the murderer has a narcissistic personality, which is obviously inconsistent with Miao Xiaowei's personality. Kim Jae-hong wanted to hold the Lower West District in his own hands. At this time, people were killed, and it was of no benefit to him to attract the special investigation team to investigate, so he could not be the murderer. After investigation, Tao Ze found that on the day He Zongyi was killed, he went to Zhang Donglan's residence to meet a rich man. If that person was the murderer, it meant that the murderer was someone from Zhang Donglan's circle, and Dui Luo was struggling. Thinking about who the murderer was, Tao Ze's words suddenly reminded him, so he hurriedly moved at this time, Pei Su walked in with a business card, and Team Luo realized that it was exactly what he was looking for. 

Team Luo suspected that Mother He must know the murderer, so several people went to find Mother He, and when they arrived at Mother He's residence, they found that Mother He had left. After checking the surveillance video, they found that Mother He was at 3 o'clock in the middle of the night. When he came downstairs, Dui Luo zoomed in on the screen. From Mother He's eyes, he could see that someone was waiting for her on the opposite side of the road, so he suspected that the person Mother He wanted to see was the murderer. Team Luo, Tao Ze and others set off to look for Mother He. Pei Su recalled what Mother He had said to him. The only thing that mothers like them think about every day is to see their children go home. He didn't pay attention to this sentence. 

After He's mother left, he thought of what his mother had said to him before he was alive, and suddenly realized that He's mother might commit suicide. After monitoring, the police found that Mother He got into a black taxi, but the license plate number of the black taxi was fake, so they started searching where the black taxi disappeared. Pei Su analyzed Mother He's psychology, he should It will make his own suicide a performance. Thinking of this, Pei Su told his mother his experience on the big outdoor screen, and finally made He Mou give up the idea of committing suicide, but because the roof of the building where He He was located, the fence was blocked. Thanks to Team Luo who arrived in time, he rescued Mother He who almost fell from the building.

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