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Justice In The Dark (光·渊) Episode 5 Summary

Justice In The Dark (光·渊) Episode 5 Summary

After saving He's mother, Luo Dui went to visit Pei Su, because what Pei Su said to He's mother just now was to pick his own wounds. After seeing Pei Su, Luo Dui was about to comfort him. Dui Luo felt relieved when he didn't show the pain he imagined. At this time, Tao Ze came over and told him that they had caught Zhou Hongchuan in that building. Dui Luo was very happy to hear that, so he decided to interrogate him immediately. , and asked Tao Ze to investigate a person named Cui Ying. Team Luo was interrogated by Zhou Hongchuan. 

Before the interrogation, he first investigated Zhou Hongchuan's basic situation. Zhou Hongchuan was born in a remote village, and his family was poor. When Zhou Hongchuan was a child, there was a fire in their house, and her parents were involved in the fire killed. Dui Luo walked into the interrogation room and saw Zhou Hongchuan sitting there nonchalantly, so he first told Zhou Hongchuan's life experience, and when Dui Luo said his original name was Zhou Fengnian, Zhou Hongchuan's face clearly showed panic, But soon he calmed down. 

Luo Dui deliberately provoked him and said that as a student who came out of a poor area, he was admitted to a first-class university in Hong Kong, and finally became a well-known lawyer. It can be said that he has a bright future. Why kill He Zongyi? And planted it on drug dealers, doing such stupid things that destroy their future. After hearing this, Zhou Hongchuan ridiculed Captain Luo's interrogation methods for being too old-fashioned, and made fun of him, as a member of the special investigation team and the last hope of Xinzhou, for being so unprofessional in handling the case, and making wild remarks without evidence , He looked at his watch and told Captain Luo that his retention time was still an hour away. 

Justice In The Dark Episode 5

If Captain Luo had anything to ask, please ask quickly, otherwise don't waste his time. Team Luo then took out the evidence in his hand. After watching the two videos, Zhou Hongchuan used his legal knowledge and said a few words easily, and he got rid of his suspicion. Tao Ze went to question Cui Ying. Cui Ying and Zhou Hongchuan were classmates. From her, Tao Ze only got one important piece of information. Zhou Hongchuan once said to Cui Ying that if one day accidentally kills someone, throw the body in the The Lower West Side, because it's where drug dealers trade, is easy to get rid of suspicion. The bloodstain on the tie was also tested, and it was indeed Zhou Hongchuan's, but Team Luo insisted that the murderer was Zhou Hongchuan. Seeing that the time for questioning and verification was approaching, Captain Luo remembered what Pei Su had said. 

This kind of narcissistic character would have a habit after committing a crime. He would collect criminal items. At the scene where Zhou Hongchuan was arrested, Tao Ze once discovered A piece of railing that was sawed off, what He Muzhi almost fell from upstairs, because the railing was broken. Team Luo knew that Zhou Hongchuan would definitely not accept his account with only a section of railing, so Team Luo made Lan look wide-eyed and took people to Zhou Hongchuan's residence, Apartment No. 13, Chenguang Mansion, to search to see if he had collected He Zongyi's items. Dui Luo's guess was correct. Zhou Hongchuan was really indifferent when he saw the railing, but when Dui Luo said about apartment No. 13 in Chengguang Mansion, he really became nervous. Lan came to apartment No. 13 with big eyes. 

Unexpectedly, Zhou Hongchuan bought the whole apartment and filled it with red light bulbs. When she turned on the light, it was like being in a sea of flames. There he and she met He Zongyi Items, the money portfolio. Zhou Haichuan confessed his criminal history, and believed that he killed He Zongyi in self-defense, because He Zongyi recognized him and wanted to blackmail him 100,000 yuan. He Zongyi showed him the bills of frugality and earning money. Only then did he know that he was too suspicious. He suspected that He Zongyi was going to beat him, so he killed He Zongyi and blamed Zhou Hongchuan, because He's mother had seen him before, and he was worried about being recognized by He's mother, so he killed He's mother again. 

Although the case has been solved, Captain Luo feels that there are still a few doubts that have not been resolved. Among them is an empty number. He sent a message to He Zongyi at that time. Why did Chen Zhen go to Hongfu Grand View? Disappeared out of thin air, Team Luo was thinking about this problem, when Tao Ze suddenly called him, saying that the clearer had appeared again.

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