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Justice In The Dark (光·渊) Episode 1 Summary

Justice In The Dark (光·渊) Episode 1 Summary

In the 253rd year of New Yuan Civilization, there was a discussion in the society about whether the increase in crime rate was related to zero-degree empathy. The so-called zero-degree empathy is because of genetic attributes, so there is no way to interact with other people. Emotional empathy belongs to a group with a high incidence of crime, so it has become a topic of research by experts, and more and more supporters have flocked to the streets, advocating the passage of the genetic testing bill as soon as possible. 

The Genetic Testing Act was proposed by the NSW government two years ago, hoping to detect people with abnormal genetic sequences through testing, so as to curb the high crime rate. As the largest free port in New South Africa, Xinzhou has become a hotbed of crimes for zero-degree empathy because of its regional autonomy system and overly loose immigration policies. It is still unknown whether the genetic testing bill can curb crime. Pei Su, the successor of the Pei Group, is also very interested in this group of zero-degree empaths. 

At the moment, he is discussing related topics with the expert Mr. Bai. Teacher Bai was worried about Pei Su's situation. When Pei Su said goodbye and left, he wanted to comfort him, but Pei Su just turned around and left a charming smile, and left after saying that he was just a rich ordinary person. up. At night, in the urban-rural junction of the Lower West District of Xinzhou, a courier was brutally strangled to death. The next day immediately caused panic among the people, because counting this one, there have been four homicides here. 

justice in the dark episode 1

The special investigation team immediately arranged for the police to go to the scene. Luo Weizhao, the captain of the sixth detachment of the special investigation team, took the order, and Tao Ze, his deputy, and a policeman Xiao Lan arrived at the scene of the crime. During the on-site inspection, he was very repulsed by Luo Weizhao's arrival. Luo Weizhao saw that he was defending himself, so he kept getting close to Director Cui. Finally learned something useful from him. Luo Weizhao talked about whether it was a crime committed by a person with zero empathy. 

Director Cui believed that this statement was simply nonsense. Director Cui pointed to the surrounding environment and told Luo Weizhao that the terrain here is complicated, and if someone he knew did not commit the crime, he would never be able to get out of here. Luo Weizhao hurriedly echoed, and by the way, he learned the identity of the person who spoke with Director Cui just now. Director Cui said casually that it was his fellow villager, Jin Zaihong, the boss of Hongfu Real Estate. 

Luo Weizhao wanted to know about the situation of the deceased, so Director Cui called Xiao Glasses, a member of the Lower West District patrol team, and communicated the situation to Luo Weizhao. But when it was said that this was not necessarily the first scene of the crime, Director Cui suddenly lost his temper, and asked him repeatedly if this was not the first scene, and why did the murderer throw the body here. After Director Cui finished speaking, he ordered the patrol team to take the body away and put it away. Pei Su went to the company for a meeting by car. 

When the assistant saw the news of another homicide in the Lower West District, he showed it to Pei Su. At that time, Mr. Su mentioned that this area would be developed. It seems that this area is a mixed bag and has no commercial development value. When Pei Su saw Luo Weizhao in the news, he changed the route to the company and ordered the driver to drive to the Lower West District. Luo Weizhao looked very impatient when he saw Pei Su get off the car, but Pei Su ignored him, but came directly to greet Tao Ze, saying that he had already booked a western restaurant for Tao Ze and the others and wanted to treat them to dinner. 

Luo Weizhao refused to accept his arrangement and left with two colleagues, but Pei Su kept chasing after him. Back in the group, they immediately investigated the situation of the deceased He Zongyi, and also asked his roommate Miao Xiaowei. After everyone sorted out the situation, Luo Weizhao arranged the next step for everyone. Knowing that Pei Su was still outside and refused to leave, Luo Weizhao was a little angry, and Tao Ze hurriedly said that he would teach him a lesson. Tao Ze got into Pei Su's car and promised him to have dinner together. On the way, he advised him not to argue with Luo Weizhao again. 

When Pei Su saw the case files Tao Ze held, he couldn't help but start to analyze his own analysis of the murderer and the deceased. Seeing that he was talking more and more about the zero-degree empath, Tao Ze hurriedly stopped him from continuing. And when he got off the car, he gave Pei Su a handful of candy to persuade Pei Su to let go of his past obsessions. After all, people have to look forward. Seven years later, Pei Su still refused to forgive him. Tao Ze said that all the evidence in the case of Pei Su's mother back then proved to be suicide, and Luo Weizhao had tried his best. Pei Su interrupted Tao Ze and asked him to go home to rest, while he ate a candy and sat in the car listening to music.

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