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Beyond (超越) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Beyond (超越) is Chinese Drama produced by Shanghai Radio and Television, Heilongjiang Radio and Television, and Shanghai Ningmeng Media Co., Ltd., directed by Zhang Xiaobo, written by Li Jia, starring Li Gengxi, Hu Jun, Sha Yi, and Tu Songyan, with Ma Li, Mei Ting, and Tong Yao special Inspirational sports competition drama starring Sarina, Zhang Guoqiang, Zhao Jiaqi, Wang Zijian, Wang Tianchen, Hou Wenyuan, Wang Xiao Friendship, Gao Zhiting, Liu Yitie, Zhu Jiaqi, Chen Meiyi, Chen Yuxian, Li Muzi, Xu Qin, Liao Yinyue, Li Jinjiang, etc.

Based on the historical background of Beijing's successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics in 2015, Beyond (超越) tells the story of Chen Mian, a roller skating girl who decided to take short track speed skating as her career goal in the wave of the "Arctic South Exhibition". The story of passing the test and finally entering the national team as the main player, going to the Winter Olympics and winning glory for the country.

Tells about the struggle of athletes in the Olympics. Here is the synopsis and cast of the China Drama (2022) Beyond (超越). This Chinese drama Beyond is also known as Never Stop (超越). This drama Beyond (2022) is dedicated to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The series airs in the third week of January along with Wedding, Noting But You and Reset (开端; 開端).

Beyond (超越) premiered on CCTV Comprehensive Channel on January 9, 2022, and was simultaneously broadcast on iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku.

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Detail of Beyond (超越)

Chinese Title: 超越 (Beyond)

Genre: Contemporary, Drama, Sports 

Production Company: Shanghai Radio and Television Station, Heilongjiang Radio and Television Station

Filming Locations: Qingdao, Yantai, Harbin, Qiqihar 

Premiere Time: January 9, 2022 

Director: Zhang Xiaobo 

Screenplay: Li Jia 

Starring: Li Gengxi, Hu Jun, Sha Yi, Tu Songyan 

Number of Episodes: 29 

Length of Each Episodes: 45 minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku 

Premiere platform: CCTV integrated channel

Plot Story of Beyond (超越)

In 2015, Beijing successfully bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. In response to the national "Arctic South Exhibition" strategy, Zheng Kaixin, a former member of the national short track speed skating team, led the establishment of the Qingdao speed skating team and began to explore newcomers in ice and snow events. Out of love for short track speed skating, the roller skating girl Chen Mian took the initiative to request to join the start-up Qingdao short track speed skating team. "Rolling skating" was full of difficulties. 

In the stumbling blocks, Chen Mian grew up all the way, from a non-professional player to the main player of the Qingdao team, and entered the national team, and finally won the recognition of his father, Chen Jingye, who had never been optimistic about him. . Unexpectedly, Chen Jingye and Zheng Kaixin were close comrades-in-arms of the national team. They once shared their youth and sweat for the goal of winning glory for the country, and they parted ways because of the heavy pressure of winning gold. 

The older generation of athletes retired, and the new generation stood on the stage with a more open and tolerant attitude. On the ice, the two generations of athletes completed the relay and inheritance of sportsmanship, and Chen Mian is also ready to represent China in 2022. The venue of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

5th Episode Summary of Beyond (超越)

Episode 1

In the winter of 1989, gongs and drums were loud at the entrance of the Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Team. People warmly welcomed the speed skaters who won gold medals in international competitions. The Heilongjiang Provincial Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team was just established. The start-up short track team couldn't recruit good seedlings, so coach Wu Qinghong had to find another way. She came to the Songhua River and set up a booth. Whoever skated two laps in 30 seconds can get the most fashionable imported Walkman. for prizes. 

In 2014, Chen Mian, a roller skating girl, won an amateur competition and used the prize money to buy the short track speed skating shoes she was thinking of. She learned from the boss that a new short track speed skating team was established in Qingdao and was developing Recruit new exams. The next day, Chen Mian, who was supposed to participate in the roller skating competition, secretly got on the high-speed train bound for Qingdao. Chen Mian, who arrived in Qingdao, did not go well. Because she did not have the consent form signed by her parents, she was turned away.

Episode 2

Chen Mian pestered the coach Zheng Kaixin, and finally got a chance to be assessed, but the assessment still failed. The unrepentant Chen Mian tried to intercede with Coach Zheng, but Coach Zheng pointed out that she had practiced roller skating for many years, and she had already been set, and it was impossible to successfully switch to short track speed skating. Despite this, Chen Mian did not give up. She dragged the box and followed the team members to the dormitory compound, but was locked out by the guard. Chen Mian was reluctant to leave, so he nestled outside the gate of the Qingdao team base and slept in his clothes. Early the next morning, Zheng Kaixin was still unwilling to accept Chen Mian into the team, and notified Chen Mian's mother to pick her up home. 

The Qingdao team used a rented commercial ice rink. In order to enter the ice rink, Chen Mian spent all his money to get a membership card. Chen Mian slipped awkwardly on the ice, and Zheng Kaixin was touched by her perseverance. Chen Mian's mother, Wang Haiyan, came to see Zheng Kaixin and found out that she was an old friend. Zheng Kaixin gave Chen Mian a month of trial training, and after the trial training passed the assessment, he could stay as a regular player. Chen Mian happily moved into the dormitory with his new teammates. Gu Leyi complained that the dormitory was too broken, but Chen Mian was happy.

Episode 3

In July 2014, Zheng Kaixin held a welcome banquet for everyone. At the welcome banquet, Zheng Kaixin told everyone his original intention to set up a short track speed skating team in Qingdao. At night, Chen Mian, who was tossing and turning, took out the tiger teeth that her father gave her when she was a child, and recalled the good times when her father taught her to skate, with mixed feelings in her heart. The next day, Chen Mian officially participated in the training for the first time. After the exhausting land training, Zheng Kaixin announced that Chen Mian's training plan did not include ice.

Director Wang of Qingdao Municipal Bureau introduced a good seedling to Zheng Kaixin. The speed of Luo Zhujun's climbing on the ice impressed the Qingdao team members. Everyone greeted her warmly, but she was as cold as ice. Luo Zhujun negotiated conditions with Zheng Kaixin. She did not live in a dormitory and had to train alone. Moreover, all the domestic competitions that the Qingdao team participated in must have her place. Zheng Kaixin agreed one by one. During ice training, Zheng Kaixin was unmoved.

Episode 4

In Qingdao in 2014, Zheng Kaixin saw the tiger tooth necklace that Chen Mian was wearing and fell into memories with mixed feelings. Chen Mian went to the Lu training room for additional training at night, and met Luo Zhujun who was also training. Fu Cong made a crooked move for Chen Mian who wanted to get on the ice, but Luo Zhujun broke it, and Zheng Kaixin fined all Qingdao team members for 40 laps at night. Chen Mian and Luo Zhujun quarreled at Wang Ma's spare ribs, and Luo Zhujun said that he didn't care to be teammates with them at all. At night, Zheng Kaixin directly improved Luo Zhujun's performance by adjusting her skates. Zheng Kaixin told Luo Zhujun that short track speed skating is not a one-person sport. If you don't believe in disrespecting your teammates, you will never go on.

Episode 5

Chen Mian pestered Zheng Kaixin to get on the ice. Zheng Kaixin asked to compete with Chen Mian in a one-leg squat for one minute. Chen Mian was defeated and had to promise Zheng Kaixin to clean the ice rink for a month. Chen Mian, who did not give up, asked Zheng Kaixin to talk earnestly. Zheng Kaixin told Chen Mian that the reason why she was not allowed to go on the ice and let her do land training desperately was to wash away the muscle memory of her previous roller skating practice and turn her around completely. Chen Jingye was invited to the Qingdao team to exchange experience. He unexpectedly learned that Chen Mian was actually in the Qingdao team. He hurried to the Qingdao team, but found that his daughter was cleaning the ice rink. The father and daughter who had not seen each other for a long time met, and the atmosphere was awkward. Chen Jingye asked Chen Mian not to waste time on the Qingdao team. Chen Mian left in anger, and Zheng Kaixin arrived. After many years, the two brothers met again.

Cast of Beyond (超越)

Li Gengxi as Chen Mian

Hu Jun as Chen Jingye

Sha Yi as Zheng Kaixin

Tu Songyan as Li Guimin

Zhang Guoqiang as Jiang Hong

Mei Ting as Wang Haiyan

Ma Li as Wu Qinghong

Gao Zhiting as young Chen Jingye

Liu Yitie as young Zheng Kaixin

Zhu Jiaqi as young Jiang Hong

Tong Yao as Li Min

Zhao Jiaqi as Wang Minli

Wang Zijian as Wang Zilai

Wang Xiao as Liao Zhenhua

Sarina as Zhao Xichun

Wang Tianchen as Zhang Haoyu

Hou Wenyuan as Fang Yifei

Chen Meiyi as Xiangbei

Chen Yuxian as Luo Zhujun

Li Muzi as Hou Siyuan

Li Jinjiang as Fu Cong

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