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Nothing But You (眼里余光都是你) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Nothing But You (眼里余光都是你) is co-produced by Enxi Films, Produced Zhongguang Natural Selection, Yangbaa Films, Haina Film and Television, Dengyun Chuangyi and other companies, directed by Lan Zhiwei , starring Wang Herun and Luo Zheng, starring Zheng Xiyi and Jing Gangshan, and urban love idol drama starring Ding Jiawen, Su Xiaoding, Wang Yitian and Zhou Yuting.

Nothing But You (眼里余光都是你) is adapted from the youth novel "She Came Against the Light" by the best-selling author Zuo Tong. It tells the story of Jiang Lili, a "little transparent" in the film and television industry who volunteered to act as a stand-in for her twin sister to keep her career. The story of being recognized by his immediate boss, Lai Zhengyi, at the very beginning.

This romantic comedy Chinese Drama Nothing But You (眼里余光都是你) will be broadcast exclusively on iQIYI from January 10, 2022 on every Monday.

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Detail of Nothing But You (眼里余光都是你)

Chinese Title: 眼里余光都是你 (It's All About You)

Also Known As: 演李玉光都是你 (My Eyes Are Full of You)

English Title: Nothing But You

Genre: City, Idol, Love, Romantic, Comedy 

Production Company: Cherish film industry

Filming location: In mainland China, Ningbo

First broadcast time: January 10, 2022 

Director: Lan Zhiwei, 

Screenwriter: Wang Lifeng, 

Producer: Wang Liao, 

Starring: Wang Herun, Luo Zheng, Ding Jiawen, Su Xiaoding

Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes

Producer: Bao Mengmeng

Online Platform: of iQIYI

Plot Story of Nothing But You (眼里余光都是你)

The series is adapted from the youth novel "She Came Against the Light" by the best-selling author Zuo Tong. It tells the story of Jiang Lili, a "looser" who was forced to pretend to be her twin sister because of an accident. After life, gradually become a better self and harvest love story.

5th Episode Summary of Nothing But You (眼里余光都是你)

Episode 1

Sister Bi Xiaoran was involved in a car accident, and her twin sister Jiang Lili appeared at the signing ceremony in place of her sister for a project that her sister cared about. In order to resolve the scandal, President Li Li Lai decides to live together.

Episode 2

Jiang Lili cooked (ordered takeout) and washed the antique dishes to serve. Mr. Lai deliberately made Li Li accompany three million people. Li Li told Ding Dong that Ding Dong woke up Li Li and worked hard to keep Lai happy. Li Li called her mother. Li Li pleases Mr. Lai; Mr. Ren and Qingyan talk about finding someone to bump into Xiaoran. Seeing Donna, Donna talks about the drama, and Mr. Lai helps Xiaoran out of the siege.

Episode 3

Mr. Lai made Li Li's room without water and electricity, and asked him for help. Li Li was named Donna by Ren Li in the play. Ren Qingyan began to sabotage. When the Donna scandal broke, Li Li went to chat with Donna. Mr. Lai chatted with Li Li and realized that Li Li was blown up as an actor by Ren Qingyan. At the meeting, it was decided that Ren Qingyan would play the female lead. Li Li went to her and was humiliated many times.

Episode 4

The joint statement was released, and Susan was injured while filming. Under Ren's provocation, he held a fan meeting to boycott the joint statement. Li Li cleverly sabotaged the meeting, so that Susan's lie was self-defeating. Li Li's live broadcast failed, but the hype was successful, and Ren finally agreed to play Li Li. Lai Zhengling made a fuss about Lemeng. Li Li Lai always talks about family relations. Watching a horror movie together will warm up your feelings.

Episode 5

Lai Zhengling went to the crew to visit the class, but went to the wrong crew. Li Li drank too much at the start-up banquet, and Mr. Lai picked her up, and his feelings warmed up. Mr. Lai asked Lai Zhengling to be Li Li's assistant. Qin Yanfei came out. Lao Qin stayed at Mr. Lai's house and started a three-person cohabitation life. Any strike. Lai Zhengling saw that Li Li gave Mr. Lai the blueberry cake, and knew that Mr. Lai was afraid and doubted the relationship between the two. Ren played a big name, and Li Li acted as his stand-in, but it turned out to be allergic.

Cast of Nothing But You (眼里余光都是你)

Wang Herun as Jiang Lili

The off-line girl with a clear brain circuit, and the little cowardly bag who bullies the soft and fears the hard, because of her twin sister Bi Xiaoran's aphasia, she impersonates her to become a well-known producer, and starts a journey of adventure of life exchange.

Wang Herun as Bi Xiaoran

Gold producer, Bingshan Beauty, Jiang Lili's twin sister, an accident completely changed her life.

Luo Zheng as Lai Zhengyi

Zheng Xiyi as Ningxia

Ding Jiawen as Qin Yanfei

Su Xiaoding as Lai Zhengling

Wang Yitian as Ding Dong

Zhou Yuting as Ren Qingyan

Lai Zhengling as -

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