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Reset (开端; 開端)  is a time loop short drama produced by Dongyang Noon Sunshine Film and Television Co., Ltd., co-directed by Sun Molong, Liu Hongyuan, and Shun, starring Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai, Liu Yijun as a special star, Liu Tao's friendship starring. The series will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video on January 11, 2022.

Reset (开端; 開端) is adapted from the novel of the same name by Prayers. It tells the story of game architect Xiao Heyun and college student Li Shiqing who "resurrected from the dead" after encountering a bus explosion. The story of breaking down barriers and fighting side by side, trying to prevent explosions and finding the truth.

In addition, the Chinese Drama Reset (开端; 開端) is also an adaptation of a novel entitled Kai Duan by Qi Dao Jun. Bai Jing Ting in this drama plays the character of Xiao Heyun and Zhao Jin Mai plays the character of Li Shi Qing. In addition to the two main characters, there are also supporting actors, namely Huang Jue, Liu Dan, Song Jia Teng and Zeng Ke Lang.

The Chinese drama Reset (开端; 開端) tells the story of two groups of people who are trapped in a time loop, they are stuck in a day or event. Initially, Li Shi Qing experienced repeated deaths on the bus with each round sending him back on the bus and back in time.

In order to get off the bus, he accidentally drags fellow passenger Xiao Heyun into the time loop. Both have to try everything to make sure the bus gets to its destination safely to close the loop of time. Unbeknownst to them, Song Bo Dao is a delivery man who is also trapped in a separate but connected time loop. He was assigned to complete his deliveries for the day, but for some reason was never able to deliver them all. It turned out that one of the packages he had to deliver was a package for someone named Xiao He Yun. 

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Detail of Reset (开端; 開端) 

Chinese Title: 开端; 開端 (The Begining)

English Title:  RESET 

Genre: Drama, Science-fiction, Thiller 

Production Company: Noon Sunshine 

Filming location: Xiamen 

First broadcast time: January 11, 2022 

Directors: Sun Molong, Liu Hongyuan, Suan 

Screenwriter: Daogao Jun, Qiu Yujie, Suan, Huang Kaiwen 

Producer: Hou Hongliang 

Starring: Bai Jingting, Zhao Jinmai, Liu Yijun, Liu Tao, Huang Jue, etc

Number of Episodes: 15 Episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes 

Online broadcast platform: Tencent Video

Plot Story of Reset (开端; 開端)

Passengers on the bus have different identities and experiences, have their own predicaments, and have their own expectations for future life. Through their experiences, they can see the weight of life, the attitude of survival, and the meaning of life. Xiao Heyun (Bai Jingting) and Li Shiqing (Zhao Jinmai), two ordinary people who lack the aura of the protagonist, go through time loops and search for the truth. 

They experience life and death challenges again and again to achieve self-growth. The truth of the explosion is hidden in layers of fog, but justice will come eventually, just as the names of the two of them foreshadowed, ushering in the clearness and openness of "a crane in a clear sky platoons the clouds, and poetry is drawn to the sky".

5th Episode Summary of Reset (开端; 開端)

Episode 1

Li Shiqing had a dream. She dreamed that the No. 45 bus she was riding exploded when she was walking towards the bridge across the river. She was also woken up by the explosion. After Li Shiqing woke up, she immediately wanted the bus to go to the police station, but she had no special reason for the driver to do so, so she lied that Xiao Heyun, who was sitting next to her, touched her while she was sleeping. The driver could not change the direction of the bus casually, and all the passengers in the bus did not agree to the bus going to the police station, which would affect their travel, so they were busy helping Li Shiqing photograph Xiao Heyun's criminal evidence, and asked Li Shiqing to wait for the next stop to get off the bus. Li Shiqing found out that she had already crossed the bridge at the next stop, and she urgently needed to get off the bus before crossing the bridge, so she could only ask the driver to let her get off immediately, but the driver had no choice but to agree. 

After the driver stopped, Li Shiqing wanted to save more people, so she begged the passengers in the car to give evidence for her to get off the bus and go to the police station, but no one wanted to go, so Li Shiqing had to pull Xiao Heyun out of the car. After Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun got off the bus, they let Xiao Heyun leave, while she walked back, but when the bus exploded, she suddenly fainted and was knocked down by the car and sent to the hospital. When Li Shiqing woke up, she felt a particularly painful headache. At the same time, she suspected other problems in her brain and asked the doctor to check her, but the doctor only thought that she had a mild concussion and did not find that she had a major problem. When Li Shiqing was sent to the ward, the passengers injured by the explosion were also sent to the hospital one after another, which made Li Shiqing very scared. The explosion of the No. 45 bus resulted in the most serious traffic accident in Jialin City's history. 

The preliminary detection was only caused by a traffic accident caused by a takeaway car forcibly grabbing the road. There were ten passengers on the bus, and only eight corpses were found, which made Zhang Cheng, the deputy captain of the Criminal Investigation Detachment, suspicious, so he asked Jiang Feng to check and monitor. After Jiang Feng checked the surveillance, he found that Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun got off the bus halfway, and did not get off the bus at the stop. He suspected that Li Shiqing was related to the explosion of the bus, so he hurried to the hospital to ask Li Shiqing for inquiries. When Li Shiqing was asked about the bus, she felt very confused. She didn't know how to describe what happened on the bus, so she said some rambling words, which made Jiang Feng feel that she had a problem even more. . Zhang Cheng rushed to the hospital to see Li Shiqing. Li Shiqing's memory was a little confusing, so he showed Li Shiqing a video of her getting off the bus halfway through, and she remembered everything. Li Shiqing thought of Xiao Heyun, and also saw Xiao Heyun in the hospital who was sent to the hospital because of the explosion. She blamed herself for killing Xiao Heyun, and her body became uncomfortable. Zhang Cheng gave Li Shiqing a bottle of water and asked Li Shiqing to calm down. 

Only then Li Shiqing slowly tell Zhang Cheng about her incredible situation. Li Shiqing explained that she was just a college student. That day, she took the No. 45 bus as usual and wanted to go to the city center to buy books, but during the bus ride, she kept sleeping. Li Shiqing told her about all kinds of abnormal situations that occurred after she fell asleep. Zhang Cheng was afraid that his memory would be confused, so he recorded it with his mobile phone. Li Shiqing woke up twice from the dream, and each time she felt a strong light shining on her, she vaguely felt like an explosion was about to happen. When Li Shiqing woke up for the third time, she strongly felt the explosion, so she wanted to get out of the car forcibly, but she was prevented from getting out of the car, so when she woke up for the fourth time, she used other methods to let her get out of the car. Get off yourself. When she woke up for the fourth time, Li Shiqing pretended to have a heart attack and begged the driver to drive the car to the hospital, but neither the driver nor the passengers agreed, and the bus was getting closer and closer to the bridge across the river. 

The driver did not change the route. One of the passengers had a large bag of medicine in his bag, and Li Shiqing took the medicine. Li Shiqing couldn't get out of the car, but this time, when she fell asleep again, she saw the whole process of the car accident. Li Shiqing saw that the bus suddenly swerved because of the takeaway car, and accidentally hit the fuel tanker, causing an explosion, which made her even more afraid. When Zhang Cheng heard Li Shiqing's words, he suspected that Li Shiqing knew about the report of the car accident before making up the story for him, so he paused Li Shiqing's words and asked Jiang Feng to check on Li Shiqing's situation after being sent to the hospital to see if she had seen any relevant information. report. When Zhang Cheng came in again to listen to her statement, Li Shiqing told the last time he framed Xiao Heyun for indecent assault, indicating that she had been in the loop of the bus, but she didn't know what was wrong with her, but this time it was true It did appear in her mind. Zhang Cheng didn't know if he should believe Li Shiqing's words. At this time, his subordinate informed him that Xiao Heyun might not be able to hold on, so he had to let Li Shiqing rest first, and he rushed over to check the situation. Xiao Heyun's heart stopped during the first aid, and he suddenly woke up on the bus, which made him feel that the dream was so real that he was scared.

Episode 2

Xiao Heyun was forcibly pulled off the bus by Li Shiqing. He was angry at Li Shiqing's unreasonable vexation, and reluctantly stopped a taxi to continue on his way, because he had a friend urging him. After Xiao Heyun got into the car, he felt bored and wanted to open the window for ventilation, but the driver turned on the air conditioner, so he couldn't open the window, so he could only send a message to his friend, explaining that he was on his way. The taxi caught up with the bus at the traffic light intersection, but at the green light, the bus collided with the fuel tanker because the takeaway car grabbed the road and exploded. Xiao Heyun was covered in the explosion. is blood. Xiao Heyun was sent to the hospital for first aid, but after the rescue failed, he appeared in the bus cycle again and woke up from the bus. After Xiao Heyun woke up, he saw Li Shiqing beside him. He didn't know whether he was in a dream or in reality. He wanted to ask Li Shiqing if he knew him, but he felt it was too incredible, so he didn't continue. When Li Shiqing heard Xiao Heyun's words, she immediately understood that Xiao Heyun had also entered the loop, but Xiao Heyun didn't believe Li Shiqing's words and thought of a way to get off the bus. Xiao Heyun went to the driver to stop the car, but the driver did not agree. He wanted to use tough means, but was knocked to the ground by the passenger, making him unable to get out of the car. 

At this time, the car accident happened. The bus exploded, Xiao Heyun returned to the cycle again, Li Shiqing immediately asked Xiao Heyun if he believed her words, and Xiao Heyun was still thinking of his way to see how to get off the bus. Xiao Heyun changed many positions on the bus. He raised the alarm and forcibly broke the window, but he still couldn't get off the bus, and the explosion happened again. After Xiao Heyun tried twice, he believed Li Shiqing's words. He really entered the cycle, so he discussed with Li Shiqing to see how to get out of the cycle safely. Li Shiqing believed that it was she who forced Xiao Heyun to get out of the car before that pulled Xiao Heyun into the loop, so she felt that it was useless for them to get out of the car forcibly. Li Shiqing thought of a way, thinking that every time the explosion was the same, they could prevent the bus from colliding with the takeaway car, and this accident could be avoided, so she pretended to be sick again and asked the driver to stop the car for a while. When Li Shiqing asked the driver to pull over, she remembered that there was a passenger with medicine, which made her very helpless, so she could only take medicine again and other things happened. At the intersection of the traffic lights, Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun became nervous. They wanted to prevent the bus from colliding with the delivery truck, but at this time the delivery truck was trying to speed up because of the timeout, and the driver of the tanker was arguing while getting off the bridge. 

Following the previous plot. When Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun started at the green light, they promptly reminded the driver that a takeaway car was coming, and the driver avoided the takeaway car and did not collide with the fuel tanker. The bus got on the bridge across the river. Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun thought that they would be able to get to the station safely this time. Because there were no cars on the bridge, it was unlikely that an explosion would occur, but they did not expect that the phone rang again at this time, and the explosion still occurred. . After the explosion, Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing returned to the cycle. Only then did Li Shiqing realize that there was a bomb on the bus, so she discussed with Xiao Heyun and used her previous successful plan to take Xiao Heyun off the bus. After Li Shiqing got off the bus, she immediately called the police and told the police that there was a bomb on the No. 45 bus, but the police officer on the line kept asking questions, which made her anxious, so she could only listen to Xiao Heyun's method to shut down the phone. 

Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing were waiting for the police in Qingshui Lane to solve the problem. They were discussing whether the bus exploded because of a bomb or because of a car accident when the explosion happened. After the accident, Zhang Cheng didn't know whether the bus really had a bomb, so he could only call the fire department at the scene and asked them to check whether there was a bomb on the bus to prevent a second explosion. Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun analyzed the previous situation in detail, and felt that the police would find them sooner or later because of surveillance, but they hadn't found a solution yet, so they could only turn off their mobile phones to find a solution and wait for the police to find them. Li Shiqing couldn't figure out whether they were really in the loop, or were they already dead, because their souls were looping here because they died in vain, so they didn't know how to explain what they knew to the police.

Episode 3

Xiao Heyun believed that it was necessary for them to sort out the situation, so he wrote down the key points of each cycle to see how to untangle the knot. After analyzing the process of ten cycles, Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun found that each time they woke up earlier, they didn't know what it meant, so they could only start to analyze the situation when they got into the car. Li Shiqing mentioned the ringtone, but Xiao Heyun felt that she didn't speak clearly and seemed to be hiding something, so she angrily threw away the node she wrote down. Li Shiqing explained that she said everything she remembered, and asked Xiao Heyun if she didn't trust her, Xiao Heyun calmed down and continued to analyze with Li Shiqing. Li Shiqing wanted to find a reasonable explanation and deal with the police who came to them, but before they thought, they were found by Zhang Cheng. When Zhang Cheng took Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing away, he separated them, Xiao Heyun seemed a little nervous, so Zhang Cheng and Xiao Heyun got into the same car. After getting in the car, Zhang Cheng began to test Xiao Heyun, asking Xiao Heyun's original itinerary and the police. Xiao Heyun explained that he came to the city for a meeting. Zhang Cheng immediately asked Xiao Heyun to turn on the phone and explained it to his friends, so as to confirm whether what Xiao Heyun said was true or false. 

As soon as Xiao Heyun turned on the phone, his friend called, blaming Xiao Heyun for not being there, and asking him to keep apologizing before investing. Only then did Zhang Cheng make sure that Xiao Heyun was not lying. On the way back to the police station, Li Shiqing kept answering irrelevant questions, which made the police suspicious, because Xiao Heyun claimed that he and Li Shiqing had just met on the bus, but the situation was different, so Zhang Cheng was even more suspicious of the two of them. The paper that Xiao Heyun lost was recovered by the police, and the time and place marked on it were consistent with the car accident, so the police suspected that the two of them had something to do with the car accident. When Xiao Heyun was asked what was on the paper, he really couldn't tell what was going on. He could only tell what was going into the loop, but when Jiang Feng heard it, he thought he was joking, so he got angry with Xiao Heyun, and Xiao Heyun had to shut up. said. Bureau Du watched the process of Jiang Feng's interrogation of Xiao Heyun, and felt that there was something wrong with Xiao Heyun, so he prepared to conduct a drug test on Xiao Heyun. When Zhang Cheng interrogated Li Shiqing, Li Shiqing called Zhang Cheng Police Officer Zhang, which surprised Zhang Cheng, because Li Shiqing should not know his surname. Zhang Cheng asked Li Shiqing why he knew his surname. 

Li Shiqing could only talk about Zhang Chengshou's problem when he saw Zhang Cheng last time and Zhang Cheng handed her water, which surprised Zhang Cheng. After Jiang Feng was trained by Du Bureau, he went to interrogate Xiao Heyun again. Xiao Heyun then used his method of playing games to explain the cycle to Jiang Feng, leaving Jiang Feng at a loss. After Li Shiqing said his question, Zhang Cheng listened carefully to Li Shiqing's talk about the cycle. Li Shiqing then described the cycle of the ten times. Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun's words were unbelievable. After seeing the whole process of the interrogation, Bureau Du couldn't explain this statement, so he could only test them first. Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun have no bad hobbies or bad deeds, nor did they have any intersection in their lives before, nor did they have a motive for committing the crime, and it is unlikely that they could make the police boldly because of the explosion, which made the police even more confused. The police couldn't find a breakthrough, so they had to substitute others for interrogation. They set up a trap for Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun, and lied that the other party had confessed and forced them to tell the truth. 

When Xiao Heyun heard that Li Shiqing had confessed, he thought that Li Shiqing had made up a new statement according to what he thought before, so he had to say that what he said was true. After Xiao Heyun finished speaking, Zhang Cheng decided that Xiao He's statement was all designed by Li Shiqing, and Xiao Heyun followed Li Shiqing's words. Xiao Heyun denied what Zhang Cheng said, and Jiang Feng asked Li Shiqing according to Zhang Cheng's assumptions, explaining that Xiao He said that he didn't know anything, everything was done according to Li Shiqing's words, and that it was just a traffic accident. Li Shiqing was confused by Jiang Feng's words. She didn't know how to explain it well. At this time, Bureau Du got the report and learned that there was indeed explosive residue on the bus, confirming that there was a bomb on the bus. The bomb was confirmed, and the reporting nature of Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun was different. Bureau Du immediately transferred them to the detention process on the grounds that they were major suspects. At the same time, they wanted to break through the case through Xiao Heyun, who had a weaker psychological defense. , to give an explanation to the leaders of the city. When Bureau Du went to carry out the detention procedure and took Xiao Heyun away, Li Shiqing It was found that they were back on the bus again.

Episode 4

Li Shiqing found that she was on the bus again, and Xiao Heyun was still beside her and didn't wake up, so she asked if Xiao Heyun was okay, but Xiao Heyun was still asleep, so she had to move her position. After Li Shiqing changed seats, Xiao Heyun fell and woke up. Only then did he find a tissue to wipe his sweat. After calming down, he explained to Li Shiqing that he didn't say anything before. Xiao Heyun told Li Shiqing that he had never trusted Li Shiqing before, and said sorry to Li Shiqing, and the two reconciled and re-analyzed the cycle. Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun reanalyzed the previous cycle. The news they confirmed confirmed that there was indeed a bomb on the bus, so they used Zhang Chengjiao's method to remind the driver that there was a bomb on the bus, but the bus exploded immediately. After the explosion, Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun re-entered the cycle. They also discovered from the previous explosion that the person who detonated the bomb was in the car, so they started to check the people in the car again. When Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun checked, they found that the passenger sitting in the last row was not there. Only then did they realize that they had woken up early and that the passenger had not yet got on the bus. Xiao Heyun found out that they had arrived at the station early, so he made an agreement with Li Shiqing to get off on time at the station, and everything would be over. 

When Xiao Heyun got off the bus, he found that the passenger sitting in the last row got on the bus and was very nervous about his bag. Li Shiqing immediately called the police after getting off the bus, and told the truth about the bomb and the person with the bomb on the bus, while Xiao Heyun deliberately kept a distance from Li Shiqing and used his mobile phone voice to ask Li Shiqing to follow him to a place where no one was there. Xiao Heyun avoided the surveillance and found a remote and unoccupied place, blaming Li Shiqing for calling the police because he didn't want to go to the Public Security Bureau again. Li Shiqing believes that only by calling the police can the problem be solved and the passengers can be saved. She has seen the explosion before and knows that the situation is tragic. She does not want those people to die in the explosion. Xiao Heyun believes that this time they successfully arrived at the station, the day can pass, and there is no need to enter the cycle again, so he does not agree with Li Shiqing calling the police, and has a big argument with Li Shiqing. After arguing with Xiao Heyun, Li Shiqing realized that Xiao Heyun wanted to get rid of this matter, and she had to face it herself. 

Only then did Xiao Heyun feel that what she said just now was serious, so she took Li Shiqing to the place where the bridge could be seen and waited for the explosion. thing. This time, the police got the news in advance and made arrangements to stop the bus. They wanted to check the passengers' belongings one by one to remove the bomb, but the person with the bomb detonated directly when the police got into the bus and clashed with the passengers. bomb. The explosion happened, and Li Shiqing was ready to face the police, so she answered the police's call, informed her of her location, and waited for the police to come to her. When Li Shiqing went to wait for the police, she explained that she would not implicate Xiao Heyun and let Xiao Heyun leave so as not to be found by the police. Xiao Heyun didn't want to be entangled in the cycle anymore, but he couldn't act so irresponsible, leaving Li Shiqing alone to face the police, so he was annoyed in the same place and didn't know what to do. A friend called to urge Xiao Heyun. Xiao Heyun wanted to use the bridge accident as an excuse to let his friend face it himself, but his friend refused, so he could only carry his bag and move on. Du Bureau watched the surveillance video and determined that Li Shiqing was not lying, and found Xiao Heyun who got off the bus with Li Shiqing, so he began to look for Xiao Heyun's identity background. 

Xiao Heyun rushed to see his friends, but he regretted it when he got to the door. Instead of going in to talk about the game, he left to investigate the explosion. Xiao Heyun remembered what Li Shiqing said, he didn't want so many people to die in the explosion, but he didn't expect the people who died this time, and Jiang Feng who interrogated him before. Li Shiqing continued to use circular confessions to deal with the police's interrogation, and she also mentioned Jiang Feng and Zhang Cheng in the confession, which forced Zhang Cheng to see Li Shiqing to ask about the situation. When Li Shiqing learned that Jiang Feng had sacrificed, she felt very sad, thinking that she had called the police to kill Jiang Feng. Zhang Cheng told Li Shiqing that she did the right thing to call the police, and it was because she called the police that they made arrangements in advance and stopped the bus on the bridge across the river. Zhang Cheng asked Li Shiqing what she was muttering after getting off the bus, and wanted to know if Li Shiqing was talking to someone else, and also wanted to know if Li Shiqing knew Xiao Heyun who got off the bus. Li Shiqing didn't want to involve Xiao Heyun, she didn't know what to say, but she didn't expect Xiao Heyun to call at this time. Zhang Cheng answered the phone for Li Shiqing and turned on the speakerphone, so that Li Shiqing didn't know what to say, so she could only ask Xiao Heyun to stop calling on the grounds of breaking up. Xiao Heyun understood what Li Shiqing meant, so he reminded Li Shiqing to take a nap, as long as he fell asleep, he would be fine.

Episode 5

After Xiao Heyun called Li Shiqing, he still did not enter the cycle, so he went to the pharmacy to buy sleeping pills to see if he could fall asleep. At the same time, the police confirmed that Xiao Heyun had appeared in the place where Li Shiqing appeared, and also confirmed that Xiao Heyun was the one who called Li Shiqing, so Zhang Cheng took someone to arrest Xiao Heyun. Li Shiqing was saddened by Jiang Feng's death. She regretted that she had called the police, so she continued to talk to Du Bureau and never fell asleep. Xiao Heyun finally found a pharmacy, because he couldn't buy sleeping pills, so he had to buy another medicine to help sleep, and then went to the supermarket to buy a bottle of spirits, trying to fall asleep before the police arrived, but he still failed. Zhang Cheng looked for Xiao Heyun everywhere according to his positioning. Because Xiao Heyun behaved strangely, the bosses of the pharmacy and supermarket were very cooperative, so they quickly found Xiao Heyun. Xiao Heyun was in a daze, claiming that he no longer wanted to go to the Public Security Bureau or be locked in a small dark room. Zhang Cheng didn't know what Xiao Heyun was talking about, so he had to carry Xiao Heyun into the car and take him away, while Xiao Heyun fell asleep in a daze after getting in the car. After Xiao Heyun fell asleep, the cycle started again. 

This time, Li Shiqing didn't want to choose to call the police, because she didn't want to implicate more people, so she wanted to follow Xiao Heyun's previous method to investigate first and then call the police. At Yanjiang East Station, Li Shiqing let Xiao Heyun, who did not want to be implicated, get off the bus, but Xiao Heyun claimed that they were partners and insisted on staying. Only then did they realize that the last passenger on the bus was suspicious. After Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing found something suspicious, they decided to use their method to check the passenger's bag to see if there was a bomb. Li Shiqing first pretended to be angry, sat in the last row near the suspect, waited for Xiao Heyun to come to apologize to her, and then try to grab the bag and check. Xiao Heyun was afraid that the bus would pass the traffic light, so he hesitated and waited for the time to do it, but he did not expect that when he was entangled with the suspect, the phone rang again and the explosion happened again. When he woke up again, Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun discussed it and decided to change the policy and let Xiao Heyun deliberately pester the suspect. Xiao Heyun pretended to blame the suspect for secretly taking pictures and went to grab his bag, and the suspect had to find a way to struggle to escape. 

The suspect found that he couldn't escape, so he had to pretend to have an asthma attack, which made Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun not know what to do, so they had to grab the bag to see if there was any medicine, but the explosion happened again. Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun didn't know whether there was a bomb in the suspect's bag or whether he really had asthma, so they tried to find a way to check again. This time, when the bus arrived at the stop, Xiao Heyun got off the bus first, while Li Shiqing blocked the boarding door, preventing the suspect from getting on the bus, waiting for Xiao Heyun to pull him off. Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun pulled the suspect out of the car and tried to snatch his bag for a look, but found that it was a cat and not a bomb, and their actions accidentally let the cat run away. After Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun helped the suspect find the cat, the explosion still happened, and they had to leave first to avoid suspicion. After leaving, Li Shiqing remembered the suspect who was pulled out of the car by them, and happily thought that they had another teammate, maybe that person would also enter the loop, but Xiao Heyun didn't think so. Not sure if the third party could help, Xiao Heyun took Li Shiqing to eat a big meal, because they were in the cycle, they didn't need to feel distressed about how much they ate, but there was still some burden in their hearts, so it was not pleasant to eat. 

Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing discussed the situation while eating. Xiao Heyun believed that they should find a way to wait for the police to find more clues and solve the case, and then enter the loop again, so that they could provide clues to the police as soon as possible. Li Shiqing agreed with Xiao Heyun's statement, and also thought that they didn't enter the cycle immediately after falling asleep, and then realized that they need to fall asleep at the same time to enter the cycle, so the next time they have a situation, they must first fall asleep and enter the cycle. This standby state waits for the other party. After Xiao Heyun made an agreement with Li Shiqing, he began to look for information on the bus passengers to see who was most suspicious and would be the bomber. The man with the keys in the car, who has been filming with his mobile phone, is a famous happy brother. Because of the explosion, this first brother is being reported everywhere on the Internet. When Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing went to find information about the first brother, the third person who got off the bus found them and asked them why they were looking for his bag and whether they knew the inside story of the explosion.

Character Cast of Reset (开端; 開端)

Bai Jingting as Xiao Heyun

An ordinary programmer, a worldview architect for game development. Li Shiqing got on the No. 45 bus at the stop before Li Shiqing got on the bus, and then fell asleep. Later, because Li Shiqing dragged him out of the car that was about to explode in the sixth cycle, he was involved in the bus explosion cycle together. Find the truth with Li Shiqing to rescue the people on the bus.

Zhao Jinmai as Li Shiqing

College students, who are just sophomores, were about to take the No. 45 bus to buy books on the day of the incident. Fell asleep on the bus, woke up to an old-fashioned cell phone ringing, and it didn't take long for the bus to explode. However, instead of dying, she was caught in a loop. After finding that the bus he was riding was stuck in a loop, in order to save himself and others, he and Xiao Heyun worked together to find the truth and save everyone.

Liu Yijun as Zhang Cheng

Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigation of Jialin City Public Security Bureau. A very capable, clear-headed, and an old detective with strong analytical and reasoning abilities. Is the main person in charge of the No. 45 bus explosion. Find survivors Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing in repeated cycles, and find out the reason for the bombing through interrogation of them.

Liu Tao as Du Jinsong

Deputy Director of Jialin City Public Security Bureau. A leader who is serious on the outside and calm on the inside. He is one of the principals of the task force set up for the No. 45 bus bombing case. Through the interrogation of the bombing survivors Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing by the captain and team members of the criminal police, they gradually clarify their thoughts and find the truth together.

Huang Jue as Wang Xingde

45 years old. He is a bus driver, one of the victims of the bombing. He has been commended and published in newspapers for doing good deeds. Because Li Shiqing often took this train, the two gradually became acquainted. After Li Shiqing found herself caught in a loop, every time she wanted to get out of the car for various reasons, Wang Xingde never opened the car door except for the time when she "framed Xiao Heyun as a pervert."

Liu Dan as Tao Yinghong

One of the passengers of the 45 bus was also one of the victims of the bombing. She looks indifferent and doesn't care about everything that happens around her, even if someone takes the initiative to talk to her and borrow something. With a red plastic bag under her feet, she looked closely. Later, when Li Shiqing investigated the identity of the passenger, she found that the plastic bag contained a pressure cooker.

Song Jiateng as the key man

Tsang Kelang as Ludi

Zhang Xiqian as Ma Guoqiang

Malan as Medicine Woman

Jiao Peng as Jiao Xiangrong

Bu Yuxin as the headphone man

Li Gan as Jiang Feng

Fan Shuaiqi as Ye Qian

Ju Bo Zhan as Xiao Liu

Yu Peishan as Yu Lei

Zhang Lingxin as Doctor Mo

Bai Yufan as Liu Peng

You Jingru as Liu Yao

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