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Dream Garden (沉睡花园) starring Gong Jun and Qiao Xin has officially announced the finalization and release of the preview. It will be broadcast simultaneously on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV from December 13th. 

Chinese Drama Dream Garden (沉睡花园) tells the story of Xiao Xiao, a self-media emotional public account blogger, and Lin Shen, a professional psychological counselor, who have made each other a better self. As soon as I saw the synopsis of this plot, the word "psychology" was also involved, including the hot air...

The Chinese Drama Dream Garden (沉睡花园) is about the romance and the twists and turns of the relationship between a famous blogger and a cold-hearted psychologist. This Chinese drama airs simultaneously with Sword Snow Stride, The Sweetest Secret, and Hello Heart. Watch this article until the end to find out the synopsis, cast and schedule for Dream Garden.

This Chinese Drama Dream Garden (沉睡花园) carries the theme of the lives of bloggers and psychiatrists, love and hate stories and the dream process to hypnotism. The players who star in the series are Qiao Xin, Gong Jun, Jing Chao, Sun Yi, and Wang Si Yi. This Chinese drama, which adopts the thriller, psychological, and romance genres, airs on Hunan TV, Viki, and Mango TV.

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Detail of Dream Garden (沉睡花园)

Chinese Title: 沉睡花园 (Sleeping Garden)

English Title: Dream Garden

Genre: Romance, love, suspense

Production company: Huace Television, Mango TV

Filming locations: Xiamen

Premiere time: December 13, 2021

Director: Zang Xichuan

Producer: Zhao Zhuolin

Starring: Gong Jun, Qiao Xin, Jing Chao, Sun Yi, Zhang Duo

Number of Episode: 16 episodes

Length of each episode: 70 minutes

Online playback platform: Mango TV, Shanghai Satellite TV, Hunan Satellite TV

Plot Story of Dream Garden (沉睡花园)

Xiao Xiao (Qiao Xin), the blogger of the self-media emotional public account, and Lin Shen (played by Gong Jun), a professional psychological counselor, had a grievance in a love variety show because of differences in concepts. By coincidence, Xiao Xiao applied to become Lin Shen's assistant. She hopes to enhance the emotional analysis expertise of her official account by learning professional psychological knowledge. 

In working and living together, the two solved a number of psychological cases together, and also solved the crises that lay around them, such as fan delusions in love, network leverage, emotional attachment damage, etc., the closer their hearts became closer. Xiao Xiao's enthusiasm and vitality have infected Lin Shen, who has a cold personality, and Lin Shen taught Xiao Xiao how to become an excellent professional psychological counselor. But the crisis ambushing them gradually emerged. After the two experienced conflicts and crises, they finally realized that love is actually a kind of hypnosis, making each other a better self.

5th Episode Summary of Dream Garden (沉睡花园)

Episode 1

Lin Shen, a professional psychological counselor at the Shaolin Partnership Consulting Office, received a police summons because the visitor Sun Dong suddenly disappeared a few days ago, leaving a diary and driving a car with a tail number of 8503. According to this diary, the police found that Sun Dong was almost collapsed, which actually happened after psychological counseling. After investigation, something happened to Lin Shen's mother, and the ECG monitor she was using did not sound an alarm at that time, and this ECG monitor was distributed by Sun Dong. Sun Dong knew this and recorded it in his diary. When his mood changed, he wrote down his deep self-blame in his diary. In the past, Lin Shen had always had a video of his psychological counseling, except for Sun Dong. The police had reason to suspect that Lin Shen deliberately induced Sun Dong's psychological breakdown during the hypnosis process. Xiao Xiao also gave Sun Dong psychological counseling, and the police asked them not to leave the city until Sun Dong appeared. 

In Lin Shen's story, he lost the person who was most important to him, so the culprit had a taste of ruin, but for him, it was not enough. A year and a half ago. The romantic show "Heartbeat of Love" invited Xiao Xiao as a guest. She is a blogger of We-Media emotional public account. Lin Shen was giving a lecture in a university class and noticed two classmates who deserted to watch the show, so he also watched a passage of Xiao Xiao's views on CP. Lin Shen did not agree with this, and simply explained the case in class. Shao Lin helped contact the program team, and Lin Shen participated in the program by telephone. As soon as Lin Shen came up, he directly refuted Xiao Xiao's point of view, which made Xiao Xiao couldn't help swallowing. Is this person here to smash the scene? Sure enough, Xiao Xiao was on the hot search that day, just like a social death scene . The official account operator, Sun Kele, sent a message to gossip, but Xiao Xiao scolded him back, and turned around to urge Yan Luo to submit the manuscript as soon as possible. Although she is an emotional blogger, Xiao Xiao is a single mother and child, which has always made her feel a little underwhelmed. Yan Luo's cartoon was updated five days ago, and there has been no news. Xiao Xiao had to go to her house to find someone, but no one responded after knocking on the door for a long time. Xiao Xiao had to open the door and go in, only to see a mess all over the place. 

There was no sign of Yan Luo at all. Yan Luo's parents thought that they only cared about the bankbook and didn't care where their daughter went, but Xiao Xiao was in a hurry by the side. Yan Luo has been missing for at least four days. Xiao Xiao repeatedly urged Yan Luo's parents to come to the police station to report the case. However, after receiving a call to press, Yan Luo's mother not only concealed the disappearance, but also promised to update it as soon as possible, but turned her head and did not report the case. Now, it's not that Yan Luo went to travel to collect folklore. Xiao Xiao and the police gave repeated warnings, and the case was barely reported. In order to help the police find clues, Xiao Xiao went to Yan Luo's house again and found that there was an email from the Shaolin Psychological Counseling Center on her computer. Yan Luo also sent an email to Lin Shen. Through these emails, Xiao Xiao suspected that Lin Shen and Yan Luo had an ambiguous relationship and decided to meet him. He couldn't get in without an appointment, and Xiao Xiao was mistaken for Amy Wang, who was applying for the job. The interviewer was not Lin Shen but Shao Ning. Her resume was not related to psychology. Xiao Xiao showed the advantages of being an emotional blogger and expressed her willingness to do the simplest and most tedious work. After the interview, Xiao Xiao accidentally saw the scene where the police left after asking. Could it be that Lin Shen is really related to Yan Luo's disappearance? Xiao Xiao immediately stepped forward to shake hands with Lin Shen. 

Unexpectedly, the assistant revealed her identity at this time. Xiao Xiao embarrassedly said that he was completely persuaded by Lin Shen on the day of the recording, so he wanted to follow him to learn professional psychology knowledge. Shao Ning decided to hire Xiao Xiao, Lin Shen was a little dissatisfied, Xiao Xiao was clearly a wild man who didn't know where he came from. But Xiao Xiao's real purpose was to get Yan Luo's visit information, so he specially asked Sister Yan to talk about it, and learned that Lin Shen travels all by subway, and usually has no hobbies except running. He is a black-bellied Scorpio. When Lin Shen delivered the materials, Yan Luo's materials were on the table. Xiao Xiao deliberately knocked over the coffee, but he didn't get his wish. Instead, he was rushed to the front desk to receive customers. Xiao Xiao had no choice but to inquire about Yan Luo with Xiaojia, but the confidentiality of the center is very strict, and Yan Luo's information was locked in the locker by Lin Shen, it is said that Yan Luo disappeared. After get off work, Xiao Xiao deliberately made an excuse to stay and sneaked into Lin Shen's office. However, after entering the wrong password a few times, the alarm bell rang. Finally, when the alarm stopped, Lin Shen came back because he forgot to bring something. Xiao Xiao pretended to check the doors and windows calmly, but Lin Shen was very suspicious, so Xiao Xiao had to start talking nonsense again that he liked him, making Lin Shen stunned for a while. Xiao Xiao accompanied Lin Shen to the speech. 

On the crowded subway, Xiao Xiao saw the news that there was an unnamed female corpse and rushed to the scene immediately. He was relieved after confirming that it was not Yan Luo. Yan Luo met Xiao Xiao at a low point in her life, and drew illustrations for her public account under her encouragement and invitation, and the two became good friends. Xiao Xiao took away the USB flash drive, and Lin Shen could only give a speech without script. When Xiao Xiao reacted and arrived, the speech had already ended successfully. Lin Shen was very dissatisfied with Xiao Xiao and dismissed her at the celebration banquet that day. Xiao Xiao was reluctant to leave, and sincerely pleaded for forgiveness. Xiao Xiao pretended to be drunk on purpose, but Lin Shen couldn't ask her home address, so he brought it back to his home to take the opportunity to inquire, and found a lot of things related to Yan Luo. Lin Shen explained that Yan Luo did not show up on the day of the appointment, he also cooperated with the police in their efforts to investigate, and these gifts were not given to him, but apparently to this way. 

Maybe this person is the boy who chased Yan Luo before, but Xiao Xiao has no impression of this person, so he can only ask Lin Shen to hypnotize him. When Lin Shen was doing psychological counseling for Yan Luo, he learned that Xiao Xiao was her best friend, so he agreed to hypnotize. In hypnosis, Xiao Xiao recalled the last meeting with Yan Luo half a month ago, and the figure behind the glass wearing a dark blue baseball cap. Could it be that he is Yan Luo's W? Yan Luo's parents prefer sons to daughters. She looks like a vampire on her daughter, but her younger brother still cares about Yan Luo, and he immediately thinks of Xiao Xiao when he learns of her disappearance. Xiao Xiao wanted to find W further, but Lin Shen refused. Xiao Xiao can only go to Yan Luo's house to find clues, but he doesn't know that a mysterious shadow has been following behind him.

Episode 2

Yan Luo's diary recorded the encounter with W Wang Su in just a few months. Because the hand-painted board that had been with him for many years was broken, the two met by chance. It didn't take long for Yan Luo to be moved by the gentleness of the other party. However, Wang Su had a strong desire for control, and even asked Yan Luo to delete all men except relatives. After finding out about Lin Shen, he even lost his temper without waiting for Yan Luo to explain. Everything that happened later completely shattered Yan Luo's fantasy of love. Wang Su even secretly used her mailbox to send an ambiguous email to Lin Shen and put a voice recorder in her room. After proposing to break up, Wang Su became even more hysterical and threatened to Die with her. Xiao Xiao came to Yan Luo's house to look for clues, followed by a mysterious trace, the mantis catching the cicada oriole behind, it was Yan Luo's younger brother Xiao Feng sneaking around, Lin Shen was worried about her safety so he would follow, but Xiao Xiao Xiao accidentally hurt. Xiaofeng thought that Xiao Xiao hid Yan Luo and misunderstood her relationship with Lin Shen. Xiao Xiao silently rolled his eyes and continued to check the information, while Lin Shen was in charge of interrogating Xiaofeng Yanluo if there was anything unusual recently. Yan Luo once gave Xiaofeng a pair of sneakers, saying that it was suggested by a friend, and she also answered a phone call at that time. Yan Luo had been missing for a few days, and her parents had no choice but to find the shooter. 

Unexpectedly, the editor called at this time to say that Yan Luo had recovered. This is Xiao Xiao's drawing based on the semi-finished product left by Yan Luo, maybe this can lead to Wang Su. Lin Shen was reluctant to reveal the time when Yan Luo came to do psychological counseling. Xiao Xiao pleaded repeatedly that she was Yan Luo's best friend, but she didn't know what happened to her, so she felt very guilty. But Lin Shen said that most people do not want their closest people to know about psychological counseling, but it is also her luck that Yan Luo has Xiao Xiao's best friend like Xiao Xiao. When it comes to hypnosis, Xiao Xiao has tried it once, but it is still incredible. She also feels that the work content of the two is similar, and they are both other people's emotional trash cans. After Xiao Xiao's question was finished, Lin Shen asked her why she wanted to be an emotional blogger. When he was in college, Xiao Xiao entered the radio station to host the girls' thoughts column. Because of his proposal, the girls gained self-confidence in their relationship, and Xiao Xiao was also very satisfied, so he created a public account. Xiao Xiao just wanted to ask another question, when Yan Luo's house suddenly had a power outage, and she realized that she forgot to pay the bill. At this moment, there was a sound of the door opening, and then a man entered the room, mistaking Xiao Xiao for Yan Luo, and Lin Shen hurriedly chased after him. The man still ran away, but Lin Shen remembered his physical appearance very clearly, and quickly helped the police find his identity, Wang Su. 

According to Wang Su, they broke up two weeks ago, but Wang Su just bought a ticket to go to Huangshagang Town. The B&B where Yan Luo often went to collect the wind was there. Xiao Xiao thought that Yan Luo might have gone there to hide from Wang Su. Xiao Xiao finally found Yan Luo at the B&B. Yan Luo's hands were still shaking after taking the transcript. Wang Su was arrested at the bus station going to Huangshagang Town. He also installed positioning software on Yan Luo's mobile phone, so Yan Luo has been unable to be contacted for a long time. Today, he was found in just five seconds after turning on the phone. Lin Shen went to Wang Su to chat, he had agreed to accept psychological counseling, and Yan Luo was relieved. When Lin Shen gave Wang Su a psychological consultation, he found that she was very sensitive to certain cell phone ringtones, so he hypnotized him. Through the memories with Yan Luo, I discovered Wang Su's unbearable relationship in the past. He and Wei Wei had been together for a long time, but Wei Wei betrayed him and finally proposed to break up. Because of the betrayal of his first love girlfriend, Wang Su's desire for control in love is overwhelming. After the psychological consultation, Wang Su wanted to see Yan Luo, but of course Yan Luo didn't want to see him, Wang Su could only ask Xiao Xiao to help apologize. Wang Su said that he had reconciled with the past in hypnosis, because he did not touch the bottom line of the law and obtained the understanding of the parties, and the police closed the case. Only Shao Ning knew that Lin Shen also had a serious psychological disorder, and it was difficult for doctors to treat himself. Shao Ning was very worried about his state. 

Xiao Xiao published the latest article on the public account through the case of Wang Su. After being hurt, it's not others who don't believe it. In the end, it's because he doesn't believe that he can still find love. I hope that no matter what we have experienced, we can still have lovers and be loved. courage. Shanshan is addicted to chasing stars, and said that she has been with idols. After her mother hysterically threw everything out, Shanshan also collapsed and left... In order to thank Lin Shen for his help, Xiao Xiao gave him a necklace. Legend has it that this is the Eye of Horus, and those who stare at it will lose consciousness and fall into a deep sleep. Xiao Xiao took out the necklace, and Lin Shen actually entered a state of being hypnotized. Xiao Xiao thought he was successful, but he didn't expect Lin Shen to be deceived. Xiao Xiao angrily slapped the resignation letter on his desk. If there was no Yan Luo, they would never have had an intersection. If that's the case, then see you again! As soon as Xiao Xiao left, Lin Shen asked Zuo Yan to dispose of the flowers and plants she kept. The city is still in turmoil, and everyone's ordinary life makes this city extraordinary. At the event of the popular star Zhou Ran, Shanshan sneaked up and forced his car to stop. After Xiao Xiao left, Lin Shen inevitably recalled the days when she was there. Xiao Xiao loves to raise succulents, and Lin Shen thinks that she likes to take shortcuts, just like she uses only a little bit of micro-expressions on the show, but her heart is like a mysterious garden, how can you judge the owner of this garden based on micro-expressions Woolen cloth. 

Disgusting, Lin Shen still helped Xiao Xiao take care of her succulent after she left, and took a pot from Zuo Yan. In the latest "Heartbeat of Love", the CPs in the last issue are still together again. This is the same as Xiao Xiao's guess, which makes Lin Shen's face a little unbearable, and when he gets angry, he deletes Xiao Xiao's WeChat. Lin Shen wanted to quietly add WeChat back, but apparently there was no such way. Xiao Xiao was very angry when she found out that she was deleted. Today is Yan Luo's last time for psychological consultation, and she is going to pick her up. Wang Su's influence on Yan Luo has not been eliminated, but it has improved a lot. She is going to move and start a new life. Xiao Xiao came to pick up Yan Luo and took Succulent by the way, Zuo Yan said that there was a pot that was taken back to the office by Lin Shen. Xiao Xiao specially dressed beautifully today, just to give Lin Shen a slap in the face, and he couldn't be more proud to see him deflated. The news of Shanshan's entanglement with Zhou Ran in the street was widely reported, and her parents suspected that she had paranoia and made an appointment for a consultation with Lin Shen.

Episode 3

Six months ago. Zhou Rui, the chief financial officer of Model Group, woke up in Lin Shen's hypnosis. In hypnosis, the victims and perpetrators were all himself. Lin Shen explained that hypnosis is the amplification of the subconscious. At least some pressure. It was very late after the end of the psychological consultation, and it was still raining. After saying goodbye to Zhou Rui, Lin Shen was about to catch the subway, but he did not expect Zhou Rui to have a car accident... Under Lin Shen's hypnosis, Shanshan returned to that day, On the stage, Zhou Ran held her hand, but Shanshan said that these were all her imaginations. Zhou Ran told Xiao Xiao that he was good to Shanshan only because she was a fan who supported him through difficult times. But the subconscious will not deceive people. Although Shanshan is trying to deny it, countless people are telling her that they have been together since that day, raised a dog named Sansan Yao together, and painted the roof together and wrote San San Yao. s home. Fang Lin provided a video at Xiao Xiao's request, saying that Shanshan tried to break into Zhou Ran's house without permission, but he had already moved out, and Zhou Ran's expression was a little unnatural. Under hypnosis, Shanshan entered the rooftop, but there were no three or three demons there, and was there any home of the three or three demons? Shanshan really thought they had a dog, but yesterday when she couldn't open the door with the key, Shanshan woke up completely. Waking up from hypnosis, Shanshan is more sure that she is sick, and she killed herself in fantasy. Shanshan couldn't wait to leave the psychological counseling center, and Xiao Xiao also published an article about illegitimate meals on her public account. 

However, Zhou Ran's unnatural performance made Xiao Xiao realize that something was not right. She couldn't conclude this matter based on Zhou Ran's one-sided words, so she called Shao Ning for advice. It happened that Lin Shen came, and Shao Ning said to let Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao talk. There were some complaints from Xiao Xiao on the phone, and Lin Shen deleted her long ago. Lin Shen pressed the hang up button with a guilty conscience, and was teased by Shao Ning. Regarding Shanshan's affairs, Shao Ning suggested that Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao talk. Lin Shen tried to make a call several times, but he hung up countless times, and after he slipped his hand through, he was notified that the other party was on the phone. Xiao Xiao was on the phone with Fang Lin, and her request to interview Shanshan was rejected. Xiao Xiao deliberately took Yan Luo to see the house. Yan Luo was satisfied and signed the contract decisively. Lin Shen also lived in this community, and Xiao Xiao made a chance encounter and ate together. Lin Shen had long noticed that this was a feast for Hongmen, and Xiao Xiao also showed him the video materials provided by Zhou Ranfang, all of which proved that Shanshan was an illegitimate meal. The two heads got closer and closer, Yan Luo couldn't help laughing. The evidence provided by Zhou Ran could not stand up to scrutiny. Lin Shen told Xiao Xiao that everything has two sides. If you want to truly understand one thing, you have to look at the other side of it. If Shanshan and Zhou Ran really fell in love, then Shanshan's actions are all reasonable. During the discussion between the two, Yan Luo had already gotten himself drunk. 

After Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen sent her home, Yan Luo aroused the fear of Wang Su in his heart because of similar behavior, and gave the two to him. Closed to the balcony, and then fell asleep. Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao are a little embarrassed. One of the mobile phones is out of power and the other is not with them. The article on Xiao Xiao's official account cannot be sent on time, but after chatting with Lin Shen, he does not plan to publish it. He can only hope that Sun Kele will deal with those advertisers. Bar. Xiao Xiao couldn't help being sleepy and fell asleep, resting his head on Lin Shen restlessly, two hearts approaching unknowingly. However, Sun Kele couldn't contact Xiao Xiao, so she released the article she kept in the draft box. In just one night, the article became popular in the circle, and every fan was accusing Shanshan of illegitimate meals. Seeing these emotional breakdowns. Early the next morning, Yan Luo woke up and remembered Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao who were locked out by him, but Lin Shen was a gentleman, not only used his coat for Xiao Xiao as a quilt, but also did not let Yan Luo wake her up. Lin Shen had already left, and unfortunately, Xiao Xiao's article was also sent out. Although Sun Kele was asked to delete the article, it was too late. Shanshan's family was harassed by fans. She ignored her parents and wanted to tell them that she was not sick, but accidentally fell from the stairs. 

Shanshan was ripped off by fans, and her home address and whereabouts were all clear. Shao Ning arranged for Lin Shen not to come to consult for a few days. But Shao Ning found that Xiao Xiao was also here to join in the fun, and Lin Shen hurried to take Xiao Xiao away. In the cafe, Lin Shen took the opportunity to re-add Xiao Xiao's WeChat. After receiving the news that Shanshan was admitted to the hospital, Lin Shen decided to go to the hospital, but Xiao Xiao couldn't go, after all, he was the one who sent a message against her. It happened that Xiao Xiao received a call from Fang Lin, and the two made an appointment to meet and chat. Shanshan's parents declined all visitors in order to protect her. Lin Shen wanted to wait for Shanshan to wake up and have a good chat with her. Shanshan's father chose to believe him. Fans could drown Shanshan with one mouthful of saliva. Zhou Ran did not expect such a situation, but Fang Lin didn't care about Shanshan's situation at all. In fact, Zhou Ran did keep a dog, and Fang Lin was taking care of it these days, but she thought that the stray dog ​​was no longer worthy of Ran's status, and wanted to help him replace it. Xiao Xiao confronted Fang Lin and found out that they hired a sailor to review reviews, and that the person who guided the netizen, Shanshan, was also Fang Lin. Immediately after Shanshan disappeared, Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao thought of Zhou Ran's old house in unison, but on the way they received a call from Shanshan's father saying that she had found it. 

The two met the stray dog ​​named Sansan Yao by chance, but they didn't expect Shanshan to forget even San San Yao. Lin Shen thought that Shanshan had really been in love with Zhou Ran. After she suffered a major mental blow, she had selective amnesia and forgot everything she had with Zhou Ran. However, Shanshan's parents only wanted to live a clean life and did not want Shanshan to think of Zhou Ran. It was inconvenient for Lin Shen to interfere, and Xiao Xiao was very depressed. Some time ago, Xiao Xiao received a call from a model group. He hung up because he didn't want to deal with it. Unexpectedly, Fan Qi from the model group found Xiao Xiao in a few days. They met in Zhou Ran Company, and heard that Xiao Xiao deleted the article Zhou Ran Company was very unhappy, so Fan Qi wanted to help, because his company and Zhou Ran Company would have some cooperation. When asked why he wanted to help himself, Fan Qi looked a little unnatural, and then gave a perfect answer. He wanted to fully represent the business part of Xiao Xiao's official account. Xiao Xiao only wanted to see Zhou Ran, and the cooperation will be discussed later.

Episode 4

After the meeting, Xiao Xiao was sent to the hospital, but after Lin Shen arrived, she was the first to care about whether her face was injured. Shanshan wanted to chat with Xiao Xiao alone. She knew that Xiao Xiao was Xiao Beibei who published the article. During this time, she often had nightmares. I searched the Internet and found that they have so many stories. The public opinion on the whole network made Shanshan wonder, is she really that bad? It wasn't until Xiao Xiao rushed over to protect her that Shanshan knew that there were still people willing to protect her, and she was not that bad. Shanshan sincerely thanked Xiao Xiao, she knew that Xiao Xiao wanted to protect herself. Selective forgetting is a kind of psychological mechanism, but after this accident, Shanshan's parents have agreed to let her continue psychological counseling. Xiao Xiao feels that she has a responsibility to help her in this matter, so Lin Shen agreed to teach her. . Lin Shen taught Xiao Xiao some simple hypnosis, and found that Shanshan posted a lot of numbers on Weibo. Lin Shen said that this is the FM channel of the drive-in movie theater. There is a movie Shanshan has always wanted to see but failed to see, which is also a knot in their hearts that they can use. These Xiao Xiao didn't know much, so Lin Shen brought a bunch of books and a non-disclosure agreement. Xiao Xiao signed without saying a word, and then opened the door to psychology in Lin Shen's teaching, but after a while, he fell asleep directly on the table. Lin Shen's hand stopped over her shoulder, and finally he carefully carried her to the room. Xiao Xiao slept beautifully. The next morning, Shao Ning suddenly attacked, but Lin Shen did not stop him.

After finding out that Xiao Xiao was at Lin Shen's house, Shao Ning made fun of it with a look of relief. Before leaving, Lin Shen borrowed his car and decided to experience the drive-in movie theater with Xiao Xiao at night. Of course, Xiao Xiao drove the car, but even though he didn't Lin Shen is still very afraid of driving. When he sees the car, he will think of the car accident when he was a child. It just so happens that the movie still has a scene of the crash. Xiao Xiao is a novice and not proficient, so many accidents happened during Lin Shen's hypnosis process. The next day, Xiao Xiao and Sun Kele helped Yan Luo move house and had a new idea inadvertently. Perhaps Shanshan's need was not to watch a movie, but to have a fair date with Zhou Ran. Lin Shen asked Xiao Xiao to meet, Xiao Xiao hurried to the psychological counseling company, Shanshan's parents provided a lot of shredded pieces, which were all tickets for the drive-in movie theater. It seems that they all went in the wrong direction before. Shanshan's knot is not a drive-in movie theater, but her heart is probably watching a movie in a normal movie theater. Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen immediately went to the cinema. The crash scene in the movie made Lin Shen hold Xiao Xiao's hand tightly and enter a hypnotic state to return to campus. Unexpectedly, Lin Shen performed anti-hypnosis on her, and Xiao Xiao also entered a state of hypnosis. In their unrelated lives, Lin Shen saw Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao woke up from the hypnosis, and Lin Shen had learned from the hypnosis just now that Xiao Xiao is still single from the mother and child, so what qualifications does he have to open a public account to teach others about relationship problems? Xiao Xiao was very guilty and walked out of the cinema angrily. 

Just now Lin Shen performed anti-hypnosis on himself, and Xiao Xiao also realized that he woke up when he let go of his hand. The two met Fan Qi at the movie theater and simply said hello. Thinking that Xiao Xiao is a single mother and child, Lin Shen searched her public account for the first time and followed her. After completing her evaluation, she replied with an incomplete evaluation. Xiao Xiao was so excited when he found out that Lin Shen was following his official account, he almost jumped off the sofa. Shanshan's parents were worried at home all day, so they asked Shanshan to ask Xiao Xiao to go out for a walk, and Xiao Xiao happily agreed. It turned out that this was their plan. Xiao Xiao was a girl who understood Shanshan's unwillingness, so the best way to untie her knot was to help her put an open and honest end to this relationship. Xiao Xiao bought ordinary cinema tickets for "I Don't Exist" that Shanshan has always wanted to see. Shanshan felt a sense of familiarity when she saw it. In the dark cinema, Shanshan had some bad memories in her mind, and stood up emotionally for a while. Shanshan said that she seemed to have seen this movie somewhere and felt a little headache, and she wanted to go back. Xiao Xiao confessed that he wanted to help her this time, to see if he could help her retrieve some memories. Shanshan still often dreams of Zhou Ran recently. When Xiao Xiao asked her if she wanted to forget or remember, Shanshan thought for a long time and said that she wanted to remember, even if it was a bad memory, she had the right to know what happened. Lin Shen hypnotized Shanshan and imagined returning to the cinema on the day of Zhou Ran's fan meeting. 

Unfamiliar and familiar memories flooded into my mind, and memories were once again fragmented. There was only Shanshan left in the cinema, Lin Shen guided her to calm down and continued to watch the movies that belonged to her and Zhou Ran. They raised three monsters together and painted the roof to make them their home. Zhou Ran promised Shanshan that one day he would hold her hand and tell the world about their feelings. As soon as the style of painting changed, Zhou Ran's heartless figure appeared. He decisively denied the fact that he had been together. For him, Shanshan was just an old fan of the support club. Shanshan pushed open the door of the cinema with tears in her eyes and returned to San San Yao's house. Fang Lin's appearance drove Shanshan away and destroyed their home. This time, Shanshan saved herself. The former Shanshan fell in love with Zhou Ran. Later, he developed better and better and ran faster and faster, but Shanshan left herself in place and forgot herself. I woke up from the dream, but the dream is still in my hands. Shanshan remembered everything, and she asked Xiao Xiao to watch the movie that she didn't finish last time. It was a pity that Shanshan didn't hear Zhou Ran admit this relationship, but she finally said goodbye to the past bravely. Xiao Xiao always wanted to say sorry to Shanshan, but Shanshan felt that it was her luck to know Xiao Xiao, and she made her see this relationship clearly. Xiao Xiao wanted to meet Zhou Ran, and Fan Qi said that the evening was Zhou Ran's birthday party, and she could attend as her female companion. Xiao Xiao went to Zuo Yan to help with the evening styling. Lin Shen was very unhappy when she learned that she was going to attend as Fan Qi's female companion. At the birthday party, Zhou Ran picked Xiao Xiao to play a game, and Fang Lin's expression changed.

Episode 5

Zhou Ran returned to the backstage after participating in the activity. Xiao Xiao brought a gift to the backstage and gave it to Zhou Ran. The gift was entrusted by Zhang Shanshan to Xiao Xiao to hand over to Zhou Ran. Xiao Xiao reminded Zhou Ran that there is no need to worry about being harassed by Zhang Shanshan, because Zhang Shanshan has let go of her feelings for Zhou Ran. Zhou Ran met Zhang Shanshan secretly, and the two stood at the corner of the stairs talking. Zhang Shanshan is going to study abroad to pursue her music dream. Zhou Ran apologized to Zhang Shanshan. After he became famous, he was worried about losing his fame and fortune, so he refused to announce his relationship with Zhang Shanshan, causing Zhang Shanshan to be misunderstood by the outside world, thinking that Zhang Shanshan was being affectionate. Zhang Shanshan said goodbye to Zhou Ran and proposed to shake hands before leaving. Zhou Ran hugged Zhang Shanshan, who turned around and left. Others are in the entertainment industry and can't help but have no relationship with Zhang Shanshan. Zhang Shanshan walked upstairs, returned to the door, crouched on the ground and cried. After Zhou Ran became famous, he was unwilling to be at the mercy of the company and took the initiative to break the contract. Xiao Xiao asked Fan Qi about the consequences of Zhou Ran's breach of contract. Fan Qi knew that Zhou Ran was selling the house. Judging from Zhou Ran's actions, it was obvious that the amount of breach of contract was not small, otherwise Zhou Ran would not lose money by selling the house. The company had a dinner party on the rooftop. Shao Ning determined that Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen were in a relationship. Xiao Xiao quickly explained the reason for staying overnight at Lin Shen's house not long ago. 

At that time, she and Lin Shen were investigating Zhang Shanshan's details and unknowingly fell asleep. Xiao Xiao passed the assessment of Shaolin Psychological Clinic and became Lin Shen's assistant. Zuo Yan vacated her office for Xiao Xiao, so that Xiao Xiao can have an independent office. Xiao Xiao received a family of three on his first day on the job. The parents thought that their daughter had a mental illness, so they brought their daughter to see the doctor. The daughter sat down at the table, playing games with her mobile phone, and did not cooperate with Xiao Xiao's inquiry at all. The parents quarreled in front of Xiao Xiao, and the quarrel was raging. Zuo Yan rushed over and took the two out of the office. Xiao Xiao thought that he could peacefully perform psychotherapy for the girl in front of him, but unexpectedly the girl was disdainful of revealing the truth. It turned out that the girl was annoyed by her parents every day, and believed that her parents had psychological problems, so she lied that she had a mental illness, and deceived her parents to come to the psychological clinic to see her brain. Fan Qi wanted to sign a contract with Xiao Xiao, but Xiao Xiao did not agree. She explained to Fanzi why. If she signed a contract with Fan Qi, it would be equivalent to Fan Qi's subordinate. Anything she wants to write in the future must be approved by Fan Qi. She founded the emotional guidance official account because she wanted to win with content and did not want to have too much commercial pressure, so she decided to cooperate with Fan Qi instead of signing a contract. Fan Qi was a little unhappy and tried to keep a smile. Xiao Xiao explained that his partner is Shaolin Psychological Clinic. 

In order to repay the fans' love, Xiao Xiao held a repayment fan dinner event. Many fans rushed over, including Chai Qian. Chai Qian used to be a strong woman in the workplace, doing things resolutely, but now the strong woman in her eyes has long since receded, replaced by the peaceful expression that housewives are used to. Everyone sat down for a dinner, eating and chatting. A fan took the lead in giving a testimonial, and he recalled that when his life was at a low point, he saw Xiao Xiao's public account getting out of the low point. When it was Chai Qian's turn to speak, Chai Qian was no longer the strong woman in the workplace. Now she feels that the workplace puts too much pressure on her. A fan next to him did not agree with Chai Qian's point of view, thinking that Chai Qian was looking for a step down for himself. Chai Qian didn't get angry, but ended her speech. Xiao Xiao thought that nothing would happen, but unexpectedly, Chai Qian suddenly splashed water on the female fan who raised her bar when she was speaking, and the two quarreled. Xiao Xiao quickly stepped forward to persuade him to fight, but Chai Qian was pushed by the female fan and fell backwards, bumping into Xiao Xiao, and Lin Shen quickly reached out to support Xiao Xiao. Chai Qian was full of grief and anger, thinking that everyone looked down on her. She also felt that she was suffering from a mental illness, and soon went to Xiao Xiao for consultation. Lin Shen held a psychological lecture at the university and asked Xiao Xiao to give a psychological demonstration. 

Xiao Xiao stood on the table, jumped down and jumped into Lin Shen's arms, and the deer rammed. Lin Shen took Xiao Xiao's desk jumping as an example to analyze the psychology of helplessness and fear when people jumped down. Xiao Xiao walked to his seat absent-mindedly, and slapped his foot halfway. Lin Shen supported Xiao Xiao and used Xiao Xiao to analyze the course again. When people lose their minds, their minds are easily separated from their brains, and they are prone to fall. Fan Qi went to the hospital to send supplies to do good deeds, and happened to meet Lin Shen, who was also working in the hospital. Fan Qi took the opportunity to invite Lin Shen to conduct psychological counseling for his company's employees, and Lin Shen handed Shao Ning's business card to Fan Qi. Shao Ning is usually in charge of psychological counseling for the company's employees, and Lin Shen reminded Fan Qi to contact Shao Ning. Fan Qi returned to his residence, the night was already dark, and the floor-to-ceiling windows were pitch black. Like Fan Qi's unfathomable thoughts, Fan Qi picked up his mobile phone and listened to the message from his subordinate. The subordinate did not find out that Lin Shen had a car, but found Lin Shen's mother. In the hospital due to a car accident.

Character Cast of Dream Garden (沉睡花园)

Gong Jun as Lin Shen

The out-and-out "academic", with excellent professional ability and rigorous professional attitude, also caused him to have doubts and precautions involuntarily when he first met Xiao Xiao, the "wild road emotional blogger".

Joe Hin as Xiao Xiao

The self-media emotional public account blogger has a cheerful personality and meticulous mind. Although he is an experienced emotional blogger, he is also an out-and-out "single mother". In order to operate her official account well, she applied to become Lin Shen's assistant. She hopes to enhance the emotional analysis expertise of her official account by learning professional psychology knowledge.

Jing Chao as Fanzi

The chairman of an investment group acts decisively and does everything that is profitable. He is delicate and good at disguising. He has a face in front and a face in the back. It is difficult for ordinary people to enter his heart and appearance. It seems indifferent, in fact, there is a trace of warmth in his heart, but this kind of time is generally rare, and he always makes people feel omnipotent.

Sun Yi as Yan Luo

An innocent and innocent cartoonist who wants a romantic and childlike heart. Her comics are liked by many fans. Every time a new work is released, it must be a hot product. A big reason for her personality comes from the influence of the original family. She is not loved and valued, so she always hopes that she grows up quickly, and then through her own efforts to obtain the happiness she wants.

Zhang Duo as Shao Ning

He is a psychiatrist who has cured many people with mental illnesses. He is a humorous person in life. He often brings warmth to people around him. He is the object of friends to talk to. He can always change many things. It's easier.

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