Sword Snow Stride (雪中悍刀行) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Sword Snow Stride (雪中悍刀行) is directed by Song Xiaofei, starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Gengxi, and Hu Jun. Gao Weiguang has a special star, Zhang Tianai is invited to star, Liu Duanduan, Qiu Xinzhi, Tian Xiaojie, Wang Tianchen, Li Chun, Ding Xiaoying, Dong Yan, Liao Huijia, Sun Yali, and other co-stars in a fantasy inspirational drama.

Sword Snow Stride (雪中悍刀行) is adapted from the novel of the same name written by the writer Fenghuo Opera Zhuhou, telling the story of a family son, Xu Fengnian, who has gone through hardships and finally grew up to become the king of Beixing.

The Chinese Drama Sword Snow Stride (雪中悍刀行) premiered on the TV drama channel of CCTV on December 15, 2021, and was simultaneously broadcast on Tencent Video.

Detail of Sword Snow Stride (雪中悍刀行)

Chinese Title: 雪中悍刀行 (Knife in the Snow)

English Title: Sword Snow Stride

Genre: costume, martial arts 

Production company: CCTV, Penguin Films, Xinli TV, Xiangchao Media

Filming location: Xiangshan Film and Television City

Tv Channel: Xinli TV 

Premiered: December 15, 2021. 

Director: Song Xiaofei, 

Screenwriter: Wang Juan 

Starring: Zhang Ruoyun, Li Gengxi, Hu Jun, Gao Weiguang, Zhang Tianai 

Number of Episode: 38 episodes 

Length of Each episode: 40 minutes. 

Online platform: Tencent Video 

Broadcast channel: CCTV

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Plot Story of Sword Snow Stride 

In order to avoid being the princess of Sui Zhu, Xu Fengnian (Zhang Ruoyun), the elder son of Bei Miao, who was the "No. , I got acquainted with many people in the arena. After three years of travel, Xu Fengnian, who kept a low profile, washed away the dust. He never wanted to follow the life track laid down by his father, and even more unwilling to take over Beifang, because becoming the king of Beifang means to become a lonely person without feelings. But when Xu Fengnian was crowned in the snow and learned that one of his dearest relatives had left him and sacrificed for him, after experiencing the darkest moments of life, he finally made up his mind to become a king of Beifang who is completely different from his father. 

Unable to compromise, he studied martial arts hard, and became a martial artist with his innocence and hard work. Then he led the guards such as Jiang Ni (played by Li Gengxi) and Sword Immortal Li Chungang to enter the rivers and lakes and used fierce swords to make the martial arts powers jump. It seems to play chess according to Dad’s routine, but in reality, he is alone in the snow, resisting the arrangement of fate, and gradually cultivated new martial arts forces such as Wudang, Jiangnan Literary Circles, Xichu, and Huishan Xuanyuan who are willing to be loyal to them. They also pass all kinds of clues. Discover the truth about the death of his mother Wu Su. With snow in the sky, Xu Fengnian used his own body to carry the Northern Star Wars flag, and eventually became a qualified successor to the Northern Star King. 

5th Episode Summary of Sword Snow Stride 

Episode 1

Shanhe entered the painting "This is China". It is said that the world was in chaos, and the separatism of the nine kingdoms followed the chaos of the kingdoms to shake China. Liyang broke the situation and wiped out the eight kingdoms and achieved unification, especially the iron cavalry of the Liyang dynasty was the legacy of the six kingdoms. , And if it weren't him for the king of Beifang Xu Xiao, the world was in chaos again. Now Xu Xiao has entrusted the king to guard the borders and three continents, commanding an army of 300,000 to defend against foreign enemies in the wind and snow. This is Xu Xiao, the first official in Liyang. 

At this time, a man in rags was telling Xu Xiao's deeds to the old man selling sweet potatoes. He also claimed that he was Xu Fengnian, the world's first son of the king of Beiming. The horse husband Huang wanted to steal the sweet potatoes very recently, but he was discovered by the old man. , The old man chased Xu Fengnian and asked him to return the sweet potato to himself. The two of them scattered and ran. The old man couldn't catch up with Xu Fengnian after all, and Huang and Xu Fengnian hurried away after meeting. Xu Fengnian mounted his horse and was about to leave, but Xu Fengnian, who did not run away, was overtaken by the old man. In the end, Xu Fengnian had to return the stolen sweet potatoes to the old man, but Lao Huang was sitting by the river while eating sweet potatoes happily. 

Xu Fengniangang When he came back, Lao Huang quickly ate the sweet potatoes. Xu Fengnian was very angry and asked Lao Huang to go catch fish. The two had just caught fish in the river and a few men on horseback came over and asked them to follow them to another place to eat meat. Xu Fengnian was already I've been hungry for several days, of course I followed it without even thinking about it. I just thought that the soldiers said that as long as they found Xu Fengnian, Xu Fengnian would be rewarded. Xu Fengnian heard the leader say that the Xu Fengnian they were looking for was the son of the king of Beifang. 

Three years ago, he left Beifang to travel around the world. The leader felt that the Xu Fengnian in front of him was about the same age as the Xu Fengnian he was going to catch, so he wanted to test his martial arts, but he didn't know that Xu Fengnian could not know anything. Xu Fengnian realized that the leader was not a horse bandit, and deliberately said that his father was also from Chu. The leader let Xu Fengnian go as soon as they felt that they were both sick and pityed, and sent them a bunch of delicious food. In fact, Xu Fengnian saw Chu Qi next to him before serving close to him, but actually wanted to save his life. The two took the opportunity to sneak away, and saw their horse. They were stopped by the leader just as they were about to go. They said Xu Fengnian was coming soon. 

Xu Fengnian and Lao Huang looked at each other, and the leader said Xu Fengnian was on the tree. To keep them from going out. Looking at Fufengnian, there was a person in white clothes standing on the Guozhen tree. This person was also carrying two swords. The leader surrounded the person in white clothes in three or two strokes. They asked that the person was called He Ming, but the person in white clothes was Not to mention just drew the sword three or two times and knocked down the leading group of people to the ground. Xu Fengnian and Lao Huang saw the gods and accidentally made a noise. The white-clothed man jumped over. Xu Fengnian quickly said that he was passing by and had nothing to do with this group of people. The white-clothed talent let Xu Fengnian go. 

The man in white led Xu Fengnian's horse all the way north, and Xu Fengnian happened to be walking here too. After a while, the leader came back and took out a portrait of Xu Fengnian. Unexpectedly, Bei Meng sent a portrait of Xu Fengnian. Of course, the leader recognized that this person was Xu Fengnian at a glance. Xu Fengnian watched the white-clothed person passing by and wanted to ask him to help him, but the white-clothed person didn't say a word. The leader took a knife to kill Xu Fengnian. The white-clothed person rushed over and threw him into the air. The white-clothed person learned that Xu Fengnian belonged to Xu Xiao. Later, Xu Fengnian asked Xu Fengnian to help him enter the court, and Xu Fengnian of course agreed. The people in white followed Xu Fengnian to Beifang to find the king of Beifang. 

Xu Fengnian learned from the white-clothed population that she wanted to go to the Chao Court to find martial arts secrets. Suddenly a hidden weapon flew out, and the person in white directly grabbed the hidden weapon and went up cruelly. Severely taught these Chu people. At night, Xu Fengnian couldn’t sleep, and Old Huang sang aside. Old Huang slept and woke Xu Fengnian quietly. The two were about to leave with the horse. Old Huang worried that the white-clothed man wanted to go back and kill Xu Xiao, so he dumped it for safety. She is better. Lao Huang had put Mongolian sweat medicine in the sweet potatoes that the white-clothed people ate last night, so the people in white-clothes didn't hear their movements. Xu Longxiang, the younger brother of Xu Fengnian, outside the Royal Palace of Lingzhou Chengbei, has been waiting at the door for his brother's return. Xu Fengnian and Lao Huang were very happy when they walked to the border of Lingzhou. 

The air in Lingzhou was still clear. The two of them just sat down to have a drink, but they didn’t expect the leader to chase them over. They also said that the wine was sent to the two on the road. Soon the man in white also came over, and the man in white asked Xu Fengnian whether what he said counts. Xu Fengnian said of course it counts. In two blows, the leader was knocked to the ground. Xu Fengnian blew a whistle, and the iron cavalry of the Royal Palace of Beifang flew over, and Xu Longxiang knew that his brother was back. He also hurried over, at this time the soldiers of King Beifang also rushed over. After General Ning rushed over, he wanted to kill the man in white but was stopped by Xu Fengnian. Xu Fengnian asked General Ning to dismount. At this time Xu Longxiang also rushed over, and Xu Fengnian gave Xiao Er a pot of good wine.

Episode 2

Xu Fengnian was drunk. Xu Longxiang personally carried his brother home. The guard wanted them to mount, but Xu Longxiang refused. It may have been a long time since Lao Huang went home. He drank several bowls of water quickly when he got home, and watched his hip flask full of dust and blew it quickly. Xu Xiao stood outside the door and told Lao Huang about this matter for three years. It was hard for him. Indeed, Lao Huang went out with Xu Fengnian for three years. Several maids served Xu Fengnian to change his clothes and take a bath. Xu Fengnian finally changed his tattered clothes. He was lying on the bed and slumbering. 

A masked man approached him quietly and took out a knife to stab him. In fact, Xu Fengnian was young I noticed that Xu Fengnian grabbed the opponent's hand the moment the opponent stabbed him with a knife. In fact, the masked man was the Princess Taiping of Jiang Niyuan Xichu, who entered the Beifang Palace at the age of twelve after the subjugation of the country. Xu Fengnian suppressed Jiang Ni to prevent her from making a sound. Xu Xiao came to Xu Fengnian to ask him to leave quickly, otherwise he would look good when his father Xu Xiao saw him. At the door, Xu Xiao also asked the housekeeper whether the clothes he was wearing were correct. After all, this was the first time I saw his son three years later. Xu Xiao opened the door and Xu Fengnian picked up the things in his hand and threw it at his father. 

After a lot of hardship, the so-called travel is all about living the life of a beggar. Xu Fengnian chased his father with a shoehorn, and Xu Xiao was not happy to fight back. Together with Xu Fengnian, he will be able to buy treasures from three houses in the city. It was a pity that Xu Xiao was thrown to the ground and shattered, but he did not blame Xu Fengnian either. Xu Fengnian and Xu Xiao’s identities felt like they had changed. Xu Fengnian was tired. As his father, Xu Xiao hurriedly carried a stool to Xu Fengnian. Xu Fengnian told his father that he wanted to meet the captured Chu veteran. Xu Fengnian quietly told Jiang. Ni waited for them to leave before letting her out, Jiang Ni was very angry and helpless. Xu Fengnian put on the clothes of a long-time son and went to see the Chu veteran. Xu Fengnian also talked about the fact that his portrait was given to Chu. 

Xu Xiao thought it might be made by Jiang Ni, the maid beside Xu Fengnian, and Xu Fengnian didn’t get too surprised. say what. Jiang Ni struggled to get up from under the desk and left angrily. Xu Fengnian told Chu veterans that it was definitely impossible to kill himself in Lingzhou. Xu Fengnian asked why he put the knife down after seeing someone coming over. After all, it was the best time to kill himself, and the veteran refused to say. Xu Fengnian guessed that the veterans must have ideas, they were just the beginning, and the drama had to wait for the inner ghost to sing. The veteran did not expect that Xu Fengnian, the so-called dandy boy, would hide so deeply. Before Xu Fengnian left, he returned the army flag of Chu to the veteran. After all, he had invited himself to eat meat and drink at the beginning, and Xu Fengnian was also a loyal person. 

In fact, Xu Fengnian has always understood political matters, but he has always pretended to be a dude in order to cover people's eyes. Xu Xiao told his son that his position would eventually be passed on to him in the future. Xu Fengnian said that he wanted to eat sweet potatoes and went to Lao Huang, who was eating sweet potatoes and drinking wine. Although Xu Fengnian is the son of the elder, he is not as particular about eating as the son of the elder. Xu Fengnian knows that many of the hardships he has experienced in the past three years were arranged by his father, and he just wants to temper him. After drinking and eating, Xu Fengnian said that he wanted to stay to rest, and Xu Xiao didn't dare to say anything. After all, Xu Xiao always owed his son during the three years of travel. Early the next morning, Xu Fengnian went to see Jiang Ni. 

At this time, Jiang Ni, who was a maid, was still sleeping in her money box. Jiang Ni only woke up after hearing the noise. Xu Fengnian and Jiang Ni had bet that as long as Jiang Ni assassinated him If you succeed, you will lose money to him. The money Jiang Ni finally saved was taken away by Xu Fengnian, and Jiang Ni was also helpless. Xu Fengnian asked Jiang Ni to accompany him fishing and threatened Jiang Ni with money. Jiang Ni had no choice but to go together. Lao Huang and Xu Fengnian came to the Tingchao Pavilion to fish, and the man in white also came. The handmaid sweet potato kindly sent the sweet potato to the white-clothed person, but the white-clothed person refused. The sweet potato felt that the white-clothed person's temperament was very similar to that of the handmaid blue bird. They didn't like to talk. 

The sweet potato looked at the white-clothed person's beautiful face and wanted to touch it with her hand. Touching, the result was opened by the person in white with one hand. Xu Fengnian came here. What Xu Fengnian called fishing was to throw a large school of fish in the pond and swim over. Xu Fengnian promised to let the white-clothed person go to the Chaoting Pavilion, but she was only allowed to stay for one hour. The white-clothed person asked Xu Fengnian to set a condition to allow herself to stay in it for a long time. Xu Fengnian wanted to know the white-clothed person's name, and the white-clothed person said he was only then. 

The name is Nangong Pushe. Xu Fengnian knew that she was the daughter of Xie Guanying from the Beimang family. Xu Fengnian asked Nangong Pushe to serve him as a guard. She wanted to stay as long as she wanted to listen to Chaoting Nangong Pushe. willing. At this time, Xu Fengnian's eagle sent news that Chu Lushan had asked to see him. Chu Lushan hurried over and said that he missed Xu Fengnian very much. Chu Lushan said that a new oiran in Zijin Tower has a very outstanding appearance. He wants Xu Fengnian to go with him. Xu Fengnian, who is a "daddy boy", is of course willing to go.

Episode 3

Xu Fengnian and Chu Lushan went to the Zijin Tower together and asked Jiang Ni to pretend to be a man. Jiang Ni didn't want to say anything. Xu Longxiang was too young to follow them, so he had to continue fishing with Lao Huang. Xu Xiao asked Huang if he only wanted to be a horseman for a lifetime. After all, Huang used to be a soldier on the battlefield with Xu Xiao. Huang said that he could never pass the hurdle in his heart. Huang said that Jian Jiuhuang was dead on the wall. , From now on, I am just the old yellow by my side. Xu Fengnian brought Jiang Ni in with him. Jiang Ni was also curious about everything here in Zijin Tower for the first time, and Nangong Pushe also went with him. Chu Lushan took Xu Fengnian to sit in the private room, and the new oiran Yu Youwei came in with a white cat. 

Xu Fengnian asked Yu Youwei to dance, but Yu Youwei said that she had a dance for her lover, so she asked Xu Fengnian to move. Stepping into the backyard to show him alone, Xu Fengnian pretended to be lustful when he knew there was a problem. Xu Fengnian followed Yu Youwei for a long time before coming to the room. Yu Youwei stood behind the screen and took off her coat to dance. Xu Fengnian recognized the dance as the Xichu sword dance at a glance. Yu Youwei drew out the sword and wanted to dance while thinking Assassinated Xu Fengnian, but was stopped by Nangong servant shooting. Xu Fengnian knew she was here to kill herself. Yu Youwei felt that Chu was defeated and Xu Xiao led troops into the palace to stabbed the emperor and queen to death. 

Yu Youwei did not have martial arts,sSo the Nangong servant shoots uniforms in two blackjackets. Xu Fengnian handed over Jiang Ni. Jiang Ni saw that Yu Youwei was about to commit suicide. Xu Fengnian asked Jiang Ni to show her dagger to Yu Youwei. Yu Youwei saw the dagger. This was the princess of Chu’s personal belongings. In fact, Princess Chu was not dead, it was just a rumor spread by Xu Xiao. Yu Youwei was very moved when she saw Jiang Ni. Naturally, Xu Fengnian took Jiang Nai back to work as a maid again. Sweet Potato took Yu Youwei to an unoccupied house. After all, Yu Youwei and Jiang Ni were both from Chu Kingdom, and the two naturally became acquainted. Chu Lushan took off his coat and knelt in the yard to apologize to Xu Fengnian. 

Chu Lushan said that he didn't know that Yu Youwei was from Chu, and Chu Lushan was willing to be punished. Xu Fengnian took the whip and hit Chu Lushan on him. The blood soon covered his coat. Jiang Ni told Yu Youwei that Xu Xiao did not kill any civilians when he attacked the city, but Xu Xiao’s army was not the only one who joined the army, but also some of the great figures of the dynasty. They wanted Chu’s royal concubines. At that time, Xu Xiao rushed first. After entering the palace gate, he told the emperor that the emperor would rather die than surrender, and the concubine followed the emperor. Xu Xiao took Jiang Ni back to Lingzhou. 

From then on, the Princess of Chu died, leaving only Jiang Ni. Yu Youwei asked Jiang Ni if she had thought about revenge. Jiang Ni said that she had thought about revenge every moment when she came here, but she still couldn't do it after all. There were rumors that more than 20 maids in Xu Fengnian's mansion had been acquired by him. Jiang Ni quickly denied that Xu Fengnian had never touched any of them. The so-called rumors from the outside world were all false. Jiang Ni asked her if she had any other party members. Yu Youwei said that she didn't know. After all, she was only arranged to practice sword dance these years, and she didn't know many things. The soldier told Xu Xiao that the news that Shizi had beaten Chu Lushan had spread. Soldier Ning Emei also came to intercede for Chu Lushan.

After all, Chu Lushan was a general and was abused by Xu Fengnian's private messages. Xu Fengnian was very angry and directly sent Ning Emei to the prison. And let the sweet potato out the door passing a message to the soldiers who pleaded with Chu Lushan, Ning Emei has now been imprisoned, and if they still want to be like Ning Emei, they will kneel. At this time, Xu Xiao's son, Chen Zhibao, came in carrying a first class. Chen Zhibao went directly to Xu Fengnian when he came back. Xu Fengnian had no sound of Chu Lushan's skin and meat, and Nangong Fushe had also heard of Chen Zhibao's reputation. At this time Jiang Ni was reading a book, and when he saw Chen Zhibao coming, he ran back to the room. 

Chen Zhibao did not come to beg for Chu Lushan, but directly threw the head in front of Xu Fengnian and said that this person was the one who secretly painted his portrait. He also said that Xu Fengnian didn't know this person. Chen Zhibao had long seen that Xu Fengnian didn't really want to punish Chu Lushan, but wanted to see who wanted to plead for Chu Lushan. Perhaps this person was the one who killed him in the dark. This was indeed guessed by Chen Zhibao, and Xu Fengnian could only admit it. Chen Zhibao told Xu Fengnian that now he can only kill Yu Youwei plus this person's head. Even if the matter is over, he intends to investigate it secretly. Xu Fengnian has always been dissatisfied with Chen Zhibao. Chen Zhibao's rumor is that Beifang’s Dinghai Shenzhen Xu Fengnian is naturally not satisfied.

Episode 4

Xu Fengnian wanted to fight Chen Zhibao, so he said that this oiran would not kill himself. After Chen Zhibao left, Xu Fengnian asked Jiang Ni to come out. In fact, Jiang Ni knew that Chen Zhibao and Xu Fengnian were at odds. She was worried that Xu Fengnian would come here and deliberately make a move so that Chen Zhibao would retreat. Although Jiang Ni had said that he would kill Xu Fengnian over the years, he had never thought about it that way. After all, it was Xu Xiao who rescued her. After a while, Xu Xiao also came over. Xu Xiao told his son that if he wanted to conquer Beifang, Chen Zhibao must be convinced. Xu Fengnian said that he didn't know how long the next round of assassination would take, and it would be better for him to live first. 

Lin Tanhua went to Lingzhou this time for Xu Fengnian. When Xu Fengnian saw that Nangong servant was sitting outside the Tingchao Pavilion and did not go in, Xu Fengnian told her that she could go in now without being so rigid. Xu Fengnian salvaged a roast chicken from the lake and opened the door to the Tingchao Pavilion. It was the "key" of the tide-watching pavilion. Xu Fengnian took Nangong servant and shot into the tide-watching pavilion. He asked Nangong servant to lend himself the sword. He hammered the sword on the ground and shouted, "Beware of the fire." In this case, Grandpa Wei hurriedly got down from the stairs. He is the one who manages the books here. Grandpa Wei also asked Xu Fengnian if he wanted to go upstairs to see the master, but Xu Fengnian said that the assassination had not been resolved and he had no face to go to see his old man. 

Nangong Pushang is also very curious. Xu Fengnian does not know how to work, but he still has a master. Xu Fengnian said that his master is not teaching martial arts but playing chess. Girl Fan assisted Lin Tanhua on the top of the carriage. Lin Tanhua said to the people that she was Xu Xiao a thief, and even said that Xu Fengnian was greedy and lustful as a dude. Xu Fengnian also heard that someone was scolding himself on the street, and he hurriedly prepared to go. After Jiang Ni learned about it, he went to see the excitement with him. Soon Xu Fengnian also came over, and Xu Fengnian looked at Girl Fan next to her. Lin Tanhua said a lot of bad things about Xu Fengnian, but Lao Huang still felt that the matter was not good. After all, Lin Tanhua didn't use dirty words when scolding Xu Fengnian. 

An old man walked over and lay down under the carriage, shouting that Lin Tanhua's carriage had crushed him. The old man also said that his hand had been crushed and his eyes could not be seen. Xu Fengnian recognized the old man as Old Xu at a glance. Xu Fengnian took the old head Xu to leave quickly. Lin Tanhua felt that he was scolding, and he had to dare to bear it, so he called Ms. Fan to ask Xu Fengnian face to face. Ms. Fan was moved to Lin Tanhua sincerely, and Ms. Fan also said that she would accompany him no matter how fierce it was. Xu Fengnian and Jiang Ni sent Old Xu home. Old Xu thought this girl was Xu Fengnian's wife, but Jiang Ni quickly denied it. When Xu Fengnian saw the duck in Old Xu’s house and thought he was raising it, he hurriedly caught him and let Old Huang stew and eat it, but he said that the duck was raised by the neighbor next door. It seemed that Xu Fengnian was going to lose money again. 

The old man Xu kindly persuaded Xu Fengnian to earnestly learn crafts, but he couldn't live so much, but Xu Fengnian didn't take it seriously. Jiang Ni learned from Old Xu that he had accompanied Xu Xiao on the battlefield. In fact, Xu Fengnian was really good, and Jiang Ni was a bit embarrassed to say that he was also a child who can live a life. Lin Tanhua and Miss Fan came to Xu's door and wanted to meet Xu Fengnian. The soldier took a look and closed the door. Lin Tanhua closed her eyes and rested, and Girl Fan was about to knock on the door, but Sweet Potato came to open the door. Sweet potato said coldly that he closed the door after the son was away, but Lin Tanhua still did not give up waiting outside the door. Lin Tanhua kept standing, and Miss Fan didn't understand why Lin Tanhua must see Xu Fengnian. Lin Tanhua said that a bad guy like Xu Fengnian must kill him herself. Jiang Ni felt that the Xu family owed him a lot. 

After all, he had lost too much to fight back then. Xu Fengnian also admitted, but now they can only give him a peaceful and prosperous age. In fact, the old head Xu had never known Xu Fengnian's true identity, but Xu Fengnian had been taking care of him. Xu Fengnian felt that the identity of the son of the prince was nothing in front of them, and he said nothing. When Xu Fengnian came home, they saw Lin Tanhua and Girl Fan outside the door. They didn't know that Xu Fengnian was the son of Bei Meng. Xu Fengnian asked the guard to open the door and invited Lin Tanhua in. Lin Tanhua naturally followed in when the door was open. Xu Fengnian gave Jiang Ni some silver and told her to find Blue Bird and wait for him by the lake. 

Qingniao and Jiangni prepared cakes, Xu Fengnian and Lin Tanhua also came over, Xu Fengnian invited Xu Fengnian to eat together, Xu Fengnian told Lin Tanhua that he was Xu Fengnian. Lin Tanhua, who had praised Xu Fengnian just now, immediately changed her expression. Girl Fan drew her sword and stabbed at Xu Fengnian, but was hit by the blue bird with a sword on the ground. Girl Fan quickly said that the assassination had nothing to do with Lin Tanhua. Xu Fengnian asked Lin Tanhua, but Lin Tanhua hesitated. In addition, Xu Fengnian's intimidation Lin Tanhua quickly said that she had nothing to do with Girl Fan. 

Xu Fengnian asked Lao Huang to pick up the sword. Xu Fengnian gave the sword to Lin Tanhua and asked Lin Tanhua to kill Girl Fan. Xu Fengnian walked towards Lin Tanhua step by step. Lin Tanhua took the initiative to say that he had deceived him. Lin Tanhua was so scared that he dropped the sword on the ground, he quickly knelt down in front of Xu Fengnian and apologized. He really did not dare to kill. Xu Fengnian deliberately asked Lin Tanhua to scold Girl Fan because she wanted to make her give up, and then let the blue bird crush Girl Fan away.

Episode 5

Lin Tanhua watched as Miss Fan was taken away but did not dare to say a word. Lin Tanhua was so afraid that she dared not do anything to Xu Fengnian. After hearing the sound of playing the piano from Chaoting Pavilion, Xu Fengnian asked Jiang Ni to accompany him on the boat while Lao Huang watched the three men thoughtfully on the shore. Jiang Ni rowed to the lake. Xu Fengnian asked her to sprinkle fish food in the lake. Lin Tanhua saw a large group of fish swimming over. Xu Fengnian knew that Lin Tanhua was from the Lin family in Hedong. In this case, Lin Tanhua took out a dagger and aimed at Xu Fengnian. It seems that he still wanted to assassinate Xu Fengnian. Just now, Lin Tanhua bowed his head and bowed down to Xu Fengnian to gain his trust temporarily. 

Xu Fengnian deliberately said that Jiang Ni was one of them. The martial arts master, Jiang Ni also took out his dagger at Lin Tanhua. In fact, Jiang Ni didn’t know how to martial arts. Lin Tanhua still planned to take a gamble. Of course, he won the bet. Xu Fengnian told him that if he died, Lin Tanhua would also Can't go. Xu Fengnian instantly understood what the purpose of the three assassinations was. Lin Tanhua began to feel guilty. After all, he did follow other people's orders to assassinate Xu Fengnian. Xu Fengnian jumped into the water at once, and Lin Tanhua also jumped down. Jiang Ni's mouth said that he would not save Xu Fengnian, but he still jumped down to save him when he watched him not come up. Xu Fengnian saw Chu Kuang slave, a North Mang swordsman at the bottom of the river. Chu Kuang slave was tied up with chains. Xu Fengnian begged Chu Kuang slave to save him. 

Chu Kuang slave's only request was to eat meat, and Xu Fengnian naturally agreed. Chu Kuangnu frightened Lin Tanhua directly, and Xu Fengnian rescued him. After going ashore, Jiang Ni asked who the person at the bottom of the lake was. Xu Fengnian said that he didn't know. He only knew that he had a strong inner strength and depended on eating raw fish and the air in the fish's belly for sanitation, so he could never go ashore. I found him by feeding fish in the lake back then. The fish feeding position mentioned today was actually planned by Xu Fengnian. It also gave Lin Tanhua a chance to kill herself. Jiang Ni thought Xu Fengnian was also testing herself, but Xu Fengnian quickly denied it. In the name of her deceased mother, Jiang Ni only believed it. Xu Fengnian took off his coat just a few steps and saw Lao Huang walking over with his dry clothes. 

Xu Fengnian picked up the box that Lao Huang had thrown into the lake a few days ago. Although he didn't know what was inside, he knew it. It is Lao Huang's most precious. Lao Huang smiled and said that this was all from the past, and since Xu Fengnian picked it up, it was considered lost and recovered. Xu Fengnian tied up Lin Tanhua for interrogation. Lin Tanhua asked what was on the bottom of the lake, but Xu Fengnian didn't intend to answer him. Lin Tanhua knew that she had no way to survive and asked Xu Fengnian to kill herself. Xu Fengnian told Xu Fengnian that the Lin family was over. Xu Fengnian told Lin Tanhua that the Lin family was guilty of conspiracy, but Lin Tanhua was half-believing that Xu Fengnian was intimidating herself. Xu Fengnian came to Tingchao Ting Nangong Pushe and read books in it every day. Her wish was to learn all the martial arts in the world. 

Xu Fengnian was going to go to the master Li Yishan, but Nangong Pushe said that Xu Fengnian said that he did not find the murderer who assassinated her, so he would not see the master. Xu Fengnian said that naturally, she had already solved it, and wanted to tell Nangong Pushe that she was indeed not interested. . Xu Fengnian told his master that the person who wanted to assassinate him was Qingzhou Jing’an Wang Zhaoheng. The first round of assassination was to send Chu veterans, and in the second round, Yu Youwei, the daughter of Chu’s sword servant, played the role of subjugated slaves. Yu Youwei was taken from a young age. It was this day that Zhao Heng was raised in the mansion. The third round was Lin Tanhua’s assassination. Lin Tanhua didn’t know that he was going to kill Xu Fengnian. It was imperceptibly influenced by Zhao Heng. Lin Tanhua would think it was Lin family and Chu veterans. 

The nature of joining hands constitutes the crime of treason, so the Lin family is over. Once the Lin Family becomes lonely, Zhao Heng must be the one who makes the profit, so that's why he arranged the assassination. What Zhao Heng did was not to kill Xu Fengnian, but to control the entire Qingzhou by himself. If Xu Fengnian is really killed, Bei Meng will be in chaos, which will be harmful to Zhao Heng, but Li Yishan said that Xu Fengnian has not really seen this chess game, and Xu Fengnian is very surprised. In the evening, Xu Xiao went to see Lin Tanhua. In fact, he still admired Lin Tanhua a little bit. Miss Fan also came over for this matter. Lin Tanhua asked them to quickly let her go to beat or scold herself. Girl Fan wanted to touch Lin Tanhua’s face. 

Lin Tanhua suddenly noticed something was wrong. It turned out that Girl Fan was also Xu Xiao’s person. She was also ordered to follow Lin Tanhua to find Xu Fengnian for revenge. . Lin Tanhua knew that he was completely defeated, and he was just a pawn in the struggle. Li Yishan told Xu Fengnian that Xu Xiao was actually manipulating this matter, and Li Yishan asked Xu Fengnian to go to the deepest dungeon of the palace, and perhaps he would be able to understand the whole thing by then. But at the deepest level of the Royal Palace Dungeon, Xu Fengnian couldn’t go down without a token. Li Yishan gave him his token. Xu Fengnian didn’t understand why Li Yishan told him to go down. Li Yishan said of course he went to see someone, and Xu Fengnian knew him. Xu Fengnian came to the dungeon. He didn’t expect to see Ning Emei. 

Xu Fengnian was surprised that he didn’t let his father release Ning Emei, but was imprisoned in the dungeon. Xu Fengnian asked Ning Emei one by one if he knew the person who wanted to assassinate him. , Ning Emei didn't know. Xu Fengnian had to ask his father. Xu Xiao said that the biggest enemy now is the close relatives of the royal family. Although Ning Emei is loyal, he supports Xu Longxiang. Xu Xiao was worried that his youngest son Xu Longxiang would take over Xu Fengnian's position, and Xu Fengnian naturally didn't care. At this time, Xu Longxiang was leading soldiers to train in the barracks. It's not that Xu Xiao is unwilling to let Xu Longxiang take his place. He is worried that Xu Longxiang's innocence will be used by someone with a heart, and the entire Xu family will be destroyed. 

In fact, Xu Xiao also knew that Ning Emei was a loyal person. He just wanted to spread Ning Emei and see who else would support Xu Longxiang. This person may be the one who hides the deepest. Xu Xiao felt that Ning Emei could be killed to show that everyone was actually giving the black hand behind the scenes a chance to get in. Xu Fengnian felt that Ning Emei couldn't kill, after all, now only he can stabilize the military's mind. Xu Xiao also said that the second plan is to kill the second son Xu Longxiang. Xu Fengnian felt that what his father said was nothing human. Xu Xiao didn’t mean to kill his son, but took him away from Beifang Xu Fengnian. Feeling that his opinion is not advisable at all, he left directly.

Character Cast of Sword Snow Stride 

Zhang Ruoyun as Xu Fengnian

The son of Xu Xiao, the king of Beifang of the Liyang Dynasty, and a real dragon and phoenix, he loves ginger mud. Ming is a handsome young man who is rich in clothes and jade, but he is ridiculed by the world as the "Xu Cao Bao" among the frustrations of gold and jade. In fact, he has a gully in his chest, is extremely clever, and possesses a clever and exquisite heart.

Lee Gung Hee as Xu Fengnian

Xu Fengnian's true beauty, the former princess is today's maid. She is a timid and strong, cute and stubborn, lazy but talented, distressed and admirable little girl. The face is cold, slim, suddenly smiling, pear vortex is charming, and the eyes have a starlight effect.

Hu Jun as Xu Xiao

Xu Fengnian's father, deceased wife Wu Su, two sons and two daughters, and eldest son Xu Fengnian. There are also six righteous sons and many dead men under his command. Xu Xiao ruled the three border states and had 350,000 Northern Stars cavalry. He was the king of Northern Stars with less than one person and more than 10,000 people. He was also the only king of different surnames in the Liyang Dynasty.

Gao Weiguang as Chen Zhibao

Xiaorentu, a soldier in white clothes, formerly known as Chen Zhibao, the head of the six righteous sons ("Tiger") of the king of Beifang. Son of Chen Qiong, General Beizhu. Beizhu’s 300,000 iron cavalry’s prestige is second only to Xu Xiao’s Xiaorentu. His spear skills are cold and cold, and he is always going to fight and fight, and he does not leave a way back to the enemy. Under the tutelage of the gun fairy king embroidery, with the weapon "plum wine", he admires Xu Weixiong. Later, he rebelled against Beifang and dominated Xishu. The reincarnation of the founding emperor of Dafeng.

Zhang Tianai as Nangong Pushe (white fox face)

The world's first beauty. Xie Guanying's daughter, Xu Fengnian's confidante. A martial arts wizard, met Xu Fengnian during his three-year and six-thousand-mile travel, and got the opportunity to listen to the Chao Pavilion. The master of Double Knife Embroidery Dongchunlei. The face is peerless, and the rouge list ranks it as the first in the world. Bringing Wang Sheng into Beimang, vowing to become the number one in the world. Rescued Xu Fengnian on the battlefield of Lu Mang, and resorted to Shiba Shun, but no longer had the mood to resort to Jiu Shun throughout his life, and finally became Xu Fengnian's wife.

Ding Xiaoying as Wu Tongyuan

Wu Tongyuan maidservant, one of the four great masters of the past, the daughter of the Qiangwang Embroidery, she has a strange personality and a natural cold face. C of the four dead men trained by Xu Xiao is respectful and close to Xu Fengnian, but does not follow blindly. One of Xu Fengnian's confidantes.

Zhang Ruoyun as Xu Fengnian

Li Gengxi as Jiang Ni

Hu Jun as Xu Xiao

Gao Weiguang as Chen Zhibao

Zhang Tianai as Nangong Shushe

Ding Xiaoying as Blue Bird

Liu Duanduan as Zhao Kai

Liu Tianzuo as Chu Lushan

Yang Haoyu as Huang Zhentu

Zhang Tianyang as Lu Qiantang

Shen Baoping as Wang Chonglou

Gao Taiyu as Ning Emei

Jia Ze as Yu Youwei

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