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The Sweetest Secret (你是我最甜蜜的心事) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

The Sweetest Secret (你是我最甜蜜的心事) is Chinese Drama co-starred by actors such as, Liao Huijia, Xu Yiwei, Chang Yiyunyan and others. 

The Sweetest Secret tells that Tang Weiwei intends to continue her postgraduate exam, but is severely prevented by her family and requires Tang Weiwei to marry before the age of 28. Tang slightly got mental illness and faced countless trials and challenges. Her heart was distressed and anxious, as if she was an enemy of the world. Lin Ran stood up at this moment, illuminating Tang Weiwei's world. 

The Chinese drama The Sweetest Secret (你是我最甜蜜的心事) is rumored to have a story that relates to a woman who is older than the male lead. To make many anticipate this interesting drama. In the posters that have been distributed, the players can be seen having fun posing with various bright color backgrounds. Of course the posters are in accordance with the genre of the drama that will be presented.

The latest Chinese drama titled The Sweetest Secret (你是我最甜蜜的心事) has just released its first trailer. The video trailer was uploaded directly by iQIYI as the production party through its Weibo account. The upload of the premiere trailer for The Sweetest Secret drama turned out to be at the same time announcing the broadcast date of the series.

The Sweetest Secret (你是我最甜蜜的心事) is scheduled to premiere on December 15, 2021 via the online streaming platform iQIYI. The drama The Sweetest Secret is rumored to have a jiejie – didi story or a relationship between a woman who is older than the main male character, so many are anticipating a drama with this type of interesting plot.

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Detail of The Sweetest Secret 

Chinese Title: 你是我最甜蜜的心事 (You are my sweetest thing)

English Title: The Sweetest Secret 

Genre: heart, love, and youth generation

Production company: Hebei Huanuo Film Co., Ltd. 

Production area: Mainland China

Filming location: Shishi City, Fujian Province 

Premiere date: December 15, 2021 

Director: Xie Yihang 

Screenplay: Liu Siran 

Starring: Cai Zhuoyi , Zhou Yiran, Xu Kaixin, Liao Huijia, Xu Yimei 

Number of Episode: 24 episodes

Length of Each episode: 40 minutes

Plot Story of The Sweetest Secret

The drama The Sweetest Secret tells the story of a 27-year-old graduate student majoring in Psychology named Tang Wei Wei (Joey Chua). Tang Wei Wei, who couldn't achieve her goals because of the opposition from her family. Her father's wish was to marry her off before Tang Wei Wei was 28 years old.

Facing pressure from his father and deferred academic dreams, he eventually becomes depressed and refuses because of the marriage. Tang Wei Wei finally made the decision to open a dessert shop. At this time, Lin Ran (Zhou Yiran) who is 5 years younger than him appears and colors his world. Lin Ran is said to have managed to provide warmth to Tang Wei Wei during her difficult time.

This highly awaited romance drama will certainly be a sweet spectacle for Chinese drama lovers. Besides Zhou Yiran and Joey Chua, the drama The Sweetest Secret also stars actor Xu Kai Xin and actress Liao Hui Jia. The interesting fact is that Zhou Yiran is an actor who was born on November 22, 2000, which means that he is currently 21 years old. Then his co-star, Joey Chua, is an actress born April 8, 1994 who is currently 27 years old. This shows that the roles of the two are like in real life when viewed from their original age gap.

5th Episode Summary of The Sweetest Secret 

Episode 1

Tang Wei went out on a blind date and unexpectedly received an April Fool's confession from Zhuma's younger brother Lin Ran. Lin Ran, who couldn't eat sugar, was blocked by illness, but the next day, he bumped into his sister on a blind date. Afterwards, Lin Ran set up a date, but Tang Weiwei got pigeons at a class reunion, so Lin Ran chased after him. Seeing that he was being ridiculed, he swore his sovereignty with a kiss!

Episode 2

When Tang Weiwei and Lin Ran returned home, they met Dong Zhe's mother and son making trouble at Tang's house. The drunk Tang Weiwei responded domineeringly, and even fed Lin Ran candy and sent Lin Ran to the hospital to scare them off. The next day, because Tang Weiwei stole the graduation certificate, Tang Weiwei submitted the application materials late and missed the doctoral registration.

Episode 3

Dong Zhe came to Tang's house with a betrothal gift, and was picky about Tang Wei, and Lin Ran couldn't bear to do anything to Dong Zhe. Tang Weiwei made a clear attitude to Dong Zhe's mother and son, and would not contact her in the future. Lin Ran and Tang Weiwei agreed to help her get her graduation certificate back, but they failed repeatedly, and finally released a big move to Tang's father - he was Tang Weiwei's boyfriend, and Tang Weiwei was pregnant!

Episode 4

Lin Ran lied that Tang Weiwei was pregnant, and cheated to get her diploma. At the same time, Li Xiang invites Wei Wei to attend the banquet, but encounters an accident and is rescued by Jin Zichuan for the second time. Tang Wei thanked Jin Zichuan, and met Lin Ran and Ji Han.

Episode 5

Lin Ran chasing Tang Wei came to Li's homesickness and guarded him overnight, but heard that the other party didn't like him. The next day, Jin Zichuan introduced Tang Weiwei as a Ph.D. advisor to solve the exam crisis, but Li Xiang was ravaged by the new editor-in-chief, and he caught Tang Weiwei to get drunk! When there was an accident in the two-person bar, Lin Ran and Jin Zichuan appeared in time and joined forces to rescue them.

Cast of The Sweetest Secret

Cai Zhuoyi as Tang Weiwei

Zhou Yiran as Lin Ran

Xu Yiyi as Li Xiang

Xu Kaixin as Jin Zichuan

Liao Huijia as Ji Han

Chang Yi Yunyan as Dong Zhe

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