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Win The Future (输赢) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

At the end of the year, competition in the TV drama market was too fierce. Before Zhou Xun and Huang Lei's "Xiaomin's Home" had passed, Zhang Ruoyun's "Sword Snow Stride (雪中悍刀行)" was launched, and CCTV also released large-scale TV series such as "The Opponent". Among the many works, yet another big-produced drama came online in a low-key manner.

Win The Future (输赢) is a modern urban Chinese drama with a business war theme, which deeply reveals how the sales elite overcomes the difficulties in the workplace. In recent years, there are a lot of works of the same type, but most of the reputations are very general. The same is true for this show. The ratings for the first broadcast of Double Satellite TV did not break 1, and the reputation began to collapse within two days of going online. too much.

The character Zhou Rui in the series Win The Future (输赢) is played by Chen Kun. Chen Kun is a very powerful actor in the entertainment industry. His Yuhuatian in "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate" is still a classic on the screen. Now even if he is over 40, he is still named the first beautiful man in ancient costume by netizens. It is said that Sword Snow Stride once wanted to invite him to star in the hero Xu Fengnian, but finally changed to Zhang Ruoyun because of schedule issues.

Win The Future (输赢) is a workplace emotional drama directed by Zhang Li and starring Chen Kun and Xin Zhilei [1]. The play was broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV on December 21, 2021, and simultaneously broadcast on Tencent Video, iQiyi, and Youku Video. The series is based on Fu Yao’s novel of the same name. It tells that in the new era of Internet of Everything, the two camps "Nan Zhou Rui and Bei Luo Jia" meet on a narrow road in the sea of ​​commerce. The technical man, one is the sales queen who is cold and hot inside. In the business confrontation, the two change from rivals to lovers, from lovers to comrades in arms, and finally realize the story of their ideals together.

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Detail of Win The Future (输赢)

Chinese Title: 输赢 (Win Or Lose)

English Title: Win The Future 

Genre: workplace, emotional 

Production Company: Zhejiang Film and Television (Group) Co., Ltd. 

Filming location: Jiangsu Wuxi, Inner Mongolia 

Premiere time: December 21, 2021 

Director: Zhang Li 

Starring: Chen Kun, Xin Zhilei, Zhu Yan Manzi, Bao Wen Jing, Su Xiaotong, Zhang Youhao.

Number of Episodes: 40 episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Platforms: Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku video premiere platforms Zhejiang Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV

Plot Story of Win The Future (输赢)

In the new era of Internet of Everything, technology sales Zhou Rui (Chen Kun), known as "South Zhou Rui, North Luo Jia", and Luo Jia (Xin Zhilei), the sales queen of Zodiac, are competing in the market. Meet on a narrow road, feel the complicated identity change of opponent and lover, and experience the anxious urban emotional entanglement. Young people who struggle unremittingly use rational and emotional contradictions to torture the true meaning of "loss and loss again" in workplace life, and use the spirit of altruism and win-win to release their ideal light in the battle between business and sea. 

5th Episode Summary of Win The Future (输赢)

Episode 1

Jieke East China Branch took another order, but it was a drop in the bucket for the shaky Jieke Company. At the signing ceremony, Zhou Rui, known as a wizard in the sales world, fired Wang Yinan, the person in charge of the order, in public. Since Wang Yinan's excessive commitment to customers is a major taboo in the industry, Zhou Rui signed the order in consideration of the overall situation, but the violations of his opponents will never be tolerated. That night, Chen Mingkai, CEO of Jieke and Zhou Rui's master, visited Hangzhou late at night and ordered Zhou Rui to go to the headquarters of Jieke in Beijing immediately. 

It turned out that Jieke was in danger of being acquired by Wellcome, and Chen Mingkai was also under heavy performance pressure. Zhou Rui was in danger of protecting the company and master, and his first order to enter the North China market was O&T. Bidding for group logistics system. Wellcome occupies half of the North China market and is Jieke's biggest competitor. Luo Jia is the sales director of Wellcome and the most powerful "female killer" in the industry. Under the prestige, she worked harder to make every single order. Luo Jia did not expect that Zhou Rui's arrival would soon break her comfort zone.

Episode 2

On the day of the bid opening, to everyone's surprise, Zhou Rui burned his company's plan in front of the customer and the manufacturer, pointing directly to the problem of the bid base itself, which made Du Heng, who had been avoiding sight, proactively come out to meet him. Luo Jia was silent. She knew that her opponent would be Zhou Rui in her life from now on. Lin Zhenwei, CEO of Wellcome and the "net celebrity" of Internet companies, appreciated Luo Jia and held a birthday party for Luo Jia in the company. Lin Zhenwei and Luo Jia revealed that Wellcome will acquire Jieke. At this time, Wang Yinan appeared with a gift, and Luo Jia avoided seeing it.

Episode 3

Zhou Rui continued to conduct the next round of technical and price analysis. The sales team did not cooperate, leaving Zhou Rui to fight alone. Only Fang Wei silently supported Zhou Rui. Chen Mingkai is also working hard for the O&T project. In order to ensure that Zhou Rui won the order, Chen Mingkai took the initiative to meet with Du Heng, a generation younger than him. What Zhou Rui did not expect was that Yang Lu, an old man in Hangzhou, had quietly come to Beijing to help Zhou Rui. Zhou Rui always wanted to apologize to Luo Jia for his lock-up behavior. He invited Luo Jia to Sister Wei's bar. The two talked not speculatively, and broke up unhappy. The external troubles were not eliminated, and Zhou Rui’s internal worries rose again. Wei Yan, the sales director of North China Headquarters, came back from vacation. Wei Yan was deeply involved in North China. He made a promise in the company. On the surface, he generously gave up the O&T project to Zhou Rui. .

Episode 4

Luo Jia, who was forced to kill the red eye by Zhou Rui, offered an unprecedented price at the expense of profit, and Zhou Rui lost the order. Luo Jia was also collectively condemned by the company because his quotation broke the bottom line. After the failure of the O&T project, Zhou Rui was once again embarrassed. The company held a meeting to re-divide the sales area and jurisdiction. Wei Yan, who returned to the company, had to take the initiative to raise Zhou Rui's performance indicators for the next quarter in order to give Zhou Rui a stumbling block. 

After a false alarm, Ye Chaodong, the backbone of the Beijing sales department and the celebrity next to Wei Yan, handed over Fast's future projects to Zhou Rui. While dealing with Fast, Zhou Rui still did not give up on O&T. He took Fang Wei to visit Du Heng late at night and listed the technical problems that O&T might face in the future. Du Heng unexpectedly turned Zhou Rui’s answer sheet into The questionnaire tested the Wellcome team. Luo Jia saw that it was Zhou Rui's ghost at a glance, and he also guessed Du Heng's intentions. The O&T project Wellcome will be forced to share with Jieke.

Cast of Win The Future (输赢)

Chen Kun as Zhou Rui

Xin Zhilei as Luo Jia

Wang Xueqi as Chen Mingkai

Zhang Zijian as Lin Zhenwei

Liu Weiwei as Sister Wei

Lu Zhong as Shen Jiazhen

Wang Qingxiang as Liu Feng

Guo Guangping as Cui Guorui

Zhang Youhao as Fang Wei

Lu Fangsheng as Du Heng

Bao Wenjing as Xiao Yun

Luan Yuanhui as Wei Yan

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