Yabani (Wild) Episode 2: Yaman Is Distraught When He Escapes From The Soysalans' Mansion

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"Yabani (Wild)" which is eagerly awaited by series fans, meets the audience on Tuesday evening at 20.00 on FOX. The main character of the series, Yaman Ali, said, "Who are you protecting from whom? Are we from the streets, or are the streets from us?"

Ali was kidnapped from his family when he was only four years old, fell into the streets, and returned home as Yaman exactly seventeen years later. "Wild" will bring Yaman Ali's struggle to find himself and his family to the screen. In the series, which you can watch the episode on Tuesday, September 19, it is a matter of curiosity what kind of life Yaman lives on the streets, whether he will find his family and what kind of a Yaman he will return to them.

In the thrilling 2nd episode of Yabani, Yaman Ali's great disappointment by the person he thought was his father was the scene of a scene that would also affect the audience. Yaman Ali plans to take a DNA test in hopes of finding his family, but he runs into obstacles. When family members, and especially the person he thinks of as his father, prevent him from taking the test, it damages the hopes in Yaman.

After all that has happened, the person he thinks is his father turns to Yaman and refuses, saying, "You can't even be the dog at my door, let alone be my son." These words destroy the longing for family and the need to belong that Yaman has been nurturing for years. While such dramatic moments are experienced in the very first episodes of the series, it is a matter of great curiosity how Yaman will follow this difficult process, whether he will find his family and most importantly, how he will reinvent himself.

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Yabani (Wild) 2nd Episode Summary

Yaman is distraught when he escapes from the Soysalans' mansion. The prospect of Alaz being his brother and, most painfully, the possibility that he was the mother of the woman he accidentally stabbed has left him devastated. Maybe he has found his family, but he no longer has the face to knock on the door of that house he sneaked into through his window.

The police and the Soysals are looking for him everywhere. However, Yaman is determined to learn the truth before surrendering to the police. Although he has no evidence other than the half-torn childhood photograph he has been carrying with him since he knew himself... When he confronts Neslihan with the help of Rüya, things do not go as he imagined... Now, even if the truth is revealed, very deep wounds have been opened that will not be closed...

This emotionally charged story with high blood pressure continues to intrigue viewers. These tragic moments Yaman went through and his relationship with his family will be closely followed by the viewers. Don't forget to follow the FOX channel for exciting new episodes of Yabani! This fast-paced and emotionally charged story promises to give viewers an unforgettable experience. Don't miss Yabani (Wild) series, which airs Tuesday, September 19 on FOX!

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