Yabani (Wild) Episode 1: Since childhood, Yaman Has Lived Independently

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Yabani (Wild), which will start its screen journey on Tuesday, September 12, attracting attention with its story and strong cast, is about the journey of a life that starts with a life struggle on the street after being kidnapped from a well-established family and ends up in a mansion. Well, is there a link to watch FOX TV Yabani episode 1 live? 

Yabani, which tells the story of a child who was kidnapped from a well-established family and fell onto the streets, and his struggle to re-create himself when he returns home years later, became a subject of curiosity for the audience. Watch Yabani episode trailer! 

While the leading roles in Yabani series are includes successful names such as Halit Özgür Sarı, Simay Barlas, Yurdaer Okur, Dolunay Soysert, Bertan Asllani and Şebnem Hassanisoughi Bilgiç, Osman Alkaş, Ayşegül Ünsal, Sezer Arıçay, Birgül Ulusoy, Rojbin Erden, Seray Özkan, Selim Can Yalçın, Ramiz Mullamusa, Güray Görkem, Bartu Dilmen, Aleyna Al, Aşkın Şenol also take part.

yabani episode 1
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Yabani 1st Episode Summary: Yaman, who has been struggling to survive on the streets since he knew himself, was a child. He has started a family with Brave, Rebel and Umut, with whom they cross paths. Why and how to take to the street. Unaware that they had fallen, these four young people left their childhood traumas behind and told each other. They have chosen to hold on. They are happy despite the difficult life conditions they live in. Their only concern is the cure for Umut. Advertised as the "Miracle Doctor" so that Umut could walk. They pinned their hopes on a foreign doctor. 

However, this doctor comes to Turkey once a year and only sees a limited number of patients that day. And the examination fee of these children is a sum that they have not seen together in their lives. At the end of a routine day out collecting papers, Yaman meets Rüya and Alaz and finds himself on a strange journey. He has no idea that his little adventure to help these two spoiled teenagers will take him back to his lost childhood... Yabani (Wild) premieres Tuesday, September 12 at 8:00 p.m.!

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