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Episode 3 Safir (Sapphire): Yaman Is Ready To Destroy Everything

Safir (Sapphire) 3rd new episode trailer released: Ferayen's decision to marry shook the mansion Here's what to expect in the new episode 3 of Safir...

Sapphire series new episode trailer has been released. Immediately after the second part of the Safir series, which came to the screens on Monday, September 11, the 3rd episode trailer met with the audience. In the last episode of the series, Yaman got married in a hurry in the face of Cemile's threats. After all this, in the new episode trailer of the series, Feraye's decision to get married had a great repercussion in the mansion. So, what's going to happen in the new chapter? 

Starring İlhan Şen, Özge Yağız and Burak Berkay Akgül, Safir's 3rd new episode trailer has come to the screens.  In the end episode of the series, which was written by Burcu Över and directed by Semih Bağcı, the unexpected development that took place while Vural was looking for his son caused a stir. Feraye's marriage decision in the new episode, who learned that she was going to have a baby, attracted attention. Here's Safir 3rd episode trailer and episode synopsis.

Safir Plot Story: Gülsoylar, one of the prominent families of Cappadocia, comes together with the return of their eldest son Ateş from America. Ateş, who lost his father in a traffic accident at a young age, did not bow to the overwhelming authority of his grandfather Ömer and left home, and after many years, at the request of his mother Gülfem, he returned to his home with his brothers Yaman and Okan to take over and grow the family companies from his grandfather. It is time for Ateş, Yaman and Okan to unite.

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With the return of his brother, Yaman decides to propose to his lover Feraye. Feraye lost her mother at a young age; She is a hopeful young and beautiful university senior who lives with her father Muhsin, brother Çetin, sister-in-law Nesrin, nephew Eren, stepmother Cemile and her daughter Aleyna. His father, Muhsin, has been working for the Gülsoys for many years. He and Yaman are experiencing their first love, hidden from everyone since childhood. 

Safir (Sapphire) 3rd Episode Summary:

When Yaman was a young child, he secretly took the family heirloom Safir ring from his mother Gülfem and proposed to Feraye. While Feraye and Yaman are risking everything to confess their great love and count down the days to get married, a tragedy disrupts all balances. On Feraye's birthday night, the disaster that befalls Yaman with his brother Okan turns into a predicament full of dangers and turns everyone's lives upside down. Feraye and Yaman are left to get lost on dangerous paths full of tests of love, ambition, passion, revenge and tyranny. Ateş, on the other hand, will both win new enemies and confront his brothers with the radical decisions he takes to protect everyone he loves and his family...

Feraye, who has learned that she is going to have a baby, is now in a much more difficult situation. She doesn't want anyone to know about the baby. Will the fire keep Feraye's great secret? Yaman, on the other hand, marries Aleyna in the face of Cemile's threats. The Gülsoy family is shocked by this sudden marriage. On the other hand, Vural's unexpected development while searching for his son will cause a mess. Safir 'A Love Story That Remains Hidden' stars İlhan Şen, Özge Yağız and Burak Berkay Akgül. With its impressive story and strong cast, Safir 'A Hidden Love Story' tells the story of the Gülsoy family's disappearance on dangerous roads filled with overnight changing tests of ambition, passion, revenge and bullying.

Yaman is ready to destroy everything. Yaman, who thinks that Ateş and Feraye will get married, is ready to destroy everything. Meanwhile, Feraye tries to find other ways out of Cappadocia while Cemile helps her for her own benefit. Muhsin's approval is obtained, Feraye will go to Istanbul. But nothing goes as planned. Gulfem sets out to get Aleyna on his side and shoot Cemile with his own gun. Aleyna, who cannot get close to Yaman, is confused about what to do. When Vural rolls up his sleeves to avenge his son Bora, the shocking development that occurs will lead to an unexpected situation for everyone. Sapphire airs every Monday at 20.00 on ATV.

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