Romance of A Twin Flower (春闺梦里人) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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A Historical Chinese Drama Romance of A Twin Flower (春闺梦里人) Starts Airing March 21, 2023, Check Out the Synopsis and Cast List.

Starring popular actor Ding Yuxi, the drama having a romantic genre, Romance of a Twin Flower is one of the most awaited Chinese dramas by fans. Romance of a Twin Flower has a synopsis which tells the story of a genius girl who has a unique personality and a young master who has a cold and arrogant personality.

Romance Of A Twin Flower is a serial adaptation of the novel of the same name by author Bai Lu Cheng Shuang. The romance story of Ji Man and Ning Yu Xuan can be watched via the WeTV streaming service. One more Chinese drama that is ready to appear on the screen to treat the longing of its lovers. Romance Of A Twin Flower is confirmed to air on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, by presenting a number of top stars.

Handsome actor Ding Yu Xi will compete acting with sweet actress Peng Xiao Ran as the main character. As the title suggests, this historical historical drama is a romance genre with a bit of comedy. Through its official Weibo account, the film's production team uploaded a poster with a picture of Ding Yu Xi and Peng Xiao Ran with the words "airing on March 21, 2023".

Romance of A Twin Flower cast
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Synopsis of Romance of A Twin Flower

The series has about 38 episodes that are 45 minutes each. Directed by Xie Ze, this drama tells about Ji Man, played by Peng Xiao Ran, a unique genius girl. While on his way to the capital, Ji Man is a genius girl with a unique personality who gets into an accident and has to lose her memory. Suddenly mysteriously, she had to replace her twin sister, Nie Sang Yu, and become the wife of Ning Yu Xuan (played by Ding Yu Xi).

While living in the Hou residence, Ji Man had to endure cruel treatment from Ning Yu Xuan which often endangered her life In various ways, Ji Man decided to escape with his own ability. Unfortunately, Ning Yu Xuan had to accept the fate of being imprisoned and sent to Hai Fang, Ji Man's hometown Blessed with genius and a keen business sense, Ji Man was finally able to resolve many crises and thus be able to melt Ning Yu Xuan's heart But apparently, the romance between the two had to face obstacles when Ji Man's true identity was exposed. What's the next story? Can the two get back together?

Cast of Romance of A Twin Flower

Ding Yu Xi play as Ning Yu Xuan

Peng Xiao Ran play as Ji Man/Nie Sang Yu

He Chang Xi play as Gui Bai

Ma Ke play as Ling Jian Xing

Yi Da Qian play as Yuan Lang

Jia Nai play as Wen Wan

Han Shuai play as Zhao Hu

Luo Qiuyun play as Shui Niang Zi

Wang Zirui play as Tao Si Wei

Dong Yan play as Nie Qing Yun

Fu Jia play as Qin Yi Xian

Aliya play as Qian Lian Xue

Miao Yu play as Qian Bing Yan

Cheng Jin Ming play as Mu Xu

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