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Hello Beautiful Life (心想事成) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Hello Beautiful Life (心想事成)  will be released on March 9, 2023 on iQiyi with total episodes is 38th episode. The drama is about the story of fellow sisters who have their own problems. The Chinese drama Hello Beautiful Life carries the family, romance and friendship genres. Check out the synopsis of the latest Chinese drama about the story of a fellow sister and her problems.

Hello Beautiful Life will air on every Monday to Sunday on CCTV and iQiyi starting March 9, 2023 about the stories of fellow sisters and their problems as well as the stories of sisters finding love, along with a synopsis and cast of the latest Chinese drama.

"Hello Beautiful Life" is a key support project of the Beijing Radio and Television Bureau. The work is set in contemporary Beijing. It tells the story of Sun Xin and Sun Xiang, two sisters with very different personalities. On March 7, the TV series "Xinxiangshicheng" released the theme song "Xinxiang" sung by Mao Xiaotong. The play is starring Mao Xiaotong, Zhang Li, Li Zefeng, special starring Wang Ziyi, and friendly starring Zhang Kaili and Sun Song. It will be broadcast on CCTV-8's prime time from March 9. 

Hello Beautiful Life synopsis
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Detail of Hello Beautiful Life

Chinese Title: 心想事成 (All wishes come true)

English Title: Hello Beautiful Life

Genre: City, Emotional 

Production company: Beijing Youth Hello Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Filming Location: Beijing 

Premiere time: March 9, 2023 

Director Screenwriter: Liu Yizhi Su Peng 

Producer: Liang Zhenhua

Plot Story of Hello Beautiful Life

Sun Xin and Sun Xiang, one dares to fight and break through, the other is as warm as water, and the elder sister Sun Xin is beautiful and generous, pursuing freedom and daring to fight hard. The younger sister, Sun Xiang, is pure and kind, and loves to talk and laugh. The very different personalities make the two sisters walk out of completely different life trajectories. The older sister is flourishing in an Internet company, and her life is full of ups and downs. The younger sister discovers her own strengths and becomes a food blogger. Her life is plain and delicious. In the eight years from 2012 to 2020, their lives have been getting better and better. 

Although they have experienced a lot, they are always full of confidence in the future. Life is full of flavors, peace and happiness, and down-to-earth struggle are the basic tastes. A family is the smallest country, and a country is tens of thousands of families. It is precisely because there are thousands of ordinary people like the Sun sisters who are diligent, kind, and unremittingly pursuing their dreams that the society is full of vitality and prosperity, and the "moderately prosperous society" has become a living reality around the Chinese people .

Character Cast of Hello Beautiful Life

Mao Xiaotong as Sun Xiang

The chick who grew up in Beijing Hutong is kind and cheerful. Food is the only hobby. I have no long-term plans for the future, focus on the present, and pursue a simple and happy life.

Zhang Li as Sun Xin

Be pragmatic, be strong, and have romanticism at heart. Cold on the outside and hot on the inside, she plays the role of the patriarch at home, protecting her sister and the family. Because of physical defects, Sun Xin is very sensible, and always wants to fight for the first place to prove that he is better than others.

Wang Ziyi as Yu Fei

Sunshine in heart, full of sense of justice, a bit straight, impulsive and full of idealism.

Li Zefeng as Chu Xiaoyu

An authentic Beijing young man, he has a good face, no ambitions, and he is in love with Sun Xin's childhood sweetheart, who is Sun Xin's first love.

Sun Song as Sun Jian

On the surface, he is idle, but in fact he is the backbone behind it. He is humorous, has an open attitude towards his children, and pursues small happiness.

Kaili Zhang as Li Huilan

Smart and capable, thoughtful work. Take care of the big and small things at home, and think carefully. He and Sun Jian are happy friends who guard Xiaojia together.

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