Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou (曾少年之小时候) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou (曾少年之小时候) is the friendship story of three teenagers living in the same neighborhood is featured in the latest drama series 'Ceng Shao Nian Zhi Xiao Shi Hou' which started airing on Monday, February 27, 2023. This web drama with 25 episodes can be watched. online through live streaming video platforms iQIYI and Tencent Video (WeTV).

The drama series Ceng Shao Nian Zhi Xiao Shi Hou is based on the novel of the same name by Jiu Ye Hui which tells the story of three families living happily side by side in Beijing. The drama series known in the Chinese translation as 'When I was a Boy' presents a nostalgic atmosphere of the life of the neighbors in the 'hutong' aka narrow alleys.

As the basic element of a couple's relationship, friendship and family, love is beautifully depicted in the latest Chinese drama series, 'Green Plum', which is scheduled to air on. Zhang Zi Mu, Zhang Kai Tai, and Guo Zi Fan are lined up as the main players. Each plays the roles of Xie Qiao, Qin Chuan, and He Xiao Zhou who grow up together in a close friendship despite having different backgrounds.

Detail of Ceng Shao Nian Zhi Xiao Shi Hou

Chinese Title: 曾少年之小时候 (When i was young)

Roman Title: Ceng Shao Nian Zhi Xiao Shi Hou

Genre: Youth, Romance, family, friendship

Filming Location: Beijing Huairou

Producer: Yang Pei

Director: Wang Lei, Liu Chang

Writer: Jiu Ye Hui

Number of Episode: 25 Episode

Release Date: February, 27, 2023

Showtime: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Original Network: iQIYI, Tencent Video (WeTV)

Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou synopsis
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Plot Story of Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou

Three teenagers with their families live in a neighborhood in Beijing. Despite their different backgrounds, they live peacefully and happily as neighbors. Adapted from the popular comic, the drama series 'Taste of Love' is scheduled to air from Wednesday, March 1, 2023. This comedy-romance drama can be watched online... Xie Qiao (Zhang Zi Mu) grew up in a family with a strong educational atmosphere. Known as a good girl, Xie Qiao has always had the support of her family in education. But suddenly, the second-grader turned into a rebel and did not want to follow the future plans that his parents had prepared.

Meanwhile, Qin Chuan (Zhang Kai Tai) grew up in a happy family and has a soft heart. Although known as a young man who always dares to voice his thoughts, Qin Chuan becomes a coward when talking about the people he loves. He missed many opportunities to express his love to Xie Qiao because he didn't want to ruin their friendship. Moreover, it turns out that Xie Qiao has fallen in love with He Xiao Zhou (Guo Zi Fan), their best friend who is often talked about by parents. Growing up in a very democratic family environment, He Xiao Zhou became a trustworthy young man. He can help Xie Qiao in studies, Qin Chuan in competitions, and take care of Qin Xi (He Nan). It's just that He Xiao Zhou never realized Xie Qiao's love for him.

Trailer Promotion of Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou

Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou Episode Synopsis

A courtyard house, three teenagers, and three groups of families tell the story of Xie Qiao, Qin Chuan, and He Xiaozhou growing up together in junior high school. Play a symphony of teenagers with the symbols of exclusive youth such as friendship, study pressure, passionate competition, sincere friendship, youth rebellion, and family conflicts.

Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou Episode 1

In 2021, editor-in-chief Xie Qiao issued an ultimatum to the author of the draft, Lu Qianran. Lu Qianran expressed that she needed to know the details of the Tiananmen Square performance on the night of Hong Kong's handover, and hoped that Xie Qiao, who was a witness, could help recall. Xie Qiao dug out a videotape that said "Jojo's Most Glorious Moment". The video tape recorded the scene of a group of young boys and girls dancing in front of Tiananmen Square on the night of Hong Kong's handover. Xie Qiao couldn't help laughing, and a memory about the times slowly unfolded.

Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou Episode 2

Qin Chuan deliberately accosted Xie Qiao and said that the weasel is a great fairy, but Xie Qiao was disdainful on the surface but secretly fed the weasel in order to successfully participate in the performance. Qin Chuan and He Xiaozhou analyzed the reason for Xie Qiao's anger, but they couldn't figure it out. Qin Chuan wanted to please Xie Qiao with a piece of fruit eraser, but he didn't expect that the eraser was lost by Xie Qiao, and Xie Qiao became even more angry. Qin's father, who was in business, came back from Guangdong and showed all kinds of fashionable products to everyone. Qin Chuan received a new mountain bike as he wished.

Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou Episode 3

Xie Qiao's secret was not discovered by anyone, but Qin Chuan was educated for not coming home at night. The weasel was released by Papa Xie, and everyone's life returned to normal. In 2021, Xie Qiao's father picked up another sick pigeon. Xie Qiao told the pigeon's illness and treatment method, which surprised Xie Qiao's father. Xie Qiao couldn't help but think of the mysterious boy who raised pigeons back then——Xin Yuan. In 1997, when Xin Yuan's family first moved here, they were gloomy and silent, acting suspiciously, which aroused the fear and speculation of everyone in the alley.

Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou Episode 4

Qin Chuan asked Xie Qiao and He Xiaozhou to change the contract with Li Qiang, and told them to protect themselves. Sure enough, when Li Qiang saw He Xiaozhou's gentle manner, he wanted to bully He Xiaozhou to give Qin Chuan his power. Qin Qian who happened to pass by frightened Li Qiang, and Li Qiang had to agree to change the contract. Afterwards, Xin Yuan approached Xie Qiao and the others, telling everyone not to do anything for themselves—because of his own unfortunate experience, Xin Yuan firmly believed that he was the white tiger star that others said was the one that beat people. Xie Qiao was unable to unravel Xin Yuan. At this time, Xie’s father’s poems appeared in the middle of the newspaper. He proudly told Xie Qiao that literature is a kind of expression. Xie Qiao was thoughtful, and then visited Xin Yuan at night with Qin Chuan again. a letter.

Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou Episode 5

Xie Qiao was full of curiosity about the vague and incomplete information on the note. In 2021, Xie Qiao saw several students carrying old desks at the gate of Yanjing No. 4 Middle School. Xie Qiao stepped forward to help and found the words "Blockbuster-XQ" on a desk, and Xie Qiao fell into memory again. In 1998, when Xie Qiao Qinchuan was preparing for the high school entrance examination, the atmosphere of Xie's family was so serious that even the TV was not allowed to be turned on, while Qin's family had no expectations because of Qin Chuan's poor grades. After Grandma Xie explained the importance of the high school entrance examination to Grandma Qin, Grandma Qin became very worried and had nightmares, so she quickly followed the pace of Xie's family and ordered Qin Chuan to study hard.

Cast of Ceng Shao Nian Shi Xiao Shi Hou

Zhang Zimu as Xie Qiao

Zhang Kaitai as Qin Chuan

Wang Anze as Zhang Wei

Guan Xiaotong as adult Xie Qiao

Zhang Yishan as adult Qin Chuan

Ye Xiaowei as adult He Xiaozhou

Wu Jifeng as Sun Tai

Hai Yitian as Qin Jianjun

Wang Xiaomu as Xie Fenghe

Zhao Ziqi as Qiao Li

Guo Zifan as He Xiaozhou

Crane Man as Qin Qian

Fan Shiran as Liu Wenwen

Mao Le as Xie Zirun

Lina Chen as Yao Weihong

Guo Xiaofeng as He Chengyong

Qi Huan as He Xiaoling

Li Wenling as Grandma Xie

Sun Guitian as Grandma Qin

Ma Wenbo as Grandpa Xin

Kang Qixuan as Dalong

Zhang Chen as Li Qiang

Li Qige as Xin Yuan

Liu Chenxi as Lu Qianran

Xu Shaoying as Tan Hui

Du Zhiguo as General Grandpa

Li Kunmian as Miss Wu

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