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Wenderella's Diary (温德瑞拉日记) Plot Story And Profile: Chinese Drama

Here is the plot story of Wenderella's Diary (温德瑞拉日记). Who are in the casts? When will the drama be aired? 

Wenderella's Diary is an urban emotional drama directed by Shen Wenshuai, starring Yu Mengyu and Song Yanfei, starring Liu Jia, Fan Zhixin, Wang Qianguo, Sun Yijie, Yang Yutong, Yang Zhiying, etc. The drama will be broadcast on Youku Video on February 13, 2023.

Wenderella's Diary will start airing on 13th Feb'23. The drama stars Song Yanfei as Wen Rou, Yu Menglong as Dan Liang, Fan Zhixin as Su Ziguang and Liu Jia as Zou Jing. Wenderella's Diary tells the lingering and ups and downs love story between Shan Liang, the founder of a well-known dating software, and Wen Yu, a designer of high-heeled shoes. 

Wenderella's Diary synopsis
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Detail of Chinese Drama Wenderella's Diary

Chinese Title: 温德瑞拉日记 (Wenderella's Diary)

English Title: Wenderella's Diary

Genre:  City, Love 

Production Company: Youku, Lajiao Media

Premiere: February 13, 2023 

Director: Shen Wenshuai 

Screenwriter: Nanzhen 

Producer: He Xiaoting 

Starring: Yu Mengyu, Song Yan 

Number of episodes: 24 Episode,

Length of each episode is 45 minutes

Online broadcast platform: Youku video

Plot Story of Wenderella's Diary

Shan Liang (Yu Mengyu), the founder of a well-known dating app, and Wen Yi (played by Song Yanfei), a high-heeled shoe designer, are in the eyes of everyone a prince and princess who are both talented and beautiful. Reluctantly after the marriage, the gentle celebrity set up the car, and Cinderella was beaten back to her original form. Even so, Shan Liang still did not give up on her. In the inseparable marriage, the two decided to be honest with each other and fell in love with each other again

Cast of Wenderella's Diary

Yu Mengyu play as Shan Liang

Marriage social APP "Looking for" CEO, business elite. At work, he is stubborn and difficult to deal with, and can keenly perceive the lies in relationships. In relationships, he is a silly, white and sweet "wife-loving madman".

Song Yanfei play as Wen Hede

Designer high heels. She is exquisite and good-looking, with beautiful curves, pure and desirable, and full of styles. She can step into a man's heart step by step, and the most important thing is that she doesn't grind her feet. He talks about marrying a rich man, but he is working hard to become a rich man.

Liu Jia play as Zou Jing

Looking for the director of operations of the company, self-proclaimed independent strong woman, capable and assertive, sticking to the principle of "make money and spend it yourself", dislike women who rely on men, but obsessed with wanting their husband to give themselves a luxury bag. [5]

Fan Zhixin play as Su Ziguang

Investment company boss, Wen Yu's predecessor. Look at everything from the point of view of investment and return. He considers himself to be a smart, witty, exquisite and handsome "heart arsonist". He looks like a perfect man, but he is actually so ordinary but so confident. [5]

Wang Qianguo play as Xiaomei

Looking for APP interns. A passionate worker who speaks out of righteousness, she is a little girl who pierces through the emperor's new clothes. She has the ability to create embarrassing situations with one sentence, and she is often on the verge of being fired. 

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