Under the Microscope (显微镜下的大明) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Here is the plot story of Chinese Drame Under the Microscope (显微镜下的大明). Who are in the cast?  What about their character? When will the drama be released?

Under the Microscope is a Chinese drama series that will be released in 2023. A historical, mystery and drama genre, This drama starring Zhang Ruo Yun and Qi Wei, it have 15 episodes and the drama can be viewed on iQiyi. 

Under the Microscope is an online drama produced by Dongyang Liubai Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., directed by Pan Anzi, written by Ma Boyong, starring Zhang Ruoyun, Wang Yang, Qi Wei, Wu Gang, Gao Yalin, and Fei Qiming. It will be launched on iQiyi on February 9, 2023.

Under the Microscope is adapted from the "Silk Case" in the six cases of Ma Boyong's historical textbook "Daming Under the Microscope". The silk tax burden, thus opening the road from the county government to the government government and even higher administrative units to bring order out of chaos.

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Under the Microscope tells the story of Shuai Jia Mo. He is obsessed with math. At the same time he encountered historical problems in Jinhua County. He encounters many obstacles in his efforts to correct these mistakes. One of them is triggering tension between various stakeholders.


Detail of Under The Microscope

Chinese Title: 显微镜下的大明 (The Silk Case of Ming Dynasty under the Microscope)

Alias: The Silk Case of Daming under the Microscope 

English Title: Under The Microscope

Starring: Wu Gang, Gao Yalin 

Number of Episode: 14 Episodes

Online broadcast platform: iQIYI

Plot Story of Under the Microscope

Shuai Jiamo, who was born in a military family, is very interested in mathematics. When he was practicing mathematics with the taxes of various counties, he accidentally discovered that the tax revenue of a subject called "Ren Ding Silk" was suspicious. After investigation, Shuai Jiamo knew that someone secretly changed the concept, embezzled flowers and trees, and transferred the original taxes from various counties to one county. 

Shuai Jiamo decided to appeal after learning about the matter, but encountered many difficulties in the appeal process and almost died, and the "Ren Ding Sijuan case" was stranded. After the reform, the old case was brought up again, and the truth was revealed to the world only through the efforts of Shuai Jiamo and all parties.

Casts of Under the Microscope

Zhang Ruo Yun play as Shuai Jia Mo

A genius who has been obsessed with arithmetic since childhood. Shuai Jiamo is not fond of alcohol and wealth, and correcting the mistakes in the account books is his greatest pleasure. As long as he has time, he will find a way to go into the treasury to look through the old accounts over the years, and calculate these mutually causal numbers with enthusiasm, and therefore Discovered a human silk tax error. No matter how many difficulties and obstacles there are, and how many people's interests are affected, if the numbers are wrong, they must be corrected. This is Shuai Jiamo's original intention and perseverance.

Qi Wei play as Feng Bi Yu

A lawyer who is proficient in the law. Cheng Renqing used to be the best scholar in Jin'an Mansion, but because he was replaced by an official's son, he fell into a slump and changed his career to become a lawyer. He is well versed in world affairs, good at judging the situation, and has many methods. He can find the weakness of the opponent from the subtleties and defeat the opponent. During the argument with Shuai Jiamo, he was gradually moved by the other party's innocence. Then he completely changed, and joined forces with Shuai Jiamo to plead for the people and return the common people to equality.

Qi Wei play as Feng Bi Yu

Feng Biyu is shrewd by nature, good at management, has a very keen sense of profit, and is a genius in business. It's a pity that due to her identity as a woman, many things can only be done behind the scenes. Her attitude towards her younger brother Feng Baoyu is very complicated. On the one hand, he hates iron but on the other hand, he is extremely doting, and he wholeheartedly hopes that his younger brother will become famous. So she helped Shuai Jiamo at the beginning, hoping to gain Feng Baoyu's reputation, but when she sensed the danger, Feng Biyu immediately became the most steadfast obstructor.

Wu Gang play as Fan Yuan

Fan Yuan once served as the censor in the center of the imperial court. After he retired, he returned to his hometown in Jin'an. Due to his many disciples, he quickly established a network of rich households and squires, organized a huge community of interests, annexed people's fields, and used various methods to evade taxes. If someone touched his interests , Fan Yuan will deal with it without hesitation.

Gao Ya Lin play as Huang Ning Dao

Huang Ningdao failed in the battle with the court and was sent to Jin'an Mansion as the magistrate. He was ambitious and determined to open up the situation and return to the court by virtue of his political achievements. Therefore, he has always had a superior mentality towards Jin'an Mansion, thinking that this place is just a place to live temporarily. Everything Huang Ningdao does is based on the principle of "whether he can return to the center". If it helps, he will win, and if it doesn't help, he will betray.

Fei Qi Ming play as Feng Bao Yu

Feng Baoyu is a playboy, heir to Feng's ham shop. He is not good at reading, and he doesn't know how to run a business. I have long accepted my fate, and I am happy to play in the world. Feng Baoyu and Shuai Jiamo grew up together as childhood playmates. Feng Baoyu felt a sincerity in the latter that no one else had, so he cherished this friendship very much. Shuai Jiamo proposed the dangerous act of suing the silk tax, but only Feng Baoyu stood beside him without hesitation, and selflessly offered all kinds of help, even if it cost his life.

Hou Yan Song

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