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Pera Palas'ta Gece Yarısı Plot Story And Cast: Netflix Drama

Here are the plot story and actors actresses of Pera Palas'ta Gece Yarısı (Midnight at Pera Palace), Where is Midnight at Pera Palace filmed, is it an adaptation? Where is Pera Palas Hotel?

Details about the Midnight in Pera Palas series, which started its screen adventure on Thursday, March 3 on Netflix, are on the agenda. The series, which took place in the fascinating atmosphere of Istanbul, was liked by the audience, who wanted to take the audience to the years of the War of Independence and have a different experience. So, where is it filmed at Pera Palas? Where is Pera Palas Hotel? Here are the details of the Midnight in Pera Palas series and the cast.

Netflix production attracted attention with the subject of Midnight in Pera Palas. Continuing to put its signature under projects that made a lot of noise in Turkish, Netflix this time presented the project "Midnight at the Pera Palas", starring Hazal Kaya, to moviegoers. "While preparing an article about the historical Pera Palas Hotel, journalist Esra must stop a conspiracy that could change Turkey's destiny." described as. The subject and actors of the series broadcast on Netflix are curious.

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Is Pera Palas'ta Gece Yarısı an Adaption?

Adapted from Charles King's book "Midnight At The Pera Palace" starring Hazal Kaya, Selahattin Paşalı and Tansu Biçer. The series is about a young journalist who was assigned to write an article about the Pera Palace Hotel in 2022, trying to prevent a political conspiracy against Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Casts of Pera Palas'ta Gece Yarısı

Hazal Kaya play as Esra

Yasemin Szawlowski play as Sonia

James Chalmers play as George

Selahattin Paşalı play as Halit

Clare Louise Frost play as Agatha Christie

Jordan J Gallagher play as Lover

Tansu Biçer

Engin Hepileri

Hakan Dinçkol

Ahmet Varlı

Nergis Öztürk

Murat Kılıç

Ergun Metin

Where Ias Pera Palace Hotel?

The story of Pera Palace Hotel began at the end of the 19th century. When Orient Express started its Paris-Istanbul flights in 1888, there was no hotel in Istanbul that could offer the high standards that Orient Express passengers are used to. This gap was filled by the Pera Palace Hotel, whose founding work was started in 1892, and the opening ball was held in 1895. The hotel was located in the Tepebaşı area of Pera, which is known as 'little Europe' due to its cultural and social activities, with a magnificent view of the Golden Horn.

La Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Européens, the owner of Orient Express at that time, established its own operating company in 1896 and took the semi-ownership of the Pera Palace Hotel, designed by Levantine architect Alexandre Vallaury. The hotel had a very bright period until the First World War.

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