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Mr. Cat in the Bungalow (洋房里的猫先生) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Here is the plot story of Chinese Drama Mr. Cat in the Bungalow (洋房里的猫先生). What about the production house? When the drama be aired?

"Mr. Cat in the Bungalow" is directed by Lin Qingzhen, starring Hu Yixuan and Ma Wenyuan, starring Zhang Fan, Shang Xinyue, Jiang Yunlin, He Xinlin, Chen Bige, starring Lin Youwei, and starring Huang Liyou. The series is adapted from Ying Yang's novel of the same name. It tells the heartwarming story of Qi Cheng, a talented cartoonist, and Chi Zhihan, a popular food blogger, who support each other and heal each other in their contractual love.

Mr. Cat In The Bungalow (other titles: Mr. Cat in the Foreign House) is an upcoming Chinese psychological romantic television web series adapted from the novel "Yang Fang Li De Mao Xian Sheng" written by Ying Yang. The drama genre contemporary and urban, Produced by Youku, and Lanque Film and Television. As for filming location in Hangzhou, Directed byLin Qingzhen and the Producer are Zhou Tian.

mr Cat in the bungalow synopsis
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Plot Story of Mr. Cat in the Bungalow

Qi Cheng, a cartoonist who suffers from social phobia, is delicate and sensitive like a cat living alone in a bungalow. He longs for human contact, but is afraid to get close. In order to treat him, Qi Cheng's elder brother and sister encouraged him to create an inspirational gourmet comic under the advice of a psychiatrist. For this purpose, they recruited Chi Zhihan, a gourmet anchor who looks very similar to the girl Qi Cheng liked back then, to act. 

A private chef who provides him with creative inspiration. Chi Zhihan, who became Qi Cheng's private chef, gradually melted his heart with his care for Qi Cheng, leading him out of the door he hadn't stepped out for a long time. Qi Cheng discovered that this girl who always had a bright smile like the sun actually had a dark and sad side in her heart. Qi Cheng and Chi Zhihan are in love, but Qi Ning, who has always protected her younger brother, is not optimistic about this relationship. She is worried that Chi Zhihan's unstable emotions will affect Qi Cheng. 

Qi Cheng and Chi Zhihan joined hands to prove that their love is no different from ordinary people. Qi Cheng and Chi Zhihan attended the book signing event of the gourmet comic "The Way of the Kitchen God". He thanked everyone for their dedication to him and encouraged all those who need help like him and Chi Zhihan to face themselves bravely. With love, we can heal each other. 

Cast of Mr. Cat in the Bungalow

Hu Yixuan play as Chi Zhihan

Asher Ma play as Qi Cheng

Zhang Fan

Shang Xinyue

Justin Chiang

Lisa He

Bonnie Chen

Lin Yo-Wei

Huang Li

Denny Huang

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