Every Day and Night (我们的日子) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Here is the plot story of Chinese Drama Every Day and Night (我们的日子). Who are in the cast? Which channel and when will the drama be started?

Every Day and Night is directed by Wang Lei, co-directed by Liu Chang and Fu Zien, starring Li Xiaoran, Li Naiwen, Zhou Yiran, Zhou Qi, with special starring Song Chunli, Sun Hao, Qi Huan, Ren Shuai, Wang Weiwei, Zhang Yi, Wu Siyu , Xu Qijie, Zhang Yicong, Wang Ziqiao, Ge Xiaofeng, and Li Luoyi starred in urban dramas of the era. The drama will be broadcast on CCTV 1 and will be broadcast simultaneously on iQiyi.

Every Day and Night focuses on the nearly thirty years spanning the 1980s, 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century. Through the life changes and growth experiences of two generations, it depicts the most typical relationship between four families in the changing times. The warm family, friendship and childhood love stories of the Chinese neighbors.

Every Day and Night will air on February 6, 2023 on iQiyi, starring two Chinese artists, namely Li Xiao Ran and Zhou Yi Ran with the family genre. Every Day and Night, apart from airing on iQiyi starting February 6, 2023, is also broadcast on CCTV, which of course presents an interesting storyline synopsis because this Chinese drama stars Li Xiao Ran and Zhou Yi Ran.

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The conflict in the story of the Chinese drama Every Day and Night which airs on iQiyi, is about family conflicts which are sometimes full of ups and downs. The Chinese drama Every Day and Night starring Li Xiao Ran and Zhou Yi Ran. Apart from artists Li Xiao Ran and Zhou Yi Ran, the Chinese drama Every Day and Night also stars Li Nai Wen, Zhou Qi, Sun Hao and many more.

Plot Story of Every Day and Night

This drama tells about the 1980s at that time in China 3 children were born into the world from 3 families and 2 generations. These 3 children are named Wang Xue Ha, Dong Fang Hong and Yang Si Yu who were all born on the same day so that the inner attachment between the three has been established since they were babies.

However, it seems that the relationship between the 3 families that was originally peaceful and peaceful has slowly turned into conflict. The quarrel between the Wang family and the Yang family also involved the entire family being hostile to each other, causing Wang Xue Han and Yang Si Yu to be separated.

After growing up, the three of them didn't want this long-term family affair to drag on and didn't find a bright spot until finally Wang Xue Han, Yang Si Yu and Dong Fang Hong tried to reconcile the three families who were fighting.

Casts of Every Day and Night

Li Xiaoran as Liu Shuxia

Li Naiwen as Wang Xianping

Zhou still as Wang Xuehua

Zhou Qi as Dongfang Hong

Sun Hao as Oriental Yushu

Qi Huan as Fu Ying

Ren Shuai as Yang Dashan

Wang Weiwei as Fang Hui

Wu Siyu as Yan Bing

Xu Qijie as Yang Siyu

Zhang Yicong as Wang Xianan

Wang Ziqiao as Wang Mingzhong

Ge Xiaofeng as Chen Meiling

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