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As Beautiful As You (你比星光美丽) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Here is the plot story of As Beautiful As You 你比星光美丽. Who are in the cast? When will this drama  be aired?

The new couple, Tang Song Yun and Xu Kai become lovers in the latest Chinese drama As Beautiful As You produced by Tencent Video. For Xu Kai and Tang Song Yun, this is the first project for both of them in a single Chinese drama entitled As Beautiful As You and play the role of a couple, aka a partner, which fans are definitely looking forward to.

After previously Xu Kai had success with the Chinese drama My Perfect Husband this time in the modern drama As Beautiful As You, Xu Kai will be paired with Tang Song Yung as a couple, see the info. The Chinese drama As Beautiful As Yoy is a drama adapted from a novel entitled i Ru Bei Jing Mei Li by Jiu Yue Xi with the romance and business genres.

The drama produced by Tencent Video will air with a total of 40 episodes, the shooting process of which has just begun. Xukai at the Shooting Ceremony of Drama As Beautiful As You (Weibo). From several photos uploaded on the Weibo account from the Chinese drama As Beautiful As You, it can be seen that the two main actors of this latest Chinese drama, namely Xu Kai and Tang Song Yun, are participating in the filming ceremony.

As Beautiful As You synopsis
Image Via @Marc TV

Xu Kai and Tang Song Yun who took pictures together looked good together and fans couldn't wait to witness the chemistry between the two of them. In the Chinese drama As Beautiful As You, Tang Song Yun will play Ji Xing, a woman who has resigned from her job to open a new business and get investment funds from Han Ting. Meanwhile, Xu Kai will play Han Ting, a man who owns a technology company who invests his money in Ji Xing's business.

Plot Story of As Beautiful As You

Ji Xing, a technical talent working conscientiously in a technology company, resigned resolutely in order to realize his dream and embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. The team formed by Ji Xing and his younger brother was in jeopardy at the beginning of their business. Just when there was no hope, Ji Xing won the support of Dongyang Technology President Han Ting by relying on his unique insights. With Han Ting's investment, the start-up Xingchen finally got on the right track. But Ji Xing "lost" her first boyfriend who had been in love for seven years. The difficulty of starting a business and the pain of breaking up her relationship almost broke her down. 

Fortunately, she was caringly guarded by the sister group. After experiencing several failures in product development, Ji Xing and Han Ting have gradually transformed from business partners who are both mentors and friends into mutually attractive soul mates. But the good times didn't last long, and the fast-growing Xingchen soon encountered a development bottleneck, and Ji Xing fell into a career trough again. At the same time, her love with Han Ting also began to be full of crises. In the end, with the encouragement of his friends, Ji Xing regained his confidence and led the company out of the predicament under heavy pressure.

Casts of As Beautiful As You

Tan Songyun as Ji Xing

Xu Kai as Han Ting

Ho Seo Hyun

Gao Shan Zhuang Shi

Wang Yilan

Wu Shile 

Tang Zhenchao

Luo Zekai 

Choi Eun Chi 

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