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Revenge of Royal Princess (长公主不可以) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Here is the plot story of Chinese Drama Revenge of Royal Princess (长公主不可以). An online micro-short drama declared by Shaanxi Yunzhu Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.

The Chinese name is 长公主不可以 (The Princess Cannot be Typed). The ancient genre, directored by Ye Lu and Yang Huan starred Peng Yaqi, Zhang Jijun, Cao Junhao, and Liu Anqi. There are 24 episodes. Which each episode is about 4 minutes in length. Online broadcast platform Tencent Video Region China Mainland 

Starting December 16, 2022, a Chinese drama entitled Revenge of Royal Princess. The story in this drama is taken from a novel entitled Xi Shi Gui written by Yue Xia Wu Mei Ren. While the main cast is Yakusa and Zhang Ji Un. Yakusa has played a role in the dramas Brilliant Class 8 (2022) and Why Women Love (2022). Meanwhile, Zhang Ji Un has starred in Love Under The Stars (2022) and Wedding (2022).

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Plot Story of Revenge of Royal Princess 

In order to train the emperor's younger brother, Li Yanchu, the eldest princess Li Yanchu rescued Han Shu from the execution ground and trained Han Shu. When she was dying of illness, she designed her own death so that Han Shu would be faithful to assist Li Jie. Three years later, Li Yanchu was reborn on Xie Yugui's body, and found that his serious illness was caused by being poisoned, so he started to investigate, but once again got entangled with Han Shu, whose personality had changed drastically. [2] 

5th First Episode of Revenge of Royal Princess 

Episode 1

In the third year of the Jing Dynasty, the emperor suddenly died suddenly, and the Han family took the opportunity to rebel. At the critical moment, the eldest princess Li Yanchu judged the Han family's rebellion by herself, and supported her young brother Li Jie to register as emperor. The Great General Han Shu was among them. Just when Han Shu was about to be beheaded, the eldest princess Li Yanchu arrived and rescued Han Shu directly.

At the beginning, Han Shu served as companion reading for Li Jie and Li Yanchu. Li Yanchu had a good impression of Han Shu at that time. Proton, but Li Yanchu is also very angry about his younger brother's frequent mistakes, because Li Jie often blames Han Shu for his own mistakes. This time Li Yanchu took Han Shu directly back to his Qing Palace. Han Shu didn't know how Li Yanchu would treat him, but Li Yanchu took a branding iron and branded Han Shu's shoulder.

Episode 2

Because Han Shu was rescued by Li Yanchu, he was envied by many servants, so he went directly to Han Shu to protest and told him not to get too close to the eldest princess or he would be beaten to death. As a result, Li Yanchu arrived and scolded the person who threatened Han Shu away. Yes, but I also blame Han Shu for being too cowardly. He will be the eldest princess's man in the future, and he must not lose face.

Li Yanchu handed a book to Han Shu, and told him to recite it fluently within three days. As a result, Han Shu didn't write well. This made Li Yanchu very angry, and directly taught Han Shu to write. Han Shu didn't understand why Li Yanchu treated him like that. He didn't expect that Li Yanchu wanted Li Jie to have the sharpest knife to protect him.

Episode 3

Li Yanchu took Han Shu to the street to practice the skill of knowing people. As a result, Li Yanchu could see the characteristics of many people clearly. In fact, Wei Wu was already suffering from illness, so he asked his younger brother to train a more powerful person as a helper to deal with those treacherous old officials. Some old Chen were very dissatisfied with Li Yanchu for keeping Han Shu alive in the court hall, so they slandered Li Jie in front of Li Jie, but Li Jie did not dare to disobey his sister Li Yanchu's intention, because now her sister is very domineering and even he who has registered is not obedient. Take a beating.

Li Yanchu taught Han Shu archery with his own hands, which made Li Jie very jealous, he didn't even have that kind of treatment, but Li Yanchu taught Li Jie a long time ago, but he didn't have any prospects and didn't want to learn so he didn't force it. When Li Yanchu was in a good mood, she asked Han Shu to help her change clothes, and also asked Han Shu to put on makeup for her. This made Han Shu a little frightened, and his hands were shaking all the time while holding the cosmetics.

Episode 4

Li Yanchu asked Han Shu to help with something, but Hao Shu was too timid to finish the matter. This made Li Yanchu very angry, and directly put the letter on Han Shu's face, scaring Han Shu so much that he didn't dare asthma. Han Shu knelt in front of Li Yanchu and didn't know where he was wrong, but he was whipped by Li Yanchu before he realized that the letter turned out to be fake. She understand that she asked Li Yanchu for a good book as a target for them, and practiced archery with my second brother. He can control what to do, and has been training Han Shu to practice swords and martial arts since then.

Episode 5

Han Shu made progress in practicing martial arts, but Li Yanchu called him over to reward him, and kissed Han Shu on the cheek, which made Han Shu very shy and hurried away. Li Jie went to find Li Yanchu but found that Han Shu was copying the article. This made Li Jie very jealous. At the beginning, his sister didn't even teach him, so he asked Han Shu to copy the article by himself. However, Han Shu was very happy, because he knew that sister had not even taught her younger brother, but passed it on to him.

Li Yanchu had been coughing all the time, so she called the imperial physician over for diagnosis and treatment. Unexpectedly, the medicine she was taking now had no effect on her, and she would not survive for three days at most. This made Li Yanchu very anxious. Calling the imperial physician must not let outsiders know. He called the dead man over and told him to assassinate her the next day according to the plan.

Trailer of Revenge of Royal Princess 

Cast of Revenge of Royal Princess 

Yakusa as Li Yanchu

Zhang Ji Jun as Han Shu

Cao Junhao

Liu Anqi

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