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Nan Lai Bei Wang (南来北往) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Here is the plot story of Chinese Drama Nan Lai Bei Wang (南来北往). Who are in the cast? Watch the trailer promotion here ....

Nan Lai Bei Wang is directed by Zheng Xiaolong and Liu Zhangmu, starring Bai Jingting, Jin Chen, Ding Yongdai, Zuo Xiaoqing, Liu Jun, Jiang Yan, and Liu Guanlin. The series tells the story of an old criminal policeman who has returned from his hometown for ten years and an outstanding young police officer. Through the life of a train, the warmth and warmth of a group of neighbors, witnessing the innovation and development of the great motherland, the story of the inheritance of the spirit of the old and new generations of railway officers and police officers.

In 1978, on the train from Dalian to Three Trees, the young marshal Wang Xin was injured in an arrest operation for the first time while on duty. The first line of the railroad police. On this railroad, in the past 40 years, they have experienced the era of steam locomotives, electric locomotives and high-speed trains, witnessing the great achievements of the motherland and the great changes in people's lives. The front-line railway police officers represented by Wang Xin and Ma Kui have fought against pickpockets, kidnappings, anti-drugs, patrols, guards, suppression of robbery and robbery, and combating crime. 

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In order to protect the safety of life and property, the railway police officers even sacrificed their precious lives. The passengers coming and going on the train, with different traces from different periods, show the warmth and warmth of people and the diversity of life. The old and new police generations have also been sublimated in their own life experiences, and their loyal police spirit is passed down from generation to generation.

Detail of Nan Lai Bei Wang

Chinese Title: 南来北往 (From South to North)

Roman: Nan Lai Bei Zai, A K A Three Trees

Genre: Contemporary

Production company: Shanghai Drama World Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.

Filming location: Weifang, Shandong. 

Director: Zheng Xiaolong, Liu Zhangmu 

Screenwriter: Gao Mantang, Li Zhou 

Starring: Bai Jingting, Jin Chen, Ding Yongdai, 

Number of Episode: 40 episodes

Length of each episode: 45 minutes

Online streaming platform: iQIYI

Plot Story of Nan Lai Bei Wang

In the late 1970s, on the steam train from Ningyang to Harbin, the young police officer Wang Xin was shuttling among the bustling passengers to perform his duties conscientiously. He mistakenly regarded Ma Kui, the old railway policeman, as a fugitive, and the two started a non-fighting and non-fighting relationship. The acquaintance of master and apprentice. From disliking each other to sympathizing with each other, Wang Xin and Ma Kui fought side by side on the front line of railway public security. 

They fight pickpockets, crack down on abductions, fight against drugs, patrol lines, and crack down on robbery and fraud. They always put the safety of every passenger at the top of their work, and selflessly guard the safety of trains traveling from south to north. Wang Xin and Ma Kui, the old and new generations of railway police, have witnessed the development of China's railways from steam locomotives to electric locomotives to high-speed trains, and witnessed the rapid changes in China.

Cast of Nan Lai Bei Wang

Bai Jingting as Wang Xin

Jin Chen as Ma Yan

Ding Yongdai as Ma Kui

Zuo Xiaoqing as Doctor Shen

Liu Jun as Wang Yongge

Jiang Yan as Yao Yuling

Liu Guanlin as Niu Dali

Hu Ke as Wang Sufang

Ni Dahong as the old blind man

Li Naiwen as Jia Jinlong

Ren Zhengbin 

Ruihan Zhang 

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