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League of Nobleman (君子盟) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

The Chinese drama League of Nobleman (君子盟)  was adapted from a novel entitled The Mystery of Zhang Guo by Feng Gua Guo. Check out the plot story for the Chinese drama, starring Song Wei Long and Jing Bo Ran, which airs January 30, 2023.

League of Nobleman with the wuxia and mystery genres is jointly produced by Penguin Films, Kung Fu Films, and Kung Fu Xiaoxi, directed by Yang Fan and Jia Xiaoxiong, and starring Jing Boran and Song Weilong. The series will be broadcast on Tencent Video and We Tv on January 30, 2023.

League of Nobleman tells the story of Zhang Ping, a simple and honest scholar who likes to reason and investigate cases, and young gentlemen such as Lan Jue, the elegant and gentle servant of the Ministry of Rites, jointly investigate cases, solve mysteries, find the truth of life experience, and join hands to uphold justice and protect the peace of the people. 

league of nobleman cast
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Plot Story of League of Nobleman 

A man named Zhang Ping is just a poor scholar who lives on the streets and tries to rely on his skills in martial arts to pull noodles in order to make a living. However, Zhang Ping, who has a nosy nature, really likes investigating cases that occur in the government and uses his smart and sharp brain to solve the essence of the case.

But Zhang Ping loved to be alone. Lan Jue, who served as minister, was involved in a political dispute at court. Lan Jue was known for her charming and elegant looks and seemingly perfect life. But Lan Jue was hiding something that no one else knew about. When Zhang Ping goes to the city to take the national exams, he becomes entangled in a case that eventually throws Lan Jue's plans into disarray.

When Zhang Ping rescues Lan Jue, he discovers a secret that Lan Jue has been hiding. Since that incident, the two have become close friends. Zhang Ping and Lan Jue together solve various cases that are very difficult to uncover the truth. At Lan Jue's recommendation, Zhan Ping's life changed from a poor scholar to a minister who handled various cases in court. 

Cast of League of Nobleman

Jing Boran as Lan Jue

Song Weilong as Zhang Ping

Guo Cheng as Chen Cho

Hong Yao as Wang Yan

Wang Duo as Gu Qingzhang

Zhang Shulun as Emperor Yongxuan

Shi Yueling as Empress Dowager

Hou Tongjiang as Master

Chen Chuang as the second cobbler

Jamba Caidan as Xudong

Wang Xuan as A Niang

Zhang Shaorong as Tao Zhoufeng

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