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Choice Husband (择君记) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Here is the polt story of Chinese Drama 2023 "Choice Husband (择君记)". Who are in the cast? Which platform and when will the drama be released?


The latest Chinese drama recommendations that will soon be released in January 2023, one of which is Choice Husband. This drama that tells about the beginning of Shen Miao's love story after several failures. This drama itself was adapted from the novel "Liang Zhi Qian Fu Yi Tai Xi" (两只前夫一台戏) by Dian Xian (电线). The play will be broadcast on on January 11, 2023

Later there will be 30 episodes where each episode will air every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. To be able to watch this drama, you can access or We TV platform and for complete information, see the review below.

Detail of Choice Husband (择君记)

Chinese Title: 择君记 (Choosing a King)

English Title: Choice Husband

Country: China

Number of Episodes: 30 Episode

Length of Each Episode: 45 Minutes

Genre: Historical, Romantic

Director: Wu Qiang

Screenwriter: Rao Jun, Li Zhenru, Liu Yangdi

Art Design: Qin Mingshi

Styling Design: Fang Sizhe

Release Date: January 11, 2023

Filming Location: Hengdian

Aired Every Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Platform: Tencent.comWeTV

Duration: 45 minutes

choice husband synopsis
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Plot Story of Choice Husband (择君记)

Shen Miao, the daughter of the richest man in Yangzhou City, has a wealth of wealth and a beautiful appearance, but she encounters many ups and downs on the road to marriage. The grooms-to-be consider it bad luck because two of his ex-fiancees ran away before their wedding. Shen Miao will meet a talented young scholar named Pei Yan Zhen, starting a fantastic love story.

She married Pei Yanzhen, a scholar for the first time, but she found out that the two ancestors were related because of her good fortune. By mistake, Shen Miao married Song Xiyuan played by Wang Yilun for the second time, but within two months of marriage, Shen Miao was diagnosed with a happy pulse. People from all walks of life talked about the time of pregnancy. In desperation, Shen Miao Miao can only leave again. Afterwards, Shen Miao was preparing to go on a blind date, but the two ex-husbands came to her at the same time.

Trailer Promotion of Choice Husband (择君记)

5th First Episode of Choice Husband

Episode 1

Ms. Shen has been smart since she was a child, her family is wealthy, and she looks sweet and lovely. He has a bold personality, but he has twists and turns in his lover. In the Fuchun building, the six matchmakers are bringing Sister Shen Miao and Ma Tianbao on a blind date. Shen Miao saw Ma Tianbao and asked if there was any, why not find someone better than Pei Yanzhen for herself. Matchmaker Liu responded that it would be good if there was one. Matchmaker Liu introduced Shen Miao to Ma Qianbao. And Ma Tianbao is very satisfied. They agreed to exchange Geng Tie, but Shen Miao did not agree. When talking with Matchmaker Liu, Pei Yanzhen came, but Su Miaoer introduced to everyone that the delivery was her little uncle, and said that she and Ma Tianbao were watching their marriage, and Ma Tianbao was very satisfied with herself. 

Knowing that Pei Yanzhen is Su Miao's little uncle, Ma Tianbao invites him to the table. Su Miao wanted to drink Longjing, but Pei Yanzhen was heartbroken that Longjing was cold and wouldn't let him drink it. Outside Fuchun Building, Song Xiyuan brought a group of people to look for Su Miao. When Ma Tianbao was talking in full swing, he was interrupted by Song Xiyuan who rushed over. Seeing this, the matchmaker took the opportunity to slip away. Ma Tianbao was left alone. Song Xiyuan asked Ma Tianbao why he only invited Pei Yanzhen, and the two were also Miaoer's ex-husbands. And Ma Tianbao proposed the letter only because he was Miao Er's little uncle? Song Xiyuan joked that Pei Yanzhen was also his uncle. When Song Xiyuan was arguing with Pei Yanzhen, Shen Miao rode on the horse and left in a cool way, leaving only the two of them in place. In the Shen residence, Master Shen secretly chose a husband for Shen Miao under the pretext of choosing a bodyguard. And Shen Miao was watching the play leisurely. 

The maid at the side told Shen Miao that Master Shen Miao was secretly choosing a husband for him, and Shen Miao did not care about it. The madam blamed the master, everyone was in a mess, none of them could match Miao Er, the master said that if they didn't get married within a month, the Shen family would be destroyed. The steward brought the chosen ones. The master asked him to choose one or two to bring. "I didn't see the person, but I heard his voice." The master reincarnated and saw that it was Zhao Butou, and then Matchmaker Liu brought the bride price, it turned out that it was Pei Yanzhen who wanted to marry Shen Miao, but the master did not want to agree and resolutely refused. Looking at the scene, it was obvious that Pei Yanzhen was bound to win. Pei Yanzhen reminded Teacher Shen not to forget the one-month appointment. After hearing that, it was Master Shen who let the others go down. Pei Yanzhen said to Master Shen that he just didn't want to put the Shen family in danger. On the other side, younger brother Azan ran to tell Shen Miao that there was a poor scholar who wanted to marry his sister. She didn't like it very much, Shen Miao immediately came out with a knife when she knew about it. 

After seeing Mrs. Shen, he hid immediately. Mrs. Shen is saying that she is still a girl who has not left the cabinet, so she still needs to be more careful. Afterwards, news came out from the mansion that Shen Laoye agreed. Shen Miao said that her father still bought herself. When Pei Yanzhen was reading, Zhan Yue pointed his sword at Pei Yanzhen, but Pei Yanzhen looked calm and said that no one else could come in and out of our courtyard. Zhan Yue disliked that he could let it go without wine, not even strong tea. Pei Yanzhen asked him about Miss Shen, and Jia Yue told him that Shen Miao liked the hero Lu Lin, Zhan Yue asked him if he was so sure, and Pei Yanzhen told Jia Yue that although he couldn't guarantee it, Shen Miao would just marry if she didn't marry. You can enter the palace, so you have to marry. Miao'er Master Shen and Madam Shen talked about Master Shen's thoughts, Madam Shen was worried about his suffering while Shen Miao spoke words of reassurance. Master Shen told Miaoer that he was indeed not what Miaoer thought, and he wanted to find someone who could support each other for him, and Su Miaoer was in his mind. After fantasizing for a while, he told Master Su that a good man is hard to come by, that Pei Yanzhen came to marry him by force with a gift, and that everything else was accidental, leaving Master Su speechless. 

The maids were all making up for her, and Lu Ying beside her was wronged for her, and after comforting Lu Ying, she got on the bridal sedan chair. The common people thought it was a match made in heaven, but a group of people appeared halfway through and took Pei Yanzhen away. It turned out that this person was the Ninth Princess of the dynasty. She has always liked Pei Yanzhen, and this time she wanted to marry Pei Yanzhen, and threatened to deliver the marriage. If she did not marry herself, she would kill the Shen family. Lady Luying came and told Shen Miao that the person who snatched the marriage was the Nineteenth Princess, and Shen Miao complained that if she knew a little bit of kung fu, she would not be taken away. She gloated and said that she was lucky and was about to take the maids back to the Shen residence, when she saw Pei Yanzhen coming back on horseback at the door, Shen Miao stared at it like a nympho, and said to Lu Ying that she regretted not coming sooner. Be happy, it turns out that everyone likes good-looking people. When Pei Yanzhen approached, Shen Miao did not stand firm while Pei Yanzhen stopped immediately, and the two looked at each other.

Episode 2

Shen Miao was wearing a wedding dress, she and her maid were talking about Pei Yanzhen, she felt that she liked Pei Yanzhen because he was a young man, but Shen Miao was still thinking, if he was not so dazzling, then she would not like him His, and in the world she understood, it was impossible for her to like someone who was not outstanding, so she wanted to see the groom's appearance tonight. If it didn't meet her own aesthetics, then her family might run away from marriage. Dressed in red, the modest and gentlemanly Pei Yanzhen saw his friends at the wedding scene, and one of the topics they discussed was how to keep the bride Shen Miao, because they knew that the bride was not a quiet person, and he, Pei Yanzhen, thought about it. It was how to keep Shen Miao's heart tonight, he thought of the wedding night in the bridal chamber, the newlyweds, the two confiding in each other's heart, performing Zhougong's ceremony, and enjoying the joy of fish and water, but what Pei Yanzhen thought was too good, too good , he still underestimated Shen Miao's thoughts. 

Pei Yanzhen walked anxiously, he and Shen Miao counted each other together, they drank wine desperately, drinking cup after cup, many past events were revealed one by one, Shen Miao learned from Pei Yanzhen that the Nine Princesses forced them to Pei Yanzhen married herself, but on the wedding night, in order to get rid of the entanglement of the nine princesses, he did not hesitate to say that he had a hidden disease. Even if he got married, he would not give her happiness. Under his cunning plan, Princess Jiu returned to the palace and no longer entangled with him. Pei Yanzhen and Shen Miao drank wine with each other, because they had calculations in their hearts, so they drank a little too much, when they were drinking happily, Shen Miao was completely drunk, and at this time, Pei Yanzhen's friend appeared, it turned out that It was he who drugged the wine, because he felt that if the two of them drank it all the time, there would be no difference even if they drank it until dawn, so he could only drug it to make Pei Yanzhen's wedding night perfect. The nine princesses cried in front of the emperor and the queen mother, because she knew that if she didn't cry like this, she would inevitably have some words and punishments. But they still felt that her Ninth Princess was no match for Pei Yanzhen. They felt that Ninth Princess would suffer. They also talked about the disaster, saying what kind of memorial Pei Yanzhen would give them, and they were waiting for his answer. 

Pei Yanzhen was talking about the situation of the disaster with his colleagues in the officialdom, when the family member came to report that it was his wife Shen Miao who was dismissing her servants at home and asked him to go and have a look. Pei Yanzhen who finished handling the matter saw Shen Miao's deeds and he knew Shen Miao She did this to reconcile with herself, she wanted to escape here, but he promised Shen Miao's family that she would take good care of her, and in her eyes, Shen Miao was her younger sister, her guardian, and her heart. So he let Shen Miao go, no matter what she did, he would silently support her behind her back, and these things all quietly affected Shen Miao's heart. Shen Miao wholeheartedly wanted to reconcile and divorce, because she felt that getting married was to obey the arrangement of the elders, and she looked down on such a marriage, and even thought that such a marriage would not be happy, so she made one outrageous thing after another. Because she wants Pei Yanzhen to feel disgusted with herself, in this case, she can go to talk to him and leave the meeting overnight. However, these few days of contact made her feel that she might be wrong. Does Pei Yanzhen really like it? Otherwise, why did he let himself go again and again, no matter how bizarre things he did, he would talk to her gently, he was a gentleman and would never get angry. Pei Yanzhen set up a theater in her hometown for her, invited actors from her hometown, and cooked her some special meals at home. All these made her wonder if he really wanted to treat her well. She was shaken, and she wanted to be with her. It was a mess, and she gradually fell into Pei Yanzhen's gentle hometown.

Episode 3

Shen Miao and Pei Yanzhen had a sincere friendship. In order to give Shen Miao a sense of security, Pei Yanzhen took Shen Miao back to the door according to the local customs. The old man hurriedly brought his son-in-law Pei Yanzhen to drink tea in the back hall, while Shen Miao accompanied by his little aunt. Her little aunt asked about their young couple, and Shen Miao said that after marriage Things were as she thought and she was very happy, but her little aunt said that the matter of Shen Miao and Li had been postponed because the imperial court's supervisor Shi would come here to investigate the river's embankment breach. Shen Miao's little aunt guessed from Shen Miao's demeanor that Shen Miao might not want to get along because Pei Yanzhen had a good face, and his pelvis and symmetry met the aesthetic standards. The topic was brought to her little aunt. She said that her little aunt had her idea of not letting her marry Pei Yanzhen at that time, but her little aunt directly overturned and denied this matter. , this marriage is very good. Shen Miao pulled Pei Yanzhen, she wanted to tell Pei Yanzhen something, this matter might be difficult to talk about, but under Pei Yanzhen's repeated inquiries, she had no choice but to use the reason of her poor health as an excuse, she felt that the two of them could not sleep in separate rooms. 

If her father knew about it, she would mistakenly think that their marriage was unhappy, but she couldn't sleep on the same bed now, because she hadn't fully accepted Pei Yanzhen in her heart, but when she was in trouble, Pei Yanzhen directly hugged her On the bed, they were each covered with quilts, thinking about a lot of things, and when they were tired, they fell asleep slowly. Waking up early in the morning, Pei Yanzhen had already put on her clothes, while Shen Miao was still snoozing, and she said that she wanted to drink water, so Pei Yanzhen had no choice but to take the water and let her drink it by herself, but Shen Miao said let him feed it. Pei Yanzhen was very surprised. Pei Yanzhen, who was stunned for a while, still gave Shen Miao some water to drink. Shen Miao's younger brother ran into the room and called Shen Miao to get up. Elder sister, he told Shen Miao that he wanted to eat osmanthus cake, but looking at his younger brother who was full of expectation, Shen Miao's eyes were full of doting, she agreed. Shen Miao took her younger brother to eat sweet-scented osmanthus cake and candied haws in the street, but the younger brother's candied haws was snatched away by the child. 

Shen Miao said that in broad daylight, there would still be people stealing things under her nose. She chased all the way and finally found a place She saw a child stealing things, but she was shocked by the sight in front of her. The ground was full of people fleeing from disasters, most of them were old, weak, sick and disabled. The child stole candied haws just to save his family, because they hadn’t seen him for several days. After eating, she learned about the situation at the victims' place, Shen Miao found her father, she wanted her father to contribute money to open porridge for disaster relief, she was not surprised to see her father, she asked the reason, it turned out that it was her husband Her son-in-law, Pei Yanzhen, had already told him about it on the day when he returned home, which surprised Shen Miao, and she felt that her husband was a bit taller in her heart. Shen Miao gave Pei Yanzhen some refreshments, but Pei Yanzhen, who was reading, said that he liked to read quietly and did not want her to make any noise, but Shen Miao was injured and she made some noises, and Pei Yanzhen, who knew the reason, gave Shen Miao the medicine himself.  He hoped that Shen Miao could have a heart-to-heart relationship with him in the future and did not want any suspicion between them. 

Pei Yanzhen and the Shen family gave porridge together. According to Pei Yanzhen's plan, the Shen family let young and middle-aged people participate in the construction of porridge sheds in exchange for silver and food. Women can also participate in the Shen family's laundry and dyeing rooms in exchange for some money for survival. Children can enter the Shenjia School. These measures have won the hearts of the people, but Pei Yanzhen believes that if a tree is so big, it is inevitable that there will be someone with a heart behind it. In order to prevent the calculation of people with ulterior motives. With Pei Yanzhen's encouragement, Shen Miao tried to make some dim sum, but after Pei Yanzhen tasted it, Shen Miao saw the clue from his eyes. A piece of wood slipped from the place of workmanship, in order to protect Shen Miao, Pei Yanzhen was hit, but luckily it was not serious. The magistrate cooperated with his servants to set up a trap for Pei Yanzhen in Tianxiang Tower, they invited Shen Miao and wanted to separate their husband and wife.

Episode 4

Shen Miao, who fell asleep all night because of inhaling the drug, found herself sleeping on the same bed as Pei Yanzhen in a daze. She thought it was herself who forced Pei Yanzhen. Struggling, and in her mind, a thought collision contest between going and staying was staged. Amidst Pei Yanzhen's caring voice, she found that her thoughts had gone astray, so she followed Pei Yanzhen, and the two returned in a carriage. Pei Yanzhen's residence. When Pei Yanzhen listened to Shen Miao's eloquent talk, Shen Miao always felt that Pei Yanzhen was very kind to her, which made her have a conflicted feeling of wanting to leave and not wanting to leave. Zhan Yue deliberately pulled Pei Yanzhen and whispered to him, and learned from Zhan Yue that he wanted to arrange some soup for his wife Shen Miao, and when Pei Yanzhen heard the news, he refused without even thinking about it. His operation made Zhan Yue very puzzled, so he stood in his position and gave Pei Yanzhen a suggestion, he asked Pei Yanzhen to think clearly whether he really wanted to treat Shen Miao, or wanted to use Shen Miao to get Their family's financial support, if Shen Miao found out that her marriage was a bargaining chip from the beginning, the result of his careful calculation, then how would he and Shen Miao deal with their relationship. 

Bizi Tang came to Shen Miao's side as promised, and when she drank the Bizi Tang, Pei Yanzhen overturned the soup. Ever since the encounter in Tianxiang Tower, Pei Yanzhen felt guilty in his heart and he could not face Shen Miao normally, so he hid from Shen Miao every day. According to Yingying's method, they replaced several rice shops of the Shen family near the city with the signs of the Pei family. Just because Pei Yanzhen disturbed his deployment due to the disaster relief work, the magistrate Lord Jia kept making troubles for Pei Yanzhen. When he learned that Pei Yanzhen was in trouble, Shen Miao once again staged a battle to protect her husband. Lord Jia was driven away by Shen Miao, and they The couple were accidentally attacked by weapons, Pei Yanzhen protected Shen Miao, and Shen Miao relied on her own martial arts to break those weapons one by one. Pushing it on Shen Miao, he praised Shen Miao for her outstanding martial arts. 

Mr. Jia ran to his mansion angrily, and he went back to his small room alone, because the room contained the money he had embezzled in the river embankment case, and he knew that his crimes were to punish the nine clans Therefore, he has been hiding the ledger in the small room and went to look at it every day. After seeing that the ledger was safe, he went back to his room to rest, but he didn’t know that he was followed all the way by someone. Yue, in the spirit of a knight-errant, saw the account book on the roof, and he stole the account book. Under Pei Yanzhen's urging, the account book was presented in front of the emperor. They were all punished because of their merits, and as a meritorious minister this time, Pei Yanzhen was reused by the emperor, and his pride made the queen mother feel a little dissatisfied. She wanted to get back the royal family's face. The princess began to worry about Pei Yanzhen's safety. Pei Yanzhen and Zhan Yue were walking on the street, and they found many rice shops with Pei's family signboards on them, knowing that Shen Miao was silently contributing behind all these, Pei Yanzhen was very moved, he prepared some materials for shadow puppetry, and he wanting to give Shen Miao a surprise. 

Shen Miao and her little aunt were listening to the opera, they found that the content in the opera was so similar to Shen Miao and Pei Yanzhen, they thought it was people with ulterior motives behind the scenes, they reprimanded those people, the Pei family The chief came over and said that Shen Miao was Pei Yanzhen's little niece who was far away, which shocked them very much. Knowing the relationship between the two made them very embarrassed, but Pei Yanzhen, who loved Shen Miao deeply, did not want to give up on Shen Miao, he thought that what the Pei family Zhang said was not necessarily correct, he even said that if he had to let him Making a choice, he would rather leave the family tree of the Pei family, and the Empress Dowager who learned the news started her next plan, Shen Miao was arranged by Pei Yanzhen to Shen Garden, and he will start to deal with the next challenge with heart.

Episode 5

Shen Qian's words evoked the faded thoughts of Heli in Shen Miao's heart. She became sleepy with worry and would have nightmares every night. After being woken up again and again, Shen Miao felt a deep sense of powerlessness and fear. . The servant girl Luying ran in and told her that there was a decree passed down from the imperial court, which forced Shen Miao to start making plans in advance. Pei Yanzhen's father was at home because of the old illness, he had to go home to visit, Pei Yanzhen and Shen Miao wanted to find out the cause of the old illness, but Pei's father said that there is no rush for the investigation and they should go back to what they should do , In order to protect Pei Yanzhen, Father Pei had already given Pei Yanzhen the jade ornaments bestowed by the late emperor. Father Pei learned from Zhan Yue that the elders in the clan wanted to find out Pei Yanzhen's life experience, and his words were too intense. It was only after Father Pei heard the news that he became anxious and aggravated his condition. The Emperor's order came, ordering Shen Miao and Pei Yanzhen to reconcile and divorce. 

The Emperor did not want to ruin Pei Yanzhen's official career because of Shen Miao and Pei Yanzhen's kinship. Shen Miao's father wanted to say some words of comfort to Shen Miao, and he did not want to see his daughter and son-in-law reconcile, because in his impression, daughter and son-in-law were very affectionate, but Shen Miao had already made up his mind, he didn't want to He had already thought about the impact on Pei Yanzhen's official career, and took He Lishu to Pei's house. On the other hand, the elders of the Pei family stopped the doctor who was going to treat Pei Yanzhen's father. After hearing the news, Pei Yanzhen asked Zhan Yue to take the doctor and enter Pei's mansion forcefully to treat his father. Through this incident, Let Pei Yanzhen see more clearly the behavior of the clan members in the clan. Their ignorance and ignorance almost caused his father to die of illness. In the meantime, Shen Miao brought He Li Shu to Pei's residence, Shen Miao's handprint had already been placed on the book, this matter made Pei Yanzhen unable to let go, he wanted to ask Shen Miao, why did he press his hand on He Li Shu Yin. 

Shen Miao, who was forced to ask by Pei Yanzhen, used the excuse that she liked green forest heroes, she said that she liked heroes and heroes, and did not like Pei Yanzhen who was angry with the book business. Shen Miao knew that her words would definitely hurt Pei Yanzhen's heart, and she knew even more that her play today would definitely be remembered by Pei Yanzhen for the rest of her life, but for Pei Yanzhen's official career, she had to do so. The emperor didn't want Pei Yanzhen to be depressed under the queen mother's design. He wanted to save a pillar for the court, so he asked Princess Jiu to go to Lingzhou and let her accompany Pei Yanzhen. For the sake of the princess, give up the persecution of Pei Yanzhen. The nine princesses came to Lingzhou as promised. She told Pei Yanzhen some secrets, saying that the queen mother had sent people to Lingzhou to investigate his life experience. Because of this matter, the emperor and the queen mother quarreled endlessly. Then he can consider letting him go, but the emperor must let Shen Miao enter the palace. The Dragon Boat Festival is here, according to the local customs, shooting willows is required, Shen Miao was pushed into the ditch because everyone went to visit Song Xiyuan with their eyes open, and he thought that Shen Miao needed help, so he rescued her. 

Pei Yanzhen took Shen Miao and brought her to the Shen family, the little aunt of the Shen family saw that Shen Miao was in a fake sleep and knew that the two had reconciled now and they might get along awkwardly, so Shen Miao would fake sleep. One wave of ups and downs, another wave of ups and downs, Shen Miao was rumored by the people in Lingzhou City that she became restless after she divorced and went around to collude with others, especially Song Xiyuan, the third son of the Song family. At the beginning, rumors spread everywhere, the people of Lingzhou City entrusted the servants to bring a green plant to Pei Yanzhen, and everyone saw that there were always shadows of Pei Yanzhen and Song Xiyuan around Shen Miao, and they rumored that Shen Miao would bring a green plant to others. It was luck of the peach blossoms, which made the people in Lingzhou City focus on Shen Miao. . And knowing that she had been misrepresented as having an affair with Song Xiyuan, she was afraid that Pei Yanzhen would think too much, so she went out over the wall and wanted to explain to Pei Yanzhen, but she met Song Xiyuan when she went out, and everyone started to struggle to get to Shen Miao's side, and Shen Miao On the way to run with Song Xiyuan, she saw Pei Yanzhen shopping with Princess Jiu, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

Cast of Choice Husband (择君记)

Zhang Xue Ying sebagai Shen Miao

Born in a wealthy family, the daughter of the richest man, Shen Qian, a face-controlling female hooligan, optimistic and free-spirited, with great wisdom and stupidity, and regards pedantic rules as nothing. play.

Xing Zhao Lin sebagai Pei Yan Zhen

The young number one scholar who has read poetry and books has a gentle appearance like jade, and he can't carry his shoulders or hands, but in fact he hides his secrets, has high martial arts skills, and the city is extremely deep. She had ulterior motives to marry Shen Miao, but as time passed, Pei Yanzhen's heart began to waver.

Shang Qi sebagai Ninth Princess

The Emperor's Sister, the Empress Dowager's Daughter. Arrogant and arrogant, persistent in chasing love, fell in love with Pei Yanzhen, who was admitted to the university as a young man, and stalked him to death, intending to recruit him as a son-in-law.

Li Meng Ying sebagai Lu Ying

She is Shen Miao's maid, well-behaved and docile, loyal to protect the Lord.

Wang Yilun as Song Xiyuan

The flamboyant, frivolous and unrestrained young master of a rich family is cynical on the surface, but in fact he is ambitious. At the beginning when she proposed to marry Shen Miao, she had a good impression of Shen Miao's character and coveted the property of the Shen family, but unknowingly, she had the desire to live with the person in front of her.

Riley Wang sebagai Song Xi Yuan

Jerry Yu as Zhan Yue

Meng En as Emperor

Cui Bin Bin as Shen Qian

He Xing Yu as Zhao Ca Tou

Yue Yang as Shen Qian

Karina Zhao as Xiao Yi Niang

Zhang Zi Jian as Qin Zu Ze

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