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Here is the story of Chinese Drama "Believe in Love (花间新娘)". Who are in the cast? what about theirs character? Read the episode summary here ....

Believe in Love (花间新娘) is produced by Haining Datang Star Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Nihuang Culture Media Co., Ltd., directed by Shen Jinfei, starring Huang Shengchi, Zheng He Huizi, Zhu Rongjun as a special star, Xiao Kaizhong, Hou Dong, Ma Xinyu, A costume fantasy drama starring Li Mingyuan, Zhang Xinlei, Shen Yang, etc. The play will be broadcast on Youku Video on May 25, 2022.

The play tells the fantasy and sweet love story of Lu Yueer, the hostess of Yunyue noodle restaurant, and Hua Yinan, the owner of Huajian Island. The Chinese Title is 花间新娘 (Blossom Bride) Genre Ancient costumes, fantasy, Production area Mainland China, Filming location Xiangshan Film and Television City, Zhejiang Province Premiere time May 25, 2022 Director Shen Jinfei Producer Zhang Li Starring Huang Shengchi, Zheng He Huizi, Zhu Rongjun, Xiao Kaizhong, Hou Dong, Ma Xinyu, Li Mingyuan, and Zhang Xinlei have 24 episodes, each episode is 35 minutes long, and the online broadcast platform Youku.

Believe in Love Plot Story

In a small island of gourmet civilization in Chiayi years, the noodle shop owner Lu Yueer (played by Zheng Hehuizi) has been oppressed by her stepmother since childhood, but she still maintains a positive and optimistic attitude and is kind to others. Due to family reasons, she married Hua Yinan (played by Huang Shengchi), the young master of Huajian Island. But unexpectedly, Hua Yinan, who has been chasing Lu Yueer all this time, is actually because of his father's will, which required him to marry Lu Yueer in order to inherit the island. After Lu Yueer learned that she was being used, she still chose to trust Hua Yinan and continue to live with him. Finally, with the help of others, Hua Yinan finally knew that the person she loved deeply was Lu Yueer.

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First 5th Episode of Believe in Love

Episode 1

Thousands of years ago, in Huajian Island, where humans and spirits coexisted, King Xuan of Jiaolong, who had cultivated for thousands of years, fought against the mortal General Mu Yuan in order to get Xiaoman, the tree spirit. In the end, Mu Yuan was stabbed in the heart by King Xuan's sword. King Xuan originally practiced with Xiaoman, thinking that he would He became immortal with Xiaoman, but a mortal Mu Yuan appeared on the way and ruined his relationship with Xiaoman. This made King Xuan very annoyed, and this time he must make Mu Yuan die. Xiaoman was trapped in mid-air by King Xuan's spell and couldn't move. She was unable to stop the fight between the two and stood on the side crying, but her feelings for Mu Yuan were very real. Just when King Xuan was about to kill Mu Yuan, Mu Yuan took out a demon-subduing sword and stabbed King Xuan. This is what King Xuan didn't expect. He and Mu Yuan fell to the bottom of the valley, and Xiaoman struggled to break free from the predicament and flew away. He fell to the bottom of the valley and hugged Mu Yuan. At this time, Mu Yuan was dying, but he used his last strength to tell Xiao Man not to be sad. It is lucky to meet Xiao Man in this life. 

Mu Yuan's injury allowed him to be reborn, but Xiao Man fell into the six realms of reincarnation because of this, and that wish came to an end. Xiaoman was reincarnated as Lu Yueer, who thought she was a cook on Huajian Island. Many people described Lu Yueer as a heartless monster, but she didn't care what others said about her, and she just wanted to make something for everyone. Delicious food, but this time Lu Yueer encountered something troublesome. Because Du Ruo invited Hua Yinan to make hot pot for him, although on the surface it was to cook delicious food, but in fact Du Ruo asked Hua Yinan to prevent Hua Yinan from provoking Lu Yueer, and Hua Yinan knew in his heart that he liked Lu Yueer. Yue'er, and Du Ruo also likes Lu Yue'er, so in Hua Yinan's view, Du Ruo invited him over because he had no good intentions, so he exposed Du Ruo. But Du Ruo was not polite, and warned Hua Yinan not to go to Lu Yueer again, knowing that she was going to die and not letting go, it was clear that Lu Yueer would die early, but Hua Yinan kept saying that he liked Lu Yueer, This made Du Ruo very helpless. Just when the two were arguing, Lu Yueer arrived. Seeing that her cousin Du Ruo and Hua Yinan were arguing, she gave the duck she just caught to Hua Yinan, and even compensated him. Hua Yinan don't like her anymore, Lu Yueer only likes her family and cousin in her heart, she told Hua Yinan not to look for her again. Hua Yinan's followers felt that Hua Yinan was very pitiful, he had been rejected by Lu Yueer 36 times in a month, and hoped that he would let him go quickly, but Hua Yinan insisted on marrying Lu Yueer. 

Du Ruo told Lu Yueer's father that he had found a man named ghost doctor Nan Ze, that person would change his mind, and maybe he could cure Lu Yueer's heart disease, as long as he found that genius doctor, Lu Yueer would hopefully be cured. Lu Yueer was also very happy after hearing it, but she still hoped that her cousin would go to prepare for the birth competition, but Du Ruo was a little bit against that competition, and only wanted to be with Lu Yueer. In order to get rid of Lu Yueer earlier, Erniang found an old man to be his husband. Both father and Lu Yueer felt that the old man was older than his father, and they didn't want to agree to that matter. At this moment, another matchmaker After passing by, I got a lot of gifts, many boxes full of silver, which made Erniang very happy. She thought that person was going to marry her daughter, but she didn't expect that person was going to marry Lu Yueer. It was all unexpected. But what made them even more unexpected was that the rich and powerful man was actually Hua Yinan, he was the young owner of Huajian Island, but Lu Yueer refused the dowry again, which made Hua Yinan very annoyed. She pursued to show her love several times, but failed to get what she wanted, so she thought of a plan and asked her followers to implement it. The whole Huajian Island was spread by Hua Yinan. Everyone knew that Hua Yinan was going to marry Lu Yueer. This made Lu Yueer very angry, but there was no reaction at all, which made Hua Yinan very surprised.

But the reason why Hua Yinan wants to marry Lu Yueer is because his father left a suicide note before his death. If Hua Yinan wants to take over Huajian Island smoothly, he must marry Lu Yueer who is about to die, otherwise he is not allowed to take over Huajian Island. Although Hua Yinan knew that Lu Yueer was a dying person, but for the sake of Huajian Island, he had no choice but to compromise. Anyway, Lu Yueer was going to die anyway, and he would organize a funeral for Lu Yueer after passing through the door. In order to get Lu Yueer to compromise, Hua Yinan arrested her sister-in-law for questioning. Because she was addicted to gambling, she owed Hua Yinan's family a lot of money, so Hua Yinan appropriated all the land deeds and property of their family. He has his own, and the purpose is to make his uncle Lu Yueer marry him. However, Lu Yueer had no place to live, but she did not compromise. She took her maid to set up a stall to live. 

This made Hua Yinan very angry. When Lu Yueer closed the stall, a few pirates passed by. Seeing Lu Yueer Pretty and lustful, but fortunately Hua Yinan arrived in time to beat those people away, this time Hua Yinan was a hero to save the beauty, he also felt that Lu Yueer had done him a favor when he met the pirates. Unexpectedly, Lu Yueer fainted due to overwork, Hua Yinan carried Lu Yueer back to rest. After Lu Yueer woke up, the maid handed Du Ruo's letter to her. At this time, Du Ruo had been imprisoned, and Du Ruo had seen Erniang hand over two land deeds to Hua Yinan before. There is a deal between Nan and Lu Yueer not to compromise. Lu Yueer put on the servant's clothes and sneaked into Hua Yinan's room to look for the land deed. If she found evidence, it would prove that Du Ruo's words were true. Hua Yuman told Su Tang to get in touch with Hua Yinan as long as he had nothing to do, so that he could be liked by Hua Yinan, but Su Tang also did that, even if Hua Yinan didn't want to see her, Su Tang felt very helpless. However, Hua Yuman felt that Hua Yinan loved to ignore that woman, so she treated Su Tang quite well.

Episode 2

When Lu Yueer was searching hard for the title deed in Hua Yinan's room, he went back. She was so scared that Lu Yueer quickly hid, but Lu Yueer heard that Hua Yinan asked his followers to continue investigating the pirates. Yue'er felt that the pirate incident last night had nothing to do with Hua Yinan, not because he deliberately arranged for someone to do it. It was at this moment that Hua Yinan found Lu Yueer, which made her very nervous, so she hurriedly lied. This time, she went back to thank Hua Yinan for saving her life. After she was about to run away, Hua Yinan caught her. Lu Yueer just repayed the favor directly, she was so frightened that she was at a loss, so she hurriedly called Hua Yinan's assistant, otherwise she would be bumped to death in the room. At this moment Hua Yuman and Su Tang entered, Hua Yinan hurriedly hid Lu Yueer in the room. Hua Yinan was very rude when he saw Su Tang, thinking that she should be at work right now, but Hua Yuman told Hua Yinan that he should respect Su Tang, after all, Su Tang was also Uncle Su's daughter, who was Uncle Su They saved their status by helping their father disintegrate the evil forces in Huajian Island. At this time, Uncle Su is gone, so we should pay more attention to Su Tang. 

Now she took Su Tang there just to increase the relationship between the two of them, but Hua Yinan told her sister that she would only marry Lu Yueer, which made Hua Yuman very angry, thinking that Lu Yueer was a poor man, they The family will not want Lu Yue'er. This made Lu Yueer couldn't bear it anymore, she rushed out and started arguing with Hua Yuman, it wasn't that Lu Yueer wanted to marry Hua Yinan, but that Hua Yinan wanted to marry her, Hua Yuman got angry Hua Yinan hurriedly sent her sister to the hospital for treatment. After the diagnosis and treatment, Hua Yuman was fine, but Hua Yinan still wanted to marry Lu Yueer. This made Lu Yueer very helpless. At this moment, Du Ruo saw their carriage and insisted on intercepting it, but the driver braked in time and pulled Lu Yueer away. Er and Hua Yinan kissed each other, this time it was considered unintentional. Hua Yinan took Lu Yueer to his own inn, told her to put on new red clothes and wanted to marry her, unexpectedly at this time, Lu Yueer thought that Hua Yinan wanted to test whether her heartbeat would speed up, so he did so. Wanting to continue experiencing the process of kissing just now, Hua Yinan was also very surprised, thinking that Lu Yueer had figured it out by herself and wanted to marry him, so she leaned over to kiss Lu Yueer, but at this moment Du Ruo arrived and destroyed the kiss. 

What happened to them made Hua Yinan very angry, unwilling to let Du Ruo take Lu Yue'er away just like that. After Du Ruo brought Lu Yue'er back, she heard her say that she was kissed by Hua Yinan, and her heart beat faster. After hearing this, Du Ruo hated Hua Yinan to the bone, so she wanted to kiss Lu Yueer, maybe that would make her heartbeat, but Lu Yueer didn't feel anything for Du Ruo, which made Du Ruo very sad. The wine cans were drunk. Afterwards, the attendants told Lu Yueer that Master Du had discovered the whereabouts of the ghost doctor, but Lu Yueer was not allowed to tell Du Ruo, and Lu Yueer had to go find the ghost doctor alone. Hua Yinan found out that there were pirates attacking Huajian Island, so he arranged for someone to deal with it, but what Hua Yinan is more worried about now is that there are still more than ten days before his father's agreement, if he doesn't marry Lu Yueer, he will have no chance up. Afterwards, Hua Yinan went to Lu Yueer to ask her to agree to the marriage, and even hugged Lu Yueer and kissed her directly. Tears flowed, which surprised them all. They didn't expect a man to cry. However, Lu Yueer knew that she would leave for medical treatment in a few days, and this time her life or death was uncertain. As the young island owner, he couldn't hang around Lu Yueer all day, he should be responsible to the islanders. Lu Yueer took medicine for her father, and found that her condition was getting worse and she coughed up blood. Anxious, Lu Yueer asked the maid to go to the doctor quickly, but all the doctors on the island were out, and no one had time to treat her father.

Episode 3

In order to take care of her father, Lu Yueer had no choice but to go to Hua Yinan for help. After the doctor's diagnosis and treatment, her father's condition was stabilized, so Hua Yinan wanted to stay them in so that they could continue to treat them. Although Lu Yueer objected, the doctor However, the family was still left behind, because the father's current situation was not suitable for moving, otherwise it would make his condition worse, so Lu Yue'er had no choice but to compromise. In order for Lu Yueer to agree to the marriage earlier, Hua Yinan went to the pharmacy to chat with her, wanted to make Lu Yueer feel good about him, and even brought Lu Yueer to the roof to enjoy the moon together. I don't deserve to be with Hua Yinan, so I ask him what he likes about me. If you really marry him, it will hurt Hua Yinan, I hope you don't like her again in the future, these words make Hua Yinan feel that Lu Yueer is very kind, so he wants to help her find a doctor to treat her illness on the island, but on the island Her doctor, Lu Yue'er, had seen her a long time ago, and she couldn't cure her illness at all. However, Lu Yueer was very grateful to Hua Yinan for saving her life, felt guilty for the previous offence, and sincerely apologized to Hua Yinan. At this moment, I heard that the servant was catching the thief. Unexpectedly, Erniang took her daughter to Hua Yuman's room to steal something. 

This made Hua Yuman very angry and insisted on asking Hua Yinan to drive them away, but Hua Yinan Telling my sister to let Lu Yue'er's family go, after all, I will marry Lu Yue'er in the future, my sister didn't know what to say. Su Tang was very sad when he heard what happened to Hua Yinan's family, he didn't expect that he wanted to be nice to the young island master but he didn't get anything in return, but instead he had deep affection for other women. Hua Yinan was moved by Lu Yueer's sincerity, so he let her go out of the island to find a ghost to cure her illness, but without Lu Yueer, he would not have the right to be the owner of the island. If the pirates attacked Hua Yinan, they would not mobilize their military power, but Hua Yinan He had no choice but to ask Lu Yueer to leave, otherwise he would feel uneasy. This time, Hua Yinan watched Lu Yue'er leave, but it was completely different from before, and he was very reluctant to let go, so that even the followers could see that he was already emotional. And when Lu Yue'er left, she was also a little bit reluctant, feeling very sad. At this moment, some pirates appeared and took Lu Yue'er away, but a beggar saw it and told Du Ruo about it. 

After Lu Yueer was locked up, she found that there were several children inside, and Su Tang was also arrested, so Lu Yueer wanted to discuss the escape plan with Su Tang. Hua Yinan received a letter from the pirates, telling him to go alone to redeem him, even though everyone knew it must be a trap, at that time Hua Yinan had to bite the bullet and go rescue him. Lu Yueer and Su Tang managed to untie the rope, and took a few children to escape. At this time, the pirates were also drinking and discussing how to deal with Hua Yinan. They wanted to seize Huajian Island. Just when Lu Yueer asked Su Tang to jump out of the window and leave with the child, the pirates discovered them and tied them up again. Hua Yinan arrived in time and cut off the ropes that bound them, but Hua Yinan first hugged Lu Yueer, which made Su Tang feel very sad, but Lu Yueer told Su Tang to leave first, and Hua Yinan and herself Yi Nan stayed behind and continued to fight with the pirates. When Lu Yueer was almost injured by the pirates, Hua Yinan stood in front of him, and the pirates cut him many times, which made Lu Yueer very distressed, and when the pirates continued to chop him, Lu Yueer desperately lay on the ground On Hua Yinan's body, the pirate raised his knife and slashed down fiercely. What they didn't expect was that a flash of light appeared from the sky and stunned the pirate.

Episode 4

Hua Yinan took Lu Yueer back, and Hua Yinan was relieved when Lu Yueer woke up, he never thought that Lu Yueer's love for him was so deep that he would never let Lu Yueer down in the future. Su Tang has always been brooding over the relationship between Hua Yinan and Lu Yueer, and wanted to question Hua Yinan, but there was no reason, and just here, he bumped into Du Ruo, making the two of them hate each other, making Su Tang angry I'm not in the mood to see Hua Yinan anymore. But Du Ruo told Lu Yueer that Hua Yinan was murdering her father, so he took Lu Yueer to Hua Yinan. Du Ruo snatched Hua Yinan's prescription and told Lu Yueer that Hua Yinan added centipedes to the prescription to keep them. Hua Yinan also admitted this matter, causing Lu Yueer to slap Hua Yinan. However, Hua Yinan invited the government doctor over and told them that the reason why they added centipede to the prescription was not only not poisonous, but also good for his father's condition. So he decided not to go to the capital anymore, but to marry Hua Yinan first, Hua Yinan was very happy and hugged Lu Yueer and hugged her in his arms. Song Yan came back to pay a visit to the Holy Empress. The Holy Empress was very happy. At this time, Qingyao Princess Manhua also went, and she was also very happy to see her cousin back. It seemed that she admired Song Yan very much. 

Several people tasted Huajian food sent by the island is very good, and I want to go to Huajian Island in person. Many islanders knew that it was Lu Yueer who saved a few children from the pirates, and felt that she was no longer a heartless goblin, but a benefactor who saved the whole island, so they all bowed down to Lu Yueer , this makes Lu Yue'er very happy, and finally she is no longer despised by others. Hua Yinan went to pay homage to his father's altar by himself. He didn't understand his father's request before, but now he feels that he should be grateful for his father's request and let him find a worthy and good wife. He will treat Lu Yueer well in the future . Lu Yueer's father felt that his daughter was going to get married, so he went to visit his daughter. He recalled that when he and his wife got married, they encountered the marriage snatching system on the island. Although they were all joking, Lu Yueer's mother disagreed, so they There was no traditional way of traveling, and my father hoped that Lu Yue'er would not use the traditional marriage-robbing system. 

Du Ruo has been drinking sullenly, feeling very depressed that her sweetheart is about to marry someone else, but Su Tang on the other side is even more depressed. Like Du Ruo, it is because her sweetheart is about to get married, but the bride is not her. When the big day came, Hua Yinan was very happy, but felt guilty towards Lu Yueer in her heart, because she didn't know her before and only wanted to inherit the position of island owner, and now she has to spend her whole life to repay Lu Yueer. Du Ruo appeared when the two were praying to heaven and earth. He was wearing a groom's attire and wanted to confess his love to Lu Yueer. Nan could see that Du Ruo was telling the truth, and asked Lu Yueer if he could go with him, but Lu Yueer did not accept Du Ruo's pursuit, and entered the bridal chamber after worshiping with Hua Yinan. Lonely, sadly left Huajian Island. The two of them were very shy after entering the bridal chamber, but Hua Yinan still took the initiative to embrace Lu Yue'er in his arms and slowly laid her down on the bed.

Episode 5

Hua Yinan put Lu Yueer down on the bed and kissed her, Lu Yueer also responded to Hua Yinan very gently, but suddenly her heartbeat quickened and she pushed Hua Yinan away. Hua Yinan thought it might be that Lu Yueer was not ready yet, so she asked Lu Yueer to rest assured that she would have sex when she was willing to accept it, but Lu Yueer told Hua Yinan that she was having her period. The two of them were a little embarrassed, but Hua Yinan was very considerate that Lu Yueer didn't ask too much from her, and gave Lu Yueer the hairpin left by her mother as a token of love. The next morning, Hua Yinan took Lu Yueer to visit her sister, because her sister was the only parent in the family, so Hua Yuman took over the responsibilities of her parents and accepted Lu Yueer's offer of tea. Yue'er was not satisfied, and wanted to set rules for her, but was opposed by the couple, Hua Yuman was very angry, and felt that the two of them were united to bully her. Hua Yinan successfully married Lu Yue'er, so he went to Elder Wu to get back his father's military power, and also took out his father's will. 

Unexpectedly, his father's will required Hua Yinan not to divorce his wife, worrying that Hua Yinan would not be allowed to divorce his wife. After marrying Lu Yueer, Yi Nan would regret divorcing his wife, so he asked him not to divorce his wife forever, otherwise he would take back his military power. This made Hua Yi Nan very puzzled. He had thought of divorcing his wife before, but now it is absolutely impossible to divorce Lu Yueer. For Yue'er, in Hua Yinan's eyes, Lu Yue'er is a treasure. But you must not let your sister Hua Yuman know about the will, otherwise the secret of Lu Yueer's identity will be revealed. Lu Yueer felt that Hua Yinan should be compensated, so she thought of many ways, but in the end Lu Yueer drank a lot of wine to build up her courage because of shyness, and when Hua Yinan returned, she would directly repay him. Yue'er was already too drunk, so she pushed Hua Yinan to the ground, but she also fell down and fell asleep, which made Hua Yinan very helpless. Xiaoman's exchange of voices often appeared in Song Yan's mind, so he couldn't help but hand it over. Just when Manhua went to find him, he thought Song Yan was calling her and was very happy, thinking that Song Yan must like her very much. 

However, Song Yan himself doesn't know why he has been collecting a painting, on which there is a tree and a beautiful woman, and that Xiaoman is also Song Yan's name for the beautiful woman in the painting. Although Song Yan doesn't know why, he always agrees There is a soft spot for that painting. After Hua Yinan woke up, he prepared hangover soup for Lu Yueer. The family Lu Yueer was very happy. At this time, her best friend went to play with Lu Yueer. Seeing that the owner of the island gave Lu Yueer a lot of jewelry, she liked it very much. , so Lu Yueer asked her best friend Xiaoyi to choose a piece of jewelry. Unexpectedly, Xiaoyi chose the hairpin that Hua Yinan gave her. Although Lu Yueer knew that it was a gift from Hua Yinan, Xiaoyi He was affectionate and righteous to her and couldn't let down the little ant, so he gave it to her. Hua Yinan went back when the two were smug, and was very angry when she saw that Lu Yueer had given the token of love she had given to Lu Yueer to someone else, so she asked Lu Yueer if she had ever loved him. 

Unexpectedly, Lu Yueer I don't know what love is, but I feel very grateful that Hua Yinan saved her father wholeheartedly, this made Hua Yinan even more sad, and ran out to drink alone. But when Su Tang saw that Hua Yinan was unhappy, he went to comfort him, and even expressed his love for Hua Yinan, but at this time, Hua Yinan was already drunk and leaned on Su Tang's arms, just in time for Lu Yueer to see him , but Lu Yueer was not very angry, thinking that the two of them met earlier than her, and if Lu Yueer hadn't appeared, maybe the two of them would have gotten married long ago. Because Hua Yinan was not angry anymore, Lu Yueer took the initiative to curry favor with him, and even made cakes to apologize to Hua Yinan, but what made Hua Yinan even more angry was that Lu Yueer asked Hua Yinan to marry Su Tang, even if It's okay to be a concubine by yourself, but Hua Yinan, who was angry with Lu Yueer's words, threw her out. After Lu Yueer went out, she met Hua Yuman. She felt that she didn't understand the rules, so she asked her followers to teach her the admonitions of the house, but she was also puzzled when Lu Yueer's hairpin disappeared, so she warned Lu Yueer not to lose it. Oh, it was a relic left by her mother, Lu Yueer finally understood why Hua Yinan was so angry, it turned out that it was Hua Yinan's most precious thing.

Character Casts of Believe in Love

Hua Yinan [Actor Huang Shengchi]

The owner of Huajian Island who is full of aloofness, arrogance and domineering. With his extraordinary status, he has always been admired by others, and his personality, which is cold on the outside and hot on the inside, makes him full of masculinity. He seems to be serious, but in fact he is hot inside, and he also has his own gentle side.

Lu Yueer [Actor Zheng He Keiko]

A hard-working snail girl. Because of her congenital weak heart and lack of understanding of love, she is affectionately called a monster by the islanders. However, as the hostess of Yunyue Noodle Restaurant, she is energetic and lovely, warm and caring towards people and things. Vigorous.

Su Tang [Actor Zhu Rongjun]

The front office steward of Huajian Pavilion is also the daughter of Sumen, a former shipping family on Huajian Island. She is outstanding in appearance, well-spoken, and has a good temperament. Although she is strong, she also knows how to show weakness. She is arrogant on the surface but soft.

Song Yan [Actor Xiao Kaizhong]

Cold and domineering, black-bellied and vicious, but also a man who lives up to his affection and is crazy about love. He even switches between the dual identities of Xuan Wang who is practicing Jackie Chan and the handsome and wealthy businessman Song Yan, and gradually uncovers his mystery amidst the love-hate entanglements in the past and present.

Duro [Actor Hou Dong]

Lu Yueer's cousin, who is not related by blood, was born in a wealthy family with superb cooking skills. I like Lu Yueer, and I want to find a magic doctor to cure the heart disease that I like Lu Yueer. And when Lu Yueer and Hua Yinan got married, they left Huajian Island lonely and sad.

Hua Yuman [Actor Ma Xinyu]

Hua Yinan's sister, the daughter of Princess Jianing. Beautiful lady, noble and arrogant, strong and strict, pays attention to rules and etiquette, speaks sharply, has a good heart but is easy to be fooled. He didn't understand why his younger brother Hua Yinan married Yun Xi's daughter Lu Yueer and wanted to break them up.

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