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Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah) Plot Story And Cast: Turkish Drama

Here is the plot story of Adım Farah (My Name Is Farah). Who are in the cast? Watch the trailer promotion here. When will the drama begin?

"Adım Farah" is on the set this week! The shooting of the TV series "Adım Farah", starring Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek, begins this week. So what is the subject of Adım Farah series? Who are the players? On which channel will the drama be broadcast? Is the series trailer released? Where is it being filmed? Is it an adaptation from the other series? Here are the detail ...

The struggle will be told. Culture and Art The shooting of the TV series 'Adım Farah', which will air on Fox TV in 2023, begins this week. Here are the details! Lastly, Lale Başar and Ali Sürmeli were included in the series 'Adım Farah', produced by O3 Medya. What is the plot of the TV series Adım Farah? Directed by Recai Karagöz, the series deals with the life of a doctor woman named 'Farah', who faces injustice in a country where her son came for treatment... 

Is Adım Farah an adaptation? The series 'Adım Farah' was adapted from the two-season American production The Cleaning Lady...Is My Name Farah 1st Episode trailer released? When will the trailer for Adim Farah be released? While the official trailer of the series has not been published yet, the publication date is also a matter of curiosity... 

adim farah synopsis

What is the Plot Story of Adim Farah series?

The story of the Turkish adaptation of the foreign TV series, Adim Farah, is also quite remarkable. In the series "Adim Farah", the resistance of a doctor mother, who is trying to get her son's treatment and has difficulty paying for the treatment, and her work as a cleaning woman next to the mafia in order to find the money for the treatment will be the subject. In the series "Adim Farah", the sacrifices that a mother can make for her son will appear before the audience.

Who are the casts of Adım Farah series? 

Demet Ozdemir

After Aslı Enver's departure, Demet Özdemir was offered the lead role. If Demet Özdemir accepts the offer, she will take a role in the My Name Farah series. Demet Özdemir recently starred in the TV series Between the World and Mine.

Engin Akyurek play as Tahir

Engin Akyürek will star in the TV series My Name is Farah. Engin Akyürek, who will play the male lead actor Tahir, was born in 1981 in Ankara. He is a graduate of Ankara University, Department of History. He won the acting competition named Stars of Turkey. He first appeared in the TV series Foreign Groom. Kara Para Ask, Ambassador's Daughter, Prisoner have been serials in recent years. He took part in the internet series "Your Way Open" and "Escape". 

Fırat Tanış

Fırat Tanış, born in 1975 in Istanbul, he acted in the TV series Extended Family, Bride from Istanbul, Failure, Club, 9 Times Leyla, Aziz and Olive Tree. Fırat Tanış social media account @firattanis firat tanis my name is farah who

Ali Surmeli

Ali Sürmeli, who was born in 1959 in Bingöl, has acted in many movies until this time. He acted in the movies Ali Sürmeli Babaları Money, Vizir Finger and Hep Yek. Afterwards, some projects in which he took part in Baba Hearth, North Wind, Collision, Pit and EDHO. 

Oktay Çubuk play as Kaan

Oktay Çubuk finally starred in the TV series Ah Where. Oktay Çubuk was born in 1996 in İzmir. He first appeared in the series Heaven's Tears. Afterwards, he played in the TV series Aşk Ağlatır and Baba.

Mert Dogan play as Bekir

Mert Dogan was born in 1995. Finally, he played in the TV series Adı Sevgi. Previously, he took part in the TV series Babil, Face to Face and Wreck. 

Mustafa Avkiran

Mustafa Avkıran was born in 1963. He is a graduate of Mimar Sinan University Theater Department. Mustafa Avkiran Snake Story, Henna Snow, Delibal, Filinta. Afterwards, Yeni Gelin, Azize, Çukur and one of us are some of the TV series in which he plays.

Senan Kara

Lale Başar

Fikret Urucu

Kemal Burak Alper

Derya Pınar Ak

Sevgi Burcu Türünz

Özge Arslan

Olimpia Ahenk Dourmouchev

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