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Unchained Love / Fu Tu Yuan (浮图缘) Plot Story And Cast

Here is the plot story of Chinese Drama "Unchained Love / Fu Tu Yuan (浮图缘)". Who are in the cast? What about their character? When will the drama release date?

"Fu Tu Yuan" is directed by Wu Qiang, starring Wang Hedi, Chen Yuqi, Ho Rundong, Zeng Li, starring He Nan, Wang Lixin, etc., Zhang Zijian, Shi Yu, Zhang Shaogang, An Weiling is a costume drama. The play will be broadcast on iQiyi on December 27, 2022.

Unchained Love / Fu Tu Yuan is adapted from the novel of the same name by You Sijie. It tells the story of Xiao Duo, the head of Zhaoding, who has power over the government, and Bu Yinlou, a talented person of the late emperor, who bravely resist fate and feudal ethics, support each other, overcome life and death difficulties, and win freedom

Detail of Unchained Love / Forbidden Love

Chinese Title: 浮图缘 (Fu Tu Yuan)

English Title: Unchained Love

Other Title: Forbidden Love

Genre: Ancient, costume 

Production company: iQiyi

Filming location: Hengdian,

First broadcast time: December 27, 2022. 

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Plot story of Unchained Love / Forbidden Love

During the Longhua period, Bu Yinlou, a talented person who was supposed to be buried, was rescued by Xiao Duo because of the emperor's fancy, and was placed in Xiao Duo's house. The two got along day and night, and gradually fell in love, but due to their status, they had to hide their feelings deeply. Xiao Duo went to the south of the Yangtze River to supervise the silk and satin trade with foreign countries, and Yinlou went south with him to visit relatives. During this period, the two fell in love and finally revealed their feelings. Under the emperor's suppression, a single mistake would lead to death. Yinlou sacrificed herself for the sake of the overall situation and decided to enter the palace. Xiao Duo, who didn't know where she was, misunderstood her. What is the fate between the two.

Character Cast of Unchained Love / Forbidden Love

Wang Hedi as Xiao Duo

Bearing the burden of humiliation, Xiao Duo climbed to power and poured himself into the court, just to catch the murderer and avenge his younger brother. He seemed cruel, but after meeting Buyinlou, he let go of his hatred and was redeemed.

Chen Yuqi as Bu Yin Lou

Bu Yin Lou is wise and foolish koi toffee. She was supposed to be buried for the first emperor, but escaped because she was favored by the new emperor. Xiao Duo rescued Buyinlou and placed her in his mansion.

Peter Ho as Murong Gaogong

King Fu conspired with Xiao Duo to launch a palace coup and ascended the throne to become emperor.

Zeng Li as Empress Rong An

Wang Yuexin as Cao Chunang

Qizhong Ji as Tong Yun

Guan Chang as Murong Wanwan

Han Haotian as Yuwen Liangxu

Cheng Zi as Buyin Pavilion

Kang Kang as Yuwen Liangshi

Li Xizi as Prince Liancheng

Lee Dong Hyuk as She Qilang

Zhang Zijian as Bu Yulu

Zhang Shaogang as Yan Sunlang

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