Shining Just For You (星河长明) Plot Story And Profile: Chinese Drama

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Shining Just For You (星河长明) is directed by Zhong Shujia, starring Feng Shaofeng, Peng Xiaoran, and Zhu Zhengting, and starring Cheng Xiaomeng, Jin Zehao, and Liu Mengrui.

Shining Just For You tells the story of Ye Lingshuang, a resolute and self-reliant Yebei female prisoner, who has the world in mind and enters the Qin Tianjian as an official, step by step into the heart of the iron-blooded war god Yu Xiuming. Shining Just For You will be broadcast on Youku on November 30, 2022.

Detail of Shining Just For You

Chinese Title: 星河长明 (Star River Ever Bright)

English Title: Shining just for you. AKA Kyushu Zhuyanji

Genre: Costume, emotion, and fantasy 

Production company: Youku, Dongyang Putian Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.

Filming location: Hengdian 

Premiere time: November 30, 2022 

Director: Zhong Shujia (General), Kong Lida, Zhang Junhao 

Screenwriter: Su Bing, Zhao Xiyu, Tianping, Wanyan, Blister 

Producer: Cong Xuefeng, Zhao Xiyu 

Starring: Feng Shaofeng, Peng Xiaoran, Zhu Zhengting

Number of Episode: 25 episodes.

Length of each episode: 45 minutes 

Streaming platform : Youku

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Plot Story of Shining Just For You

Ye Lingshuang, a grassland girl, is regarded as a disaster star by her tribe because she can predict disasters. Only Yebei princess Qi Hairui treats her like a sister. Ye Bei recklessly fought against Da Chao, and was about to die in defeat. Ye Lingshuang was also taken as a female prisoner and imprisoned in the Jiaofang Division, but she did not give in, and relied on her astrological talent to become an official in the Qin Tianjian, step by step into the blood of iron and blood. 

In the heart of the emperor Yu Xiuming, but just when the friendship between the two was getting stronger, Ye Lingshuang learned of Qi Hairui's death and broke up with Yu Xiuming. In order to save Qi Hairui, Ye Lingshuang is determined to turn back the time and return to Yebei in the past. Can she change everything that has happened? Where should the relationship between her and Yu Xiuming go?

Cast of Shining Just For You

Yu Xiuming [Feng Shaofeng]

The founding emperor of the Chao Dynasty, the first unified emperor in the mainland of Kyushu. Acting decisively and tyrannically, he planned to use Princess Yebei's refusal to marry as an excuse to send troops to attack the last piece of Yebei that had not surrendered to Chao. Chao Gaodi became interested in Ye Lingshuang after she was assassinated many times, and finally fell in love with her.

Ye Lingshuang [Peng Xiaoran]

The prairie girl carrying the star fragments is regarded as an unknown person. After Ye Bei was destroyed due to Chao Guo's schemes, Ye Lingshuang assassinated Chao Gaodi many times under the pseudonym Bai Lu in order to avenge the tribe and friends. During the process of revenge, Chao Gaodi and Ye Lingshuang had mutual affection for each other.

Wu Houguzhiyou [Zhu Zhengting]

The prince of the Yu clan who wandered in the Yebei grassland lost all his relatives because of Chao Guo. He loves Bai Lu deeply, but is still unable to express his feelings because of his reservedness. Later, in order to get Bailu, he decided to restore the country, but he fell a few steps away from the throne.

Nanami Rei [Cheng Xiaomeng]

As the eldest princess of Yebei, she has a great sense of responsibility to the tribe. After the fall of Yebei, she led the survivors of Yebei to struggle to survive. After living and dying with the babies in the world many times, he finally let go of his defenses and accepted the babies in the world.

Shijie ying'er [Jin Zehao]

The famous general of Chao State, the most trusted general of Emperor Chao Gao. Before meeting Qi Hailian, he was a soldier who only obeyed orders. After all the infants in the world faced their relationship with Qihailian, only Qihailian could make him willing to go through fire and water for him.

Qi Hairui [Liu Mengrui]

The passionate and lively Princess Zhuyan on the grassland is loved by everyone. After being forced into marriage by Chao Guo, knowing that she could not save Yebei, she jumped off Ruogan Peak with a bronze mirror in her arms.

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