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Shén Yǐn/ The Hidden God ( 神隐 ) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Yesterday's Shen Yin (神隐) on December 4th just quietly started the production process. With the start of production, the two main castings are definitely Zhao Lusi as A'Yin and Wang Anyu as Yuan Qi. Here is the plot story and the cast of Chinese Drama Shen Yin ....

Shén Yǐn ( 神隐 ) is still an Internet term. It means: one is the disappearance of gods, and gods make you disappear; another explanation is the so-called "spiritual concealment", which means "being hidden by gods and monsters", being entertained by them, and disappearing from human society, whereabouts are unknown.

Detail of Shén Yǐn/ The Hidden God

Chinese Title:  神隐 (Shén Yǐn)

Other Title: 隠し (かみかくし or  ㄕㄣˊ ㄧㄣˊ (God disappears, God makes you disappear)

Starring: Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu

shen yin the hidden god cast
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Plot Story of Shén Yǐn/ The Hidden God

The word "Shenyin" does not come from Japan. It has similarities and differences with the meaning of the word "Shenyin" in Japanese. Liu Zhou of the Northern Qi Dynasty, "Liu Zixin Lun Volume 3 Magic Art": "The sky is based on Qi, and the king uses art as his god; the art is made from the hidden spirit, and the law is made from clear judgment".

Tang Ouyang Xun's in the book of "Yiwenleiju·Volume 8": "Spitting out the stars and rising out of the sun, between the sky and the water, its depth is unpredictable, its breadth is unfathomable, Zhang Hai is beyond the limit, Lu Ao is beyond the limit, cherishing treasures, divine Hidden and hidden". Emperor Taizong of the Tang and Tang Dynasties "Emperor Fan·Jianqin Second" "It is wonderful to hide the gods. It is not easy for the practitioners to follow the law, and it is also followed by the people. Therefore, it is wonderful to hide the gods and make the people unpredictable; if it is not God Hidden, the people may steal and play with their laws, and they will be in chaos."

Xu Dong of the Northern Song Dynasty's "Tiger Seal Classic": "Anyone who wants to use it must first distinguish the high or low of the human body, the gods, the muscles and bones; and the human spirit is hidden in the middle, the shape is hidden in the body, and the energy is emitted from the outside. First look at the shape; Fushan has beautiful jade. , the vegetation is luxuriant; people have a noble appearance, and their complexion is rich; Saturn is the place in the center, and the essence of the earth; if it is seen in the four seasons, it shows the prosperity and decline of the owner; its spirit is hidden in the big and small, or it is in the world, and it is a monster. , causing chaos for the beautiful women, destroying the country, and confusing people's hearts for the gossip."

In China story: In Nanliang Renfang's book of "Shu Yi Ji", it is said that the woodcutter Wang Zhi went to the mountains to collect firewood, watched the immortals play chess, stayed in the mountains for a while, and found that the world had undergone tremendous changes after leaving the mountains; Liu Chen and Ruan Zhao also have similar stories.

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