My Dear General (一不小心顺走了将军) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Here is plot story of Chinese Drama My Dear General (一不小心顺走了将军). Here is 5th first episode summary. Who are in the cast? What about their character?  

My Dear General mainly tells the story of a thief who wanted to wash her hands and return to the fields, the No. 1 goddess of Requiem Pavilion, received a mission to steal the southern border defense map of General Dingnan, the God of War of Dongrui Kingdom, but sneaked into the general's side as a personal entourage In the process, "I fell in love with this general" who was loyal to the king and the country, and knew the righteousness of the country, and then cooperated with the general to fight against other countries and make a story of jointly defending against the enemy.


Detail of My Dear General

Chinese title: 一不小心顺走了将军 (Accidentally Walking Away with the General)

English Title: My Dear General

A.K.A: General Please Accept ,  or Accidentally Fall in Love with the General

Produced: Duju Pictures, 

Director: Yun Qi, Kurosawa, Zhang Jialin, 

Starring: Dai Chao, An Weiling, Du Yusen 

Online Platform: iQiyi on December 29.

Premiere: December 29, 2022 

Number of Episodes: 31 Episodes

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Plot Story of My Dear General

Tells about the figure of An Kong who is a spy sent by the rebel prime minister. He received an assignment to steal the southern border defense map of General Dingnan, the war god of the Eastern Rui Kingdom. On the other hand, she sneaked into the public house disguised as the general's personal maid. In the process, she falls in love with a loyal and patriotic general. So what will happen next?

5th First Episode of My Dear General 

Episode 1

In the Rui Dynasty, Lie Yun, the great general of Dingnan, defeated Southern Xinjiang, and returned to the court with the troops of the Southern Xinjiang Defense Map. In the crowded restaurant, An Chen, the number one thief on the Requiem List, inspected the surrounding streets, and took out the Requiem list order: Steal the defense map of southern Xinjiang, and give a reward of ten thousand taels. Suddenly a sword lay across his neck senior sister An Mei chased him down to ask for the order. Lie Yun and the soldiers were welcomed by the common people. Suddenly, a group of women with heavy make-up held banners and rushed towards Lie Yun as if planned. Lie Yun got off his horse and fled. An Chen was kicked off the second floor by his senior sister and hit the woman who was rushing towards her. When An Chen saw Lie Yun, he took the sachet from his waist in the name of protecting Lie Yun, not wanting Lie Yun to be extremely alert. After An Chen came back to his senses, he took advantage of the chaos to escape, and secretly followed Lie Yun to the outside of the general's mansion.

Episode 2

An Chen immediately knew that the senior sister was chasing him, and An Chen and the senior sister made peace first cooperate to complete the task, and then compete for the ranking order. At night, An Chen and his senior sister visited the General's Mansion at night. Wearing night clothes, the two evaded many guards, searched for a long time but found nothing, doubts in their hearts began to suspect that the other party was playing tricks. An Chen stunned the senior sister and took the opportunity to escape. An Chen folded himself into the garden, but met Lie Yun who was soaking in the hot spring. Lie Yun keenly flew over to arrest him, and after a fierce hand-to-hand fight, by the moonlight, he discovered that it was the boy in the daytime. An Chen slipped and nearly fell into the pool.

Episode 3

Lie Yun took An Chen into his arms with a big hand. An Chen acted according to circumstances, and told with great emotion how he chased the assassin to the mansion because he was worried about the general's safety, and stunned the assassin. Everyone was stunned for a moment, but Lie Yun smiled and looked at An Chen since he sacrificed his life to save him twice, he just stayed in the mansion and followed him closely. Just before dawn, An Chen sneaked out of the room, unexpectedly running into Lie Yun. Lie Yun brought An Chen to the cell, and saw the senior sister was tied to the rack. Lie Yun asked An Chen to use torture tools to interrogate the assassin, but An Chen hesitated and took out a whip and whipped it twice. The senior sister originally played with An Chen, but she didn't want An Chen to accidentally hit the senior sister's face with a whip, and the senior sister was furious.

Episode 4

An Chen winked secretly, asking the senior sister to take him as a hostage. Lie Yun pretended to accept the threat and ordered his men to get out of the way. The senior sister was about to take An Chen away, Lie Yunfei snatched An Chen and landed in his arms. Seeing the escaped senior sister An Chen was extremely desperate, and fainted. At dawn, An Chen was called to help the general change his clothes. An Chen approached Lie Yun nervously, but found that there was nothing wrong with him, so he began to work with confidence, but after searching, he couldn't find the sachet. Lie Yun lowered his head and looked at An Chen - after touching it for a long time, are you still satisfied? After hearing this, An Chen blushed and flattered Lie Yun's figure. Lie Yun glanced contemptuously if you were a girl, you would fall in love with me.

Episode 5

When An Chen went back to his room to change, Lie Yun peeked out the window, but only saw the muscular upper body, full of disappointment. An Chen had already guessed that Lie Yun's small plan was intentional. An Chen came to the study to apply medicine to Lie Yun, and followed the method of capturing a man taught by his senior sister. the first step to subdue a man, so that he could feel the pleasure of being admired. When An Chen seemed to feel sorry for the general's hard work, but actually praised Lie Yun as a great hero with responsibility, he inadvertently suggested Lie Yun's military training, which made Lie Yun's eyes shine. In the middle of the night, Wang Ziming came to visit unexpectedly. He wanted to worship An Chen as his teacher. When An Chen heard about it, he came up with a plan to use Wang Ziming to obtain information about Lie Yun.

Cast of My Dear General

Zhang Jia Lin play as An Kong

Hei Ze play as Lie Yun

Dai Chao play as Jiang Qi / Xiang Yao

Ariel Ann play as An Mei

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