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Love In Time (约定期间爱上你) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Here is the plot story of Chinese Drama "Love In Time (约定期间爱上你)". Here are in the cast of Love In Time... Watch the trailer of Love In Time here .....  

"Love in Time" also known as: "Falling in Love With You in the Contract Period" is the latest Chinese drama which airs on iQIYI. The drama, which has aired since October 13, 2022, comes with 24 episodes and has a duration of 46 minutes in each episode.

The drama, which was directed by Zhao Jin Tao, is in the comedy, romance, science fiction, and fantasy genres. The main actors in the drama Love in Time are Yang Xu Wen who plays He Zheng Yu and Julia Xiang who plays Chen Jia Lan. Meanwhile, the supporting cast for the drama Live in Time includes Wang Meng Li, Xu Kai Xin, Yu Xin Tong, Dai Gao Zheng, and others.

The Chinese drama Love In Time is a remake of the Taiwanese drama titled Meet Me (2018). This drama with the comedy, romantic, sci-fi and fantasy genres, stars Yang Xu Wen and Julia Xiang. Before watching it, see the detail and synopsis below.

love in time synopsis
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Detail of Love In Time

Chinese Tile: 约定期间爱上你 (fall in love with you during the appointment)

English Title: Love In Time

Starring: Yang Xu Wen, Julia Xiang

Genre: Drama, Romantic

Plot Story of Love In Time

Tells about He Zheng Yu, a handsome lawyer who never loses, who just lost his career after handling a murder case involving a Judo coach. Zheng Yu moved into an old apartment. With the help of a mysterious power, he meets Chen Jia Lan, a grumpy reporter from the time dimension 4 months ago.

Zheng Yu and Jia Lan are forced to become "roommates" every night at 10:06 a.m., because the time dimensions between the two merge for 46 minutes. At first Zheng Yu thought that Jia Lan was the ghost that was guarding his apartment, but it turned out that previously Jia Lan was the tenant of the room.

After that, Zheng Yu wanted to take advantage of Jia Lan to change his past, but the two of them started a relationship instead. Zheng Yu then wanted to uncover the murder case that caused him to lose his reputation and job after prosecutor Mu Shi Ming charged him with falsifying evidence. Will Jia Lan be willing to help Zheng Yu?

Trailer of Chinese Drama Love In Time

Cast of Chinese Drama Love In Time

Yang Xu Wen play as He Zheng Yu

Julia Xiang play as Chen Jia Lan

Wang Meng Li play as Wu Ji Rong

Xu Kai Xin play as Mu Shi Ming

Yu Xin Tong play as Chen Ke Xin

Dai Gao Zheng play as Jiang Sheng Hao

Cao Zheng play as Wu An Wen

Chen Guan Yu play as Zhou Da Jun

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