Flight to You (向风而行) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Here are the plot story of Chinese Drama Flight to You / Xiang Feng Er Xing (向风而行). Who are in the cast? What about their character? When will the drama be released? Here are the answer ... 

"Flight to You / Xiang Feng Er Xing" also known as "Walking to the Wind" is produced by iQiyi, Huace Film and Television, jointly produced by Deshe Film and Television, Xingyun Culture, and Xiamen Airlines, directed by Wang Zhi, starring Wang Kai and Tan Songyun, Liu Chang, Yan Zidong, Shao Yuqi, Starring Zhou Qiqi, Bo Zicheng, etc., Liu Jun and Cheng Taishen special starring urban inspirational drama, the drama will be broadcast on CCTV 8 on December 26, 2022, and will be broadcast simultaneously on iQiyi and Tencent Video out. It will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV's Happiness Theater in 2023.

Flight to You tells the story of Gu Nanting, the deputy director of the Passenger Flight Department of Luzhou Airlines, and Cheng Xiao, the pilot, who have experienced shocks and tests together, overcoming obstacles along the way, helping each other grow, and building dreams together.

On December 26, the TV series "Flight to You" starring Wang Kai and Tan Songyun released a follow-up calendar and will start broadcasting on CCTV, iQiyi, and Tencent Video at 19:30 on the same day. The play tells the story of Gu Nanting (played by Wang Kai), the deputy director of the Passenger Flight Department of Luzhou Airlines, and the pilot Cheng Xiao (played by Tan Songyun) who have experienced shocks and tests together, overcoming obstacles, growing up together, and building dreams together. 

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Detail of Flight to You

Chinese Title: 向风而行 (Moving towards the wind)

English Title: Flight to You / Xiang Feng Er Xing

Other Title: Walking to the Wind

Genre: contemporary, urban 

Production company: iQiyi, Zhejiang Huace Film and Television

Filming location: Xiamen 

Premiere time: December 26, 2022 

Director: Wang Zhi 

Scriptwriter: Yu Qiao 

Starring: Wang Kai, Tan Songyun, Liu Chang, and Yan Zidong. 

Number of episode: 40 episodes.

Length of each episode: 45 minutes 

Online broadcast platform: iQiyi, Tencent Video 

Production time: 2021

Plot Story of Flight to You 

Gu Nanting, the deputy director of the passenger flight department of Luhang, who is known for his strict self-discipline, became a subordinate and a mentor with Cheng Xiao, who has a sassy and unruly personality, because of an unexpected company restructuring. The story of the two working together to fight back from the Jedi and save the day. Although on the way to solve the crisis, Gu Nanting, who has always pursued a stable order, is often disrupted by Cheng Xiao, who does not follow common sense, but the two are still able to solve the difficulties smoothly in the end, and gradually overcome their own shortcomings in the process. Overcoming obstacles and advancing towards the dream.

All Episode of Flight to You 

Episode 1

The handsome and unrestrained co-pilot of the cargo plane, Cheng Xiao, was driving the plane without any panic when passing through the turbulence. Her excellent driving skills were not only appreciated by Lao Cai, the captain of the five-star flight on the same flight, but also Song Song, another co-pilot sitting in the back row. At the same time, on another Luhang airliner, Gu Nanting, the captain and deputy director of the flight department, who is known for his extreme strictness, is driving the plane, and Jiang Tao, another captain of the flight department, is also sitting in the back row.

Episode 2

Lao Cai, the Minister of Cargo, took into account the mood of the pilots he led, so he did not tell everyone the news of the restructuring of Luhang in advance. Lao Cai, who had witnessed Cheng Xiao's growth all the way, decided to retire. Cheng Xiao felt depressed for a while, so he had to bid farewell to the retired cargo plane that had been with her for many years in the hangar. Cheng Xiao joined several cargo pilots, including his friend Song Song, to participate in the group interview of the Passenger Transport Department, waiting for the company's new job assignment. Cheng Xiao's resume is very beautiful, and various statistics prove his outstanding ability.

Episode 3

During the interview, Xia Zhi, who was wearing a wig and trying to control her belly, could not hide her lively and funny nature, which had nothing to do with the elegance and intelligence of traditional flight attendants. Whether to admit her became a problem. The cabin manager Ai Jia proposed that in recent years, flight attendants have left their jobs. High rate, low ability to withstand stress, summer solstice is a rare quality. In the end, both Li Yuheng and Xia Zhi were successfully recruited and assigned to Ai Jia's subordinates for training, officially starting their journey as flight attendants.

Episode 4

Cheng Xiao, who trained hard, was regarded as a benchmark, and the other pilots complained endlessly. At the same time, the constant provocations of foreign students also angered Cheng Xiao. The Chinese and foreign parties agreed to compete in the simulator. If the foreign students lose, they need to apologize, and if Cheng Xiao loses, they will receive double punishment. So Cheng Xiao began to redouble his training, but due to fatigue and menstruation, he fell asleep in the classroom. After Gu Nanting found out, he immediately sent Cheng Xiao to the hospital.

Episode 5

The simulation machine competition officially started. Chinese and foreign students competed on the outside of the machine. Gu Nanting and Kane also secretly followed the progress of the competition in the engineer's room in the distance. The game is divided into three rounds. Cheng Xiao had a one-on-one tie with foreign students in the steep circling and blind descent. The third round was supposed to be a test of wind shear, but Gu Nanting secretly sent a message to the referee, and the content of the test was changed to an aircraft landing under extreme wind speed. At the beginning, Cheng Xiao was better than foreign students with a relatively stable flying attitude.

Cast of Flight to You 

Wang Kai as Gu Nanting

Tan Songyun as Cheng Xiao

Liu Chang as Ni Zhan

Yan Zidong as Song Song

Shao Yuqi as Li Yuheng

Zhou Qiqi as Ai Jia

Bozi Juzi as Xia Zhi

Guo Xiaoran as Lin Yicheng

Wang Ce as Xu Ce

Liu Jun as Jiang Tao

Cheng Taishen as Xie Zetian

Tong Tong as Liang Yueru

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