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Flame of Wu Geng Ji (烈焰之武庚纪) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Here is the plot story of Chinese Drama 烈焰之武庚纪 (Lie Yan Zhi Wu Geng Ji) Who are in the cast? what about their characters?

Flame of Wu Geng Ji (烈焰之武庚纪) is adapted from the super animation IP "Wu Geng Ji" produced by Xuanji Technology. Fei, Zhu Xudan, Yan Yikuan, Zhu Zhengting, Mire lead the leading roles, Jiang Xin and Zheng Xiyi are special stars, Han Dong and Ren Yankai are special guests, Gu Zicheng, Guo Xiaotian, Huang Cancan, Liu Xiangjing, Liu Xiening, Long Zhengxuan, Pang Hanchen, Qi Yandi, Song Ancient costume fantasy drama starring Wen Zuo, Tang Guozhong, Tang Wenlong, Wang Xichao, and Zhao Xun (in alphabetical order).

"Flame of Wu Geng Ji" also as known as "Lie Yan Zhi Wu Geng Ji" tells the story of Wu Geng, the prince of the human race, who was reduced to a slave after his country was destroyed and his family was destroyed. He avenged his parents and clansmen while inheriting the will of the former king and leading the compatriots of the human race to resist the oppression of the gods.

flame of wu geng ji synopsis
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Detail of Flame of Wu Geng Ji

Chinese Title: 烈焰之武庚纪 (Flame of Wu Geng Ji)

Other Title: Lie Yan Zhi Wu Geng Ji

Genre: Ancient, costume, fantasy, hot blood

Production company: iQiyi, Beijing Comrade Culture

Director: Zheng Weiwen 

Starring: Ren Jialun, Xing Fei, Zhu Xudan, 

Number of Episode: 40 episodes

Online streaming platform: iQiyi

Plot Story of Flame of Wu Geng Ji

As an ancient costume fantasy drama that draws inspiration from oriental myths and uses traditional Chinese culture to guide the spiritual context, "Wu Geng Ji of Flame" tells the story that Prince Wu Geng (played by Ren Jialun) has dual bloodlines of gods and humans, extraordinary talent, and unruly unruly. However, the kingdom of Xin was destroyed by the gods, his parents passed away, and the high prince became a slave.

Wu Geng went through hardships in the predicament, and got acquainted with the market girl Bai Cai and a group of like-minded friends. He led the human race to gather the Shenyin tribe, the Yaozu, and the Hailing tribe to fight against the powerful gods. Wu Geng continued to sharpen and grow, from national hatred to family hatred to fighting for the common people in the world, he continued to grow and become stronger, and became the God of War in the sky. 

Character Cast of Flame of Wu Geng Ji

Ren Jialun as Wu Geng/ Agou

Wu Geng was originally a lonely and willful prince. After his country was destroyed and his family was destroyed, he became a slave "Agou" at the bottom of the mine. He learned to love and cherish in the face of adversity. Unite the Shenyin tribe, Yaozu, Hailingzu, etc., join hands to fight against the powerful gods and grow into a true "chosen son" passionate hero.

Zhu Zhengting as Marshal of the Yaozu

Fei Xing as Bai Cai

Zhu Xudan as Alan

Yan Yikuan as Zi Yu

Mire as Shi Xing

Xin Jiang 

Cheng Xiyi

Han Dong 

Ren Yankai 

Gu Zicheng as 

Guo Xiaotian as 

Cancan Huang 

Liu Xiangjing 

Liu Xiening 

Long Zhengxuan 

Hanchen Pang 

Qi Yandi 

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