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Here is the plot story of Chinese Drama Falling Into You. Who are in the cast? What about their character? Here are the answer ...

This new couple is indeed being widely discussed by C-Drama fans. The couple Gina Jin and Wang An Yu managed to make fans excited through the drama Falling into You (2022). This drama by director Yi Zheng was actually adapted from a novel titled Blazing Trail by Twentine. If you are curious and want to watch it, you can watch this drama on Viki or Youku.

The story revolves around a man named Duan Yu Chen who dreams of becoming a world high jump athlete. Unfortunately, this dream seems impossible due to his lack of height. Not wanting to give up, Duan Yu Chen enlists the help of an experienced athletic assistant, Luo Na. Although this relationship initially started professionally, love grew between the two.

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Plot Story of Falling into You

The Chinese drama Falling into You tells the story of the struggle and love full of challenges that Duan Yu Cheng goes through who is attracted to a woman older than him Luo Na. The Chinese drama Falling into You is set in the story of the world of sports. Especially Duan Yu Cheng, a young man who really loves the world of high jump.

However, he had to endure his love for the sport of high jump a little and fight back because he was hindered by the standard height of athletes in general. His enthusiasm doesn't stop there, he takes part in a talent search event which eventually finds him with Luo Na, an experienced athlete assistant.

It was from Luo Na that Duan Yu Cheng's enthusiasm increased because he wanted to be guided and trained more professionally by Luo Na. This golden opportunity does not come twice. Duan Yu Cheng would do anything to get training from him. He even enrolled at the university where Luo Na was training and took part in the selection to become Luo Na's team.

The traces of Duan Yu Cheng's dream of becoming a high jump athlete are starting to show. Even though there are still many wounds, cruelties, failures that he has to go through. He struggled from 0 starting from participating in school-level competitions to the National, turning off the ears of those who looked down on him.

The student and coach relationship has also become closer. But it doesn't feel like that relationship isn't what they feel. The story of struggle and love is described in this drama in an epic and interesting way. How interested? Please watch

Cast of Falling into You

Gina Jin plays as Luo Na

Gina Jin was born on September 5, 1990 in Jinan, China. He debuted in 2011 with his first drama “The Peacock Feather” as a supporting actor named Huo Jian. In 2021 yesterday he also became a Cameo in the drama You Are My Glory as Yu Tu's ex-girlfriend, played by Yang Yang.

Wang An Yu plays as Duan Yu Cheng

Wang An Yu was born on February 3, 1998, she made her acting debut in 2019 in the historical romantic drama Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty as Aisin Gioro Yin Yang. Elan, he has also participated in a music variety show in China "The Coming One"

Zhang Kai Ying plays as Shin Yin

Chi Jia plays as Wu Ze

Li Zhou Zhao plays as Li Ge

Guo Jin Qi plays as Jiang Tian

Jill Hsu plays as Cai Yuan

Jiang Yu Shun plays as Liu Shan

Gao Sheng Hao Yu plays as Mao Mao Qi

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