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Electric Cars; The Advantages And Disadvantages

How Should Electric Cars Be Used? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars? Here are the explaining .....

Developing technology and R&D studies affect the production of the tools and equipment we use. Due to global warming and its effects on the environment, the popularity of electric vehicles has increased and is also supported by countries. The electric vehicle was first produced in America in 1835 and is now produced all over the world. Electric car production is used by many car brands. Electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than vehicles using fossil fuels. Electric vehicles are preferred to increase fuel prices and reduce global warming. As the Borlease team, in this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars and how they should be used.

How Should Electric Cars Be Used?

Electric cars are a general name given to vehicles powered by electric motors rather than internal combustion engines. Electric vehicles have batteries and battery packs. The usage time varies according to the volume of the batteries. Internal combustion engines are used in vehicles using gasoline, diesel and LPG fuel types. Since combustion engines are not used in electric cars, there is no exhaust gas problem and it is more beneficial for the environment. So, how should electric vehicles be used?

electric cars advantages
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In internal combustion engines, they can convert a maximum of 30-35% of the energy they spend during operation into motion. In electric vehicles, this efficiency is around 85-90%. Energy that is not translated into motion is released as sound, heat and vibration. That's why electric vehicles run silently. There are also hybrid vehicles that use electric motors. Hybrid vehicles have both electric and internal combustion engines. In all-electric vehicles, companies give a capacity guarantee of up to 70% for the first 4 years and the batteries on the vehicles are very long-lasting.

You can charge your electric vehicles that have run out of charge to 80% in 30 minutes at the fast charging stations set up for long roads, you can charge your vehicle for 2-4 hours at regular charging stations and overnight at home. The distances that can be traveled with this charge vary according to the make and model of the vehicle.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have many advantages. In detail, the advantages of electric vehicles are as follows:

  1. Since electric vehicles do not have internal combustion engines, they do not have a clutch, transmission and exhaust.
  2. Electric vehicles that do not consume fossil fuels are beneficial to the environment as no exhaust gas is produced.
  3. Vehicle manufacturers and countries support electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint. In order to leave a better world for the future, tax reductions and legal supports are made for electric vehicles.
  4. Electric vehicles have a very fast reaction rate. Since very little of the energy from the battery turns into sound, it provides silent driving and rapid speed change. Electric vehicles produce instantaneous torque. In this way, they have a low center of gravity and offer high driving comfort.
  5. The increase in the costs of fuels such as gasoline, diesel and LPG makes electric vehicles more advantageous. Electric vehicles significantly reduce your fuel costs, you are less affected by price hikes and exchange rates. In addition, since the engine structure is quite simple, it significantly reduces your maintenance costs.
  6. The number of charging stations is increasing in our country. It makes electric vehicles attractive thanks to easy and fast charging stations in shopping malls, highway entrances and homes.

Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles

  1. While the production and development of electric vehicles in the world continues, there are some problems. The disadvantages of electric vehicles today are as follows:
  2. Even though the costs decrease when electric vehicles start mass production, today the prices of electric vehicles are higher than normal vehicles.
  3. Since the use of electric vehicles and the second-hand market in our country are not very much, your sales may be difficult after using them.
  4. It allows you to go long distances when the electric vehicles are fully charged. When you run out of charge, you have to wait for the charge to be recharged, and this is disadvantageous. When you forget to charge your vehicle, you have to wait.

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