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Cute Bodyguard (那小子不可爱) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Here is the plot story of Chinese Drama Cute Bodyguard (那小子不可爱).  This romance drama that can be watched on WeTV, work from Main Tian stars a number of famous Chinese actors and actresses such as Liu Te, Ling Mei Shi, and Zhou Zi Xin. The 24-episode series is also known as That Kid is Not Cute and That Guy is Not Cute.

From the title alone, it is certain that the drama entitled Cute Bodyguard (2022) is a romantic comedy genre. The drama that you can watch on WeTV will be directed by director Mai Tian. As for the main cast, this time Liu Te will compete acting with the beautiful actress Ling Mei Shi. The chemistry between the two in this drama really makes the audience really excited.

As for the storyline, this drama tells the story of a rich man's love affair with his bodyguard. Gu Rong is the second generation of a wealthy family who is known for his arrogance and frequent trouble. To protect her, he hires a strong woman named Su Jing Jing whom he ends up falling in love with. Here are the plot story and casts of the Chinese Drama "Cute Bodyguard"

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Plot Story of Cute Bodyguard

Cute Bodyguard tell the story of Su Jing Jing (Ling Mei Shi) may have a small body but her small size doesn't hinder her ability to hold her own body. Actually, Jing Jing is a top-class fighter who has supernatural powers so that she is known to be strong despite her petite stature. Capable of taking down anyone who dared to go against her, Jing Jing had never lost a fight before.

On the other hand, a character named Gu Rong Yan (Liu Te) is a man who has a very different character from Jing Jing. Rong Yan is known as a young CEO who prefers flight over combat—until now he needs a bodyguard. Meeting Jing Jing purely by chance, he witnessed her talent firsthand and immediately offered her a job. Getting a tempting offer from Rong Yan, Jing Jing immediately took the opportunity.

With no idea what she's getting herself into, Jing Jing takes her job as Rong Yan's bodyguard seriously, but her carefree nature makes her life difficult, to say the least. Despite their differences, the two find themselves growing closer but some unfortunate misunderstandings insist on keeping them apart. So, what is the end of the story of these two opposite people? Find the answer in the Chinese series, Cute Bodyguard, which you can watch on WeTV.

Trailer of Cute Bodyguard

"Bossy President Falls In Love With His Cute Bodyguard"

Cast of Cute Bodyguard 

Mai Tian

Liu Te play as Gu Rong Yan

Ling Mei Shi play as Su Jing Jing

Zhou Zi Xin play as Ai Mi

Xu Fang Zhou play as Xie Te

Chang Zhe Kuan play as Han Ran

Ouyang Xiao Ru play as Bai An Rou

Zhao Zheng Yang play as [Su Jing Jing's father]

Zhao Qian play as [Su Jing Jing's mother]

Zhang Shuang Li play as [Gu Rong Yan's grandfather]

Feng Li Jun play as Du Yu Chuan

Li Ruo Jia play as Qin Xiao Xiao

Osmond Zheng play as Lin Yao Zhong

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