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Bad Girlfriend (배드걸프렌드) Plot Story And Cast: Korean Drama

Here is the plot story of Bad Girlfriend (배드걸프렌드). Who are in the cast? Watch the trailer promotion here ....

Forming more of a love triangle, Park Young Woon and Hyuk OMEGA X become Byeon Seo Yoon's lovers in the romantic drama series Bad Girlfriend. This series made by media WHYNOT will start streaming on Tuesday, 5 July 2022 online through the live video streaming platforms Naver TV, Viki and VLive.

In addition, this drama can be enjoyed every Tuesday and Thursday. Yang Hyuk became the main character in this drama and debuted here. Previously, he appeared on the TV show Dancing Dol Stage (2022). He collided acting with Byeon Seo Yoon who had starred in Moonshine (2021). Besides the two, there is Park Young Woon who was previously successful with a drama entitled The King in Love (2017).

Bad Girlfriend tells the story of Ji Soo, an attractive publicity planner who has captured the hearts of many men inside and outside of her office. Ji Soo's relationship status becomes complicated when his girlfriend, who works in a cafe, decides to move and work in the same office as him, where Ji Soo is, at the same time, dating his boss. With a story developed by writer Park Jeong Yoon and director Lee Si Young, Bad Girlfriend features three unique main characters.

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Byeon Seo Yoon is a woman who attracts attention and likes him, Park Young Woon is the boss who looks cold, while Yang Hyuk is a cheerful new graduate. Besides the two lovers, Ji Soo has another man in his life, played by actor Yoo Jeong Hoo, as Ji Soo's close friend who knows his complicated dating style.

Plot Story of Korean Drama "Bad Girlfriend" 

Being in a relationship is fun. Or so thinks Yang Ji Soo (Byeon Seo Yoon), a beautiful woman who often goes on casual dates here and there to find someone she likes. At the publicity office where he works, that someone is Yoon Tae Oh (Park Young Woon), the competent, successful, and logical leader of the YN team.

But outside the office, Ji Soo finds someone else he likes. Moon Ji Ho (Yang Hyuk) is a cheerful and loving young man who just graduated and now works part time at a cafe. Ji Soo then has two relationships at once, with Tae Oh and Ji Ho, until one day Ji Ho applies for a job at Ji Soo's office. How Ji Soo should choose between his two lovers.

Details of Korean Drama "Bad Girlfriend"

Title: Bad Girlfriend 

Hangul: 배드걸프렌드 (Baedeu Geolpeurendeu)

Genre: Romance, Drama

Country: South Korea

TV Channels: Naver TV, Viki, vLive

Number of Episodes: 12

Broadcast Period: July 5, 2022 – August 11, 2022

Broadcast Schedule: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Director: Lee Si Young

Screenwriter: Park Jeong Yoon

Cast of Korean Drama "Bad Girlfriend"

Byeon Seo Yoon (Yang Ji Soo)

Park Young Woon (Yoon Tae Oh)

Yang Hyuk (Moon Ji Ho)

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