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Warm Meet You (与你的暖暖时光) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

The romance story between a girl with bad luck and a young man with a special disease is presented in the latest Chinese drama series, Warm Meet You (与你的暖暖时光). Scheduled to start airing on Saturday, November 19 2022, this 24-episode drama can be watched online via the live streaming video platform Mango TV.

Li Ge Yang and Qi Yu Chen were lined up as the main couple in this drama series directed by Chu De Jian. Apart from that, this drama also presents a love story between two other pairs of young people who are quite interesting, played by Xu Ke, Yu Cong, Gao Jun Jie, and Wang Qian Guo.

According to the schedule, 14 episodes of Warm Meet You, or also known as 'Nuan Nuan Met You', will air in the first week from Saturday to Wednesday, 19-23 November 2022. After that, the remaining 10 episodes will be aired every Saturday. until Monday. Before watching this Chinese Drama 24 series, first consider the following synopsis of Warm Meet You.

Warm Meet You synopsis
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Plot Story of Warm Meet You

Zhao Nuan Nuan (Qi Yu Chen) is a comic artist with excellent drawing skills, who dreams of becoming a top artist through his original works. However, the painter who graduated from university always faced failure and labeled himself as a poor person. Due to bad luck, Nuan Nuan almost always messes up her work. Until one day when he came home from work, he accidentally met Gu Yi Chen (Li Ge Yang) through an argument.

Despite the bickering, Nuan Nuan soon realized that her bad luck took a turn for the better when she was around Gu Yi Chen. In order to change the bad luck that has haunted her for 20 years, Nuan Nuan doesn't hesitate to transform herself into a man to get a job as a full-time cleaner in the CEO's office.

On the other hand, not many people know that Gu Yi Chen actually suffers from a unique disease, namely 'a touch allergy of the opposite sex'. And through an accidental touch, the fearsome CEO of Z Mobile Games company realizes that Nuan Nuan is the only girl who doesn't trigger allergies. Therefore Gu Yi Chen tried to persuade Nuan Nuan to pretend to be his lover for a day in front of his parents.

Detail of Warm Meet You 

Original Title: 与你的暖暖时光 (Warm time meet you)

English Title: Warm Meet You/ Nuan Nuan Met You

Genre: Comedy, Romantic

Watch Links: Mango TV Original Network

Premiere: Saturday, November 19, 2022

Showtimes: Every Day

Number of Episodes: 24 Episode

Casts of Warm Meet You 

Gu Yi Chen play as Li Ge Yang

Zhao Nuan Nuan play as Qi Yu Chen

Sheng Qiao Nan play as Xu Ke

Fang Mi play as Yu Cong

Zhao Ming Yang play as Gao Jun Jie

5th First Episode of Warm Meet You 

Episode 1

Qi Mo was called by his father to tell him that he had found Wu Yi, the widow of Qi Mo's brother, so he hoped that Qi Mo could take good care of his brother's child. Qi Mo promised his father that he would treat his brother's child as his own. She got up and was about to go out, but at this moment Wu Jiaojiao ran over in a hurry and bumped into Qi Mo's body directly, and the scene where the two of them got up and down together was very embarrassing. At this moment, several people who were chasing Wu Jiaojiao from behind also arrived, and they were about to arrest Wu Jiaojiao, but Qi Mo couldn't see it and killed them directly. After Qi Mo put on his clothes, he wanted to go out to meet his nephew, so he arranged for Yan Kai to prepare a car for him to meet. But Wu Jiaojiao was left behind to be scolded by several people, and they beat them severely, but Wu Jiaojiao felt wronged that the one who beat them was not arranged by herself.

A child in Wu Yi stopped the landlord from coming in at the door of the house, which made the landlord very angry. They hadn't paid the rent for half a year, and they wanted to go in and ask Wu Yi's mother for rent, but Wu Yi just refused to let her in. Just then Qi Mo arrived and told the landlord not to bully his nephew. As a result, when Qi Mo returned with his nephew in his arms, he saw Wu Yi's mother. Qi Mo was very surprised that the person was Wu Jiaojiao, the woman who knocked him down just now.

Episode 2

Qi Mo thought that Wu Jiaojiao should thank him, but Wu Jiaojiao blamed Qi Mo for beating someone. Now that people misunderstood that she was looking for someone to fight, and now she is still holding her child and refusing to let him go. I didn't expect Qi Mo to take Wu Yi back. This made Wu Jiaojiao even more angry. Although Wu Jiaojiao is Wu Yi's aunt, but she has been living by her side all the time, it is not enough for Qi Mo to just take her away. But Qi Mo has already bought Wu Jiaojiao's residence, and is now Wu Jiaojiao's landlord, which makes Wu Jiaojiao very surprised and at a loss. Qi Mo showed Wu Jiaojiao the purchase contract. If she broke the date alone and compensated, Wu Jiaojiao would use soft tricks to ask Qi Mo to continue teaching them to live.

Episode 3

But Qi Mo felt that he didn't care about the rent after buying the house, which made Wu Jiaojiao helpless and had to act more coquettishly. Qi Mo told them to continue to live. Qi Mo told Wu Jiaojiao that she bought it for Wu Yi to live in, but since she saw the unreliable Wu Jiaojiao, she no longer felt at ease to give Wu Jiaojiao the custody of Wu Jiaojiao, so if Wu Jiaojiao continued to live, she would give the custody to Qi Mo Otherwise, the second uncle will move out directly. Wu Jiaojiao felt that Qi Mo was going to take Wu Yi away if she couldn't say anything, and it was absolutely useless for him to ask for custody.

Qi Mo asked Wu Jiaojiao to think clearly that she couldn't take Wu Yi to eat and sleep outdoors, and Wu Yi also went to tell his uncle not to ask his mother to move away, or he would be bullied outside. Seeing that Wu Jiaojiao didn't understand Qi Mu, she wanted to take Wu Yi away, and Qi Mo told them to wait a while, but Qi Mo couldn't bear to tell them to stay. The next day Wu Jiaojiao took a group of children to practice knives, guns and sticks. Qi Mo gave Wu Yi the schoolbag she bought. living.

Episode 4

Wu Jiaojiao felt that it was Qi Mo who wanted to stay and live in the martial arts hall, so since she was a beginner, she had to abide by her school rules, and practiced with them every day in the future. This was very repulsive to Qi Mo, but to make Wu Yi happy Had to compromise. Wu Jiaojiao taught Qi Mo to practice kung fu, but Qi Mo kept making things difficult for him and told him to have a standard posture, but Qi Mo couldn't do it all the time. Wu Jiaojiao asked Wu Yi to go over and show Qi Mo a demonstration. In the end, Qi Mo was so exhausted that he almost fell down, but he still insisted on being a role model in front of Wu Yi. Afterwards, the two of them had to try riding bicycles. Wu Jiaojiao didn't expect Qi Mo to have such stamina, and Wu Jiaojiao was so tired that she was out of breath. Wu Jiaojiao continued to drive forward if she wanted to win against Qi Mo, and Qi Mo didn't dare to lag behind and rushed forward.

Episode 5

Both of them were exhausted after returning home. Qi Mo couldn't lift his legs while sitting, and had to use his hands to help him move. However, his mouth was not soft at all, and he insisted on taking Wu Yi's custody from Wu Jiaojiao. It is impossible to fight back. But Wu Jiaojiao taught Qi Mo to think clearly about who Wu Yi likes, and if Wu Yi doesn't like Qi Mo, don't think about it. Qi Mo asked Wu Jiaojiao to give him time to show that the power of family affection is absolutely indestructible. Wu Jiaojiao was also exhausted after returning to the room, but everything was not a problem for the custody of the child, but when she woke up the next morning, she found that Wu Yi was gone. Wu Jiaojiao looked around anxiously, and found Wu Yi in Qi Mo's room. Qi Mo felt that Wu Jiaojiao was very upset that he suspected him of stealing the child, and asked Wu Jiaojiao to write a self-criticism before she would forgive her. She was going to be late, but no one sent her to kindergarten.

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