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Thank You Doctor (谢谢你医生) is directed by Zhang Rui and Yu Bo, starring Yang Mi and Bai Yu, Xi Meijuan, Zhang Zhijian, You Benchang, Liu Jia, Wu Yufang, Bai Zhidi, Qiao Zhenyu, Fan Lei special stars, Wang Yinan, Li Jie, Li Dongheng, Jiang Ruijia , Guo Xiaoting, Liu Yanchen and other medical emotional care dramas. The play will be broadcast on CCTV 8 on November 4, 2022, and will be broadcast simultaneously on Tencent Video, iQiyi, and CCTV 8.

Thank You Doctor (谢谢你医生) is adapted from Shengli's novel "ICU 48 Hours". It tells the story of the medical workers in the EICU who put the needs of patients first, save acute and critically ill patients, and at the same time give them the greatest respect and understanding, and help patients and their families rebuild hope of life.

Detail of Thank You Doctor (谢谢你医生)

Chinese Title: 谢谢你医生 (Thank You Doctor)

English Title: Thank you Doctor

Genre: Medical, Emotional

Starring: Yang Mi, Bai Yu

Screenwriter: Zhou Yong, Liu Yuchang, Sui Zheng 

Producer: Gao Chen (Chief Producer)

Director: Zhang Rui, Yu Bo 

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Plot Story of Thank You Doctor (谢谢你医生)

Overseas doctor Xiao Yan (Yang Mi) came to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital with the pain of losing his fiancé Lin Zhiyuan, and doctor Bai Zhu (Bai Yu) used his medical skills to treat one critical emergency after another in the newly established EICU (Emergency Intensive Care Unit). of patients. Xiao Yan, with a wild appearance, is as precise as a machine on the operating table. The proud Bai Shu believes that he has survived the dead because he adopted the terminally ill Xiao Guang. 

During the day and night medical operations, the two opened their hearts and discovered The similarities and shining points of each other. The director Jiang Zhongjing's attitude towards life and death allows the two to let go of their obsessions and prejudices, and accept each other as the most important person in their lives. The doctors in the emergency department were touched by the condensed life stories and emotional stories of the patients, and experienced the test of life and the torture of human nature together. Everyone overcame their differences, overcome all difficulties, and tried their best to guard the last door of the life defense battle.

5th First Episode of Thank You Doctor (谢谢你医生) 

Episode 1

In a World Without Borders Rescue base in a certain country in West Asia, Chinese volunteer doctors Xiao Yan and Lin Zhiyuan are nervously and busy treating a puerpera who is bleeding heavily. During the operation, the puerpera had a second bleeding. Lin Zhiyuan advocated immediate hysterectomy, which is the safest way, but Xiao In order to keep the mother's uterus, Yan insisted on looking for bleeding points, because she understood that in this country, the uterus is as important as life to women. She is a doctor who respects the patient's wishes from the patient's point of view. 

At the same time, at Tongshan Hospital in Shanghai, China, Bai Shu, the youngest chief physician in the Department of Cardiac Surgery, is tasting hand-ground coffee and preparing for a meeting in an orderly manner to discuss the heart tumor operation plan of old professor Chen Chuanshu. Everyone thinks that the old professor is old , in order to avoid the risk of surgery, you should choose conservative treatment, but Baizhu is willing to perform surgery on the old professor to remove the tumor. Baizhu's bold and risky behavior has aroused doubts from other doctors and dissatisfaction from his family members, but Baizhu insists. First, he is confident in his own skills. 

Second, he knew that the old professor wanted to have surgery in his heart, because the old professor still had many wishes to fulfill. There was a brief period of post-war tranquility in the Rescue Without Borders base. Xiao Yan and Lin Zhiyuan sat on a bench and cuddled each other. It turned out that they were a couple. They dreamed of a better life after returning to China. Lin Zhiyuan proposed to Xiao Yan.

Episode 2

Under Bai Zhu's active persuasion, Mr. Chen and his family finally agreed to undergo the operation. Bai Zhu went to the operating table with everyone's worries. During the operation, he found that Mr. Chen's tumor was bigger than expected, and the operation became more difficult. Everyone was sweating for Bai Zhu and Mr. Chen, but Bai Shu resolutely insisted. The operation was successfully completed and the tumor was successfully resected. Xiao Yan returned to Shanghai with memories and joined the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. On the way to report for duty on the first day, Xiao Yan appeared in a cafe in a motorcycle leather jacket with long fluttering hair. 

Bai Shu happened to be buying coffee in a cafe, and when he heard Xiao Yan revealing the topic of medical equipment while talking on the phone, he mistakenly took Xiao Yan as a salesperson selling medical equipment. Xiao Yan accidentally overturned Baizhu's coffee, and the two had conflicts due to misunderstandings, and finally broke up unhappy. On the way to Tongshan Hospital, Bai Shu saw people watching a woman lying on the ground. Out of the doctor's intuition, Bai Shu immediately got out of the car to check, and saw a person who was giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation to an unconscious pregnant woman. 

When they met, it turned out to be Xiao Yan, Bai Shu said that he was a doctor, and Xiao Yan also called himself a doctor. Bai Shu said that the seller of medical equipment was not a doctor. Xiao Yan ignored him. Bai Shu pushed Xiao Yan away and pressed directly, and instructed her to call 120. The comatose pregnant woman finally had a heartbeat. In order to rescue her in time, Xiao Yan, the commander of Baishu, who couldn't wait for the ambulance to assist her, drove her own car to Tongshan Hospital.

Episode 3

The doctors knew the truth about Wang Qing's insistence on giving birth to a child. It turned out that her husband, a firefighter, had recently died during a mission. She wanted to leave a queen for the hero. Bai Shu also learned about this from Xiao Yan. There is something moving in my heart. Xiao Yan officially joined the EICU... The old professor Chen Chuanshu, who was recovering well after the operation, fell off the hospital bed due to an accident, resulting in heart failure. Although the hospital tried its best to rescue him, they were unable to recover in the end, and the old professor passed away. After investigation, it was determined that his death was purely accidental, and Baizhu made no mistakes during the operation. But Mr. Chen's grandson, Chen Yan, felt sad and indignant, thinking that if Bai Zhu hadn't insisted on the operation, maybe the old man would not have had an accident. 

Chen Yan asked Baishu to apologize, but Baishu refused. He firmly believed that as a doctor, he had done his duty and made the most correct choice, and there was no problem in the operation process. Apologizing to the family members at will is an insult to the doctor's profession. In the end, the hospital Jiang Zhongjing came forward and sincerely apologized on behalf of the hospital, and the matter was settled. Although Bai Shu's professional skills are top-notch, he has been arrogant for many years, and he couldn't get along with his colleagues. After the incident with the old professor, Jiang Zhongjing once again felt that as a doctor, Bai Shu didn't know how to communicate with the patient's family. Honing the frivolous and self-sufficient Bai Shu, Jiang Zhongjing decided to transfer Bai Shu from the Department of Cardiac Surgery to the EICU.

Episode 4

It turned out that Xiao Yan saw the problem at the door of the emergency department, and made suggestions on the efficiency of outpatient shunting, which made everyone admire, and Lu Ping'an immediately adopted Xiao Yan's opinion. College student Gao Lu fainted unexpectedly during a basketball game. Bai Shu, Xu Yiran, and Chen Zhi participated in his treatment. Xu Yiran suspected that Fu Shangsu was in a coma. Contact the patient's family and ask about the medical history. Through physical examination, Xu Yiran found that the patient's breath sounds were weakened. He wanted to arrange to be sent for CT, but he was afraid that the risk would be high halfway, so he first observed in the EICU and arranged for a bedside chest X-ray. 

However, the patient's blood oxygen began to drop, and Tang Hua suddenly appeared, reminding everyone to consider foreign body inhalation. Bai Zhu found that the patient's right lung was not working at all, and the chest X-ray also showed no pneumothorax and patchy shadows in the right lung. The diagnosis was foreign body inhalation, and the foreign body was taken out with a bronchoscope, which was found to be a piece of chewing gum. Bai Shu and Xu Yi then came to review the game, Xu Yiran thought that Tang Hua was not such a capable person, Bai Shu realized that it was Xiao Yan who reminded them. Tang Hua was also wondering why Xiao Yan immediately thought of inhalation of foreign matter. 

Xiao Yan put forward her "humanity" point of view, saying that as long as she pays more attention to observation and accumulates common sense, she can make a judgment. She suggested that Tang Hua can go to the university campus If you look at the basketball courts in your hometown, there are a lot of chewing gum wrappers in the trash can of each basketball court. Tang Hua was overwhelmed by Xiao Yan's observation ability, and admired Xiao Yan even more.

Episode 5

Chen Zhi and Xu Yiran deliberately discussed Xiao Yan's uniqueness beside Bai Shu, such as the costume of Charlie's Girl and the huge motorcycle, etc., reminding Bai Shu that he is no longer the only special person in the hospital. Dr. Shen, a former cardiologist, was walking with his wife Xia Qingyun. The old lady suddenly fainted. When Shen was helping his wife, she also sprained her waist. After being rushed to the hospital, Shen hurriedly explained Xiao Yan's wife's symptoms at the bedside Refusing to leave, the old lady was also concerned about Elder Shen's injuries, Bai Shu and Xiao Yan comforted the two elders, and finally persuaded Elder Shen to receive a diagnosis and treatment. 

After examination, Xiao Yan diagnosed that the old lady had a cerebral hemorrhage and needed surgery, but the old lady was old, and the operation risk was extremely high. If she did not have the operation, she would also be at the risk of paralysis. Mr. Shen wanted to persuade his wife not to take the risk of surgery. The old lady did not want to be paralyzed. Worried that his wife would not be taken care of, he was determined to undergo surgery. Bai Zhu found out that Mr. Shen was suffering from acute pancreatitis and was in urgent need of surgery. 

The old couple lay hand in hand on the hospital bed. Watching his wife undergoing rescue in the next bed, but the old lady did not pass the dangerous period after all. Perhaps stimulated by the death of the old Shen and his wife, Xiao Yan once again dreamed of the scene of Zhiyuan's death. After waking up from the dream, she began to look for the "Smoke Lane" that Lin Zhiyuan had mentioned to her before, but no one had heard of it. this place.

Character Cast of Thank You Doctor (谢谢你医生)

Xiao Yan [Actor Yang Mi]

The attending physician of the emergency department is a returnee female doctor who combines ice and fire. She comes from a medical family with a superior family background, capable and confident. After graduating from high school, he went abroad to study. After graduating from medicine, he joined a Swiss hospital and became the most skilled and trustworthy doctor in the hospital. The death of her fiancé Lin Zhiyuan became a turning point in Xiao Yan's life. For this reason, Xiao Yan resigned and returned to Shanghai to work in Tongshan Hospital.

Bai Shu [Actor Bai Yu]

Attending doctor of Tongshan Hospital. Talented and skilled. But he is pretentious, speaks sharply, is stubborn in his actions, and always carries a condescending sense of IQ superiority. Bai Shu believes that only by taking risks can there be miracles, and only then can life be saved from desperation and hope for life can be brought to patients. Seeing the changes in Bai Shu, Jiang Zhongjing planned to transfer Bai Shu back to his heart, but Bai Shu chose to stay in the emergency department and fight side by side with everyone.

Jiang Zhongjing [Actor Zhang Zhijian]

The president of Tongshan Hospital, the mentor of Baishu. Jiang Zhongjing is mature and stable, seemingly unsmiling, but has a delicate mind. Everything in Tongshan Hospital is under his control and arrangement, including the transfer of Baizhu from "outside the heart" to the emergency department. In Jiang Zhongjing's view, Baishu has the potential to become an excellent doctor. Jiang Zhongjing asked Bai Shu to go to the emergency department just to hone Bai Shu. He saw Bai Shu's maturity and change with his own eyes, and felt Bai Shu's respect and reverence for life. Jiang Zhongjing was very pleased.

Jiang Shan [Actor Yinan Wang]

The head nurse of the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital is a shrewd and capable housekeeper. Serious and responsible in her work, she is warm-hearted and kind-hearted, and considers others in everything. Her colleagues and patients like her very much. On the eve of the wedding, her husband was paralyzed in the lower body due to a car accident. Later, Jiang Xianyun was found to have advanced pancreatic cancer. In order not to drag Jiang Shan down, Jiang Xianyun took the initiative to divorce her, but Jiang Shan never left her husband.

Lu Ping'an [Actor Li Jie]

The director of the emergency department is called "Mama Lu". In order to better serve patients, a new department was established and it was put into trial operation in Tongshan Hospital for one year. He believes in "safety first" everywhere, and seeks stability in everything he does, for fear of causing any trouble to himself and the emergency department. In order to seek stability, Lu Ping'an repeatedly clashed with Bai Shu and Xiao Yan. But in times of crisis, Lu Ping'an will bravely take on the responsibility to protect everyone in the emergency department family.

Xu Yiran [Actor Li Dongheng]

Bai Zhu's college classmate and Bai Shu's only friend. He is known as the "humorous diplomat" in the emergency department, because Xu Yiran is a master of interpersonal communication, humorous, good at breaking the ice, very popular with people, he is good at opening patients' hearts and calming their emotions. Xu Yiran and Baishu have very different personalities, they always tease and ridicule each other, but the friendship between the two is unbreakable. Whether in life or work, Xu Yiran has given Baishu a lot of help.

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