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What is the plot story of Korean Drama "Recipe for Farewell"? Who are the players? When will  Recipe for Farewell be aired? How to watch the drama Recipe for Farewell? Here are the detail ....

Recipe for Farewell has another title, namely It May Be A Little Spicy Today. This Korean drama is scheduled to air in December 2022. Played by senior South Korean actors, Han Suk Kyu and Kim Seo Hyung, as well as young actor Jin Ho Eun, this Korean drama will attract the attention of the audience.

This Korean drama directed by Lee Ho Jae will air 12 episodes via the South Korean Watcha channel. Recipe for Farewell is the latest Korean drama adaptation of the novel by Kang Chang Rae entitled Oneuleun Jom Maewoolji Molla and was published in April 2018.

Presenting a fresh storyline and cinematography that spoils the eye, the drama Recipe for Farewell can be a reference for further viewing. Before starting to watch the drama, let's take a look at the synopsis of the drama Recipe for Farewell through the reviews below.

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Plot Story of Recipe for Farewell

The Korean drama Recipe for Farewell tells the story of a wife who is sentenced to have a serious illness, and her husband, who is beside her, tries new things to see his partner's smile. The sad, beautiful, and moving story in this drama is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Kang Chang Rae. In addition, Lee Ho Jae has a big role in this drama as a writer.

Lee Ho Jae also doubles as the director of this drama. Besides being famous for the title Recipe for Farewell, this drama has another title, namely May Be A Little Spicy Today. This drama will air with 12 episodes that are ready to entertain us. Meanwhile, this drama will air on one of the South Korean networks.

The story of Recipe for Farewell will focus on the household life of Chang Wook (Han Suk Kyu) and Da Jung (Kim Seo-Hyung). Chang Wook is a man who is currently 40 years old. He married the woman he adored, Da Jung. In their marriage, both Chang Wook and Da Jung looked happy. Although in fact, they are facing a marriage test. Da Jung is diagnosed with colon cancer. Because of that illness, he had difficulty eating due to digestive problems. Seeing that his wife has a dangerous disease, Chang Wook tries to be a husband who is ready.

The daily life of the husband and wife in the midst of their marriage exam. Even though it was difficult, they tried to get through it together. Da Jung asks her husband to cook every day. Actually, Chang Wook is not a good cook. In fact, he can actually only cook ramen. However, his love for his wife made Chang Wook determined to learn to cook. That way, he can cook a variety of foods. So, his beloved wife can eat and no longer experience difficulties.

Trailer Promotion of Recipe for Farewell

Cast of Recipe for Farewell

Han Suk-Kyu play as Chang-Wook
Kim Seo-Hyung play as Da-Jung
Jin Ho-Eun play as Jae-Ho

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