In The Day We Flipped (休想行刺本王小姐) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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These are recommendations for Chinese Dramas that will soon be broadcast in November 2022, one of which is In The Day We Flipped (休想行刺本王小姐). So what is the plot story? Who are in the cast? Here are the detail ...

Maybe you are confused about looking for the latest drama, so here I recommend this drama for you to watch. In The Day We Flipped is a Chinese drama that presents romantic and fantasy historical genres which are definitely suitable for you to follow in all of its episodes. 

This Chinese drama will air soon, precisely on November 22 if it doesn't experience a postponement of the broadcast schedule. To watch it, of course you can directly access the drama watching platform, Tencent, and We Tv. In total there will be 24 episodes and each episode will be released every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Detail of In The Day We Flipped 

English Title : In The Day We Flipped

Original Title : 休想行刺本王小姐 (Don't Think About Assassinating Miss Ben Wang)

Genre : Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Country : China

Number of episodes : 24 Episode

Airing : 22 Nov 2022 – 15 Dec 2022

Aired: Monday to Sunday

Original Network : Tencent Video, We TV

Plot Story of In The Day We Flipped 

The modern mortician Zhang Chuxi accidentally crossed over to the only "Queen" of the Lan Dynasty, and was assassinated by the assassin Suningze sent by the prince as soon as he woke up. Zhang Chuxi, who is determined to have a complete relationship, fights through the fog and dangers to survive amidst the bewildering and confusing royal schemes, and also falls in love with Suningze in successive incidents.

However, just when the two finally opened their hearts and decided to get together, the body that Zhang Chuxi traveled through gradually woke up and began to deprive Zhang Chuxi of his consciousness. The evil prince is about to return, why on earth is she disguised as a man? What is the relationship between the assassin and Zhang Chuxi, and what is the predestined marriage between Zhang Chuxi and Suningze?

The TV series "In The Day We Flipped (休想行刺本王小姐)" will be broadcast on Tencent Video on November 22, 2022.

Cast of In The Day We Flipped

Yi Heng sebagai Su NingZe

Rong Yao as Yuwen Que

Wang Ziming as Kamu Hen

Luo Shiqi

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