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A Romance of the Little Forest (两个人的小森林) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

A Romance of the Little Forest (两个人的小森林) is an urban romantic drama directed by Cai Cong and starring Yu Shuxin, Zhang Binbin, Li Jiaqi, Ding Guansen, Wu Difei and An Ge. The series will be broadcast on Youku Video on September 15, 2022.

A Romance of the Little Forest tells the story of Yu Meiren, a fashion blogger who maintains her exquisite appearance purely by makeup techniques. She wants to use her beauty to vengefully pursue Zhuang Yu, a genius professor of botany who once rejected her. In the process of planning, he fell into a trap, and staged a sweet and hilarious a love story .

Detail of A Romance of the Little Forest

Chinese Title: 两个人的小森林 ()

English Title: A Romance of The Little Forest

Genre: City and love. 

Production company: Shanghai Juku Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 

Premiere time: September 15, 2022 

Director: Cai Cong 

Writer: Tang Yao 

Producer: Fang Ying 

Starring Yu Shuxin, Zhang Binbin, Li Jiaqi, Ding Guansen, 

Number of episodes: 35 episodes, 

Length of each episode: 45 minutes

Online broadcast platform: Youku video 

Shooting date: June 29, 2021 to October 16, 2021

a romance of little forest cast
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Plot Story of A Romance of the Little Forest

Zhuang Yu (played by Zhang Binbin), a professor of botany dedicated to the cultivation and research of Artemisia annua, devotes himself to scientific research, and is indifferent to worldly fame and social relations. This also inadvertently hurt Yu Meiren (played by Yu Shuxin), a country girl who had a crush on him many years ago. . Many years later, Yu Meiren obtained a doctorate in ornithology with honors, but because she did not want to bear the pressure of scientific research, she switched careers and became a fashion blogger, and accidentally formed a relationship with Zhuang Yu again. Zhuang Yu went to Qingshui Village to conduct field research, and happened to live in Yumei's homestay. 

With the help of the poppies, Zhuang Yu's scientific research progressed smoothly, and at the same time, he also felt the love and warmth that plants could not give from the poppies. Yu Meiren was also infected and inspired by Zhuang Yu's dedication to academics, and determined to shoulder the responsibility and use what she learned to give back to her hometown. One of them keeps forging ahead to overcome difficulties, and the other actively advocates environmental protection. Although the two young people have different starting points, they walk hand in hand with love because they share the same ideal of building the motherland and hometown.

5th Episode of A Romance of the Little Forest

Episode 1

Poppy is a fashion blogger. She is sitting in the car eating steamed stuffed buns. The assistant admires her for not knowing how to use lipstick while eating steamed stuffed buns. Poppy taught her experience by opening her mouth wide enough. When the assistant heard this, she opened her mouth subconsciously, but still felt that she couldn't do it. Heshi is a first-line cosmetics brand. This time, Jin Xi used his contacts and resources to bring this advertisement to Poppy. Poppie is familiar with his character and has already guessed that Jin Dongding praised himself first. sky. Hearing this, the assistant couldn't help admiring the poppies, and then watched the poppies start to put lipstick on her arms, making an observation. Poppy thinks Heshi's lipstick is not suitable for Asians at all, so she refuses to recommend it, which makes the assistant feel very sorry, because Heshi is a first-line brand after all, a brand that many people want to cooperate with but can't. 

After the poppies arrived at today's destination, they began to work, posing in various beautiful poses in front of the camera. After a day's work, Mei Yu returned home, put on a set of house clothes, and took off all the heavy makeup on her face. She was about to rest comfortably for a while, when Jin Xi called her and said The meaning here is quite disgusting that Poppies don't know how to flatter, offended He Shi Brand Fang, and caused him to smile stiffly in order to make amends. Yu Meiren hurriedly gave Jin Xi a rainbow fart, blowing him to a rare place in the world, which made Jin Xi happy. Yu Meiren reminded Jin Xi that although he did not cooperate with Heshi, there is still Lami who has been competing with Heshi. Compared with Heshi, Poppy is more optimistic about Lami, which is the brand it has always used and liked. Zhuang Yu was observing the plants in the night forest with a flashlight. Suddenly, the sound of animal footsteps alerted him, so he turned off the flashlight and threw the object in his hand towards the animal. The animal was frightened and ran away in a hurry, Zhuang Yu turned on the flashlight again and looked at the plant just now with joy. 

In order to cultivate the Artemisia annua, Zhuang Yu often went out for ten days and half a month. The aunts in the research institute gossiped privately, saying that he was like this, and even a girlfriend was hard to find. Zhuang Yu has a dream and is committed to fulfilling his teacher's dream and eradicating malaria in the world. His serious attitude is incompatible with the other people who work together. Because of Zhuang Yu's outstanding appearance, female classmates came to see him in the name of taking classes, and some people proposed to change their majors and learn how to grow flowers with him. Zhuang Yu didn't like such people, and advised them to think clearly about why they wanted to study botany, and asked the boy who couldn't answer the question just now to show him his homework. At the request of the brand partner, Poppy went to Zhuang Yu's school to shoot a film, mistakenly took Zhuang Yu as her partner, and stepped forward to tease her. Zhuang Yu didn't know this woman who appeared out of nowhere at all, and Yu Meiren started to trick Zhuang Yu as soon as they met, and even took out a card from his pocket and wrote his number on it so that people could contact her. Unexpectedly, the plant stand next to him suddenly fell to the ground, and the sterile Artemisia annua seedlings that Zhuang Yu cherished so much were broken to the ground. This made Zhuang Yu very distressed, so he simply mocked the poppies. 

After unceremoniously taking back his own card, he ignored Poppy. Poppy was bored and had to leave, and all this was secretly photographed. Mama Yu forced her to marry Yu Meiren, but Yu Meiren had no choice but to pull Jin Xi out as a shield. Unexpectedly, when Li Tiantian came to Shanghai, she happened to meet Jin Xi who had just been poured coffee by Cui Cui and cursed him to die alone. Faced with Li Tiantian who suddenly opened an umbrella for him, Jin Xi was really moved, thinking that she was an angel sent from heaven, and when he found the hearing aid under his feet, he automatically made up the story of Li Tiantian. Li Tiantian sent the grapes to Yu Meiren's residence. When the two were chatting, Li Tiantian saw the photos of Yu Meiren's collection and knew that she was still interested in Zhuang Yu. fall in love with her. Yu Meiren was already attracted to Zhuang Yu, but now she was forced to marry by her family. Thinking about Zhuang Yu's self who didn't go to meet him for the first time, she thought she was stupid, so she decided to move her heart to Zhuang Yu's next door. Be his neighbor. Poppie is very considerate, just after moving in, she gave grapes to the neighbors as a gift, but Zhuang Yu refused to accept it, so Poppies put down the grapes, turned around and left.

Episode 2

Zhuang Yu refused to accept the grapes from Poppie, so Poppie put on a pitiful look, making Grandma Li mistakenly think that it was the young lovers who were arguing, and advised Zhuang Yu not to be so stingy. Seeing that the misunderstanding was getting deeper and deeper, Zhuang Yu was too angry to refute. The poppies had the upper hand this time, but Zhuang Yu still didn't want to have more contact with her. After learning that if he accepted the grapes from the poppies, he would write off the past. It's just that he reminded Poppy again that the two have neither past nor future. Early the next morning, under the wake-up service of dozens of alarm clocks, Poppy finally saw her favorite bird in the park and heard its call, which made Poppy very happy and intoxicated. Zhuang Yu went out for a run early in the morning. When Yu Meiren saw it, she thought it was God helping me, but she quickly remembered that she didn't have any makeup on at all, and she didn't have the courage to meet Zhuang Yu, so she hurriedly grabbed her things and wanted to escape, but she didn't expect the camera At this moment, Gai just fell, and Zhuang Yu picked it up for her. 

Yu Meisheng was afraid of cheating, so she pretended to be a foreigner and dealt with it casually, but her lame words had already made Zhuang Yu puzzled. After returning home, Poppy began to work hard on makeup, making sure to make herself look beautiful, and go to Saye's press conference. Jin Dong called Yu Meiren and told her that the video in the sun room was uploaded that day, and there was a lot of scolding in the comment area, saying that Yu Meiren didn't respect teaching, and the whole Internet blackened her. Sha also saw that the momentum was not right, so she didn't dare to let Meiren Yu attend their press conference, which made Meiren Yu very sad, but she came to the good side and refused to show weakness in front of Jin Dong, so she could only hang up the phone and secretly cry. Poppy decided to have a party by herself, so she ordered a lot of takeaways, but her stomach was spoiled, so she had to buy medicine, but she was allergic to alcohol, so she went to Zhuang Yu's house by mistake. Zhuang Yu is actually an obsessive-compulsive man with a cleanliness obsession. Even when he goes out, he has to put his shoes neatly, and the umbrellas must be facing the same direction, otherwise he will feel uncomfortable. 

When Zhuang Yu found the poppies on his bed, he was taken aback. He saw the package of the medicine and knew that the poppies were allergic to alcohol. Cover with a quilt again. The poppies were restless all night, either because they thought they were watching the birds, or because they wanted to vomit, which made Zhuang Yu unable to sleep at all, and besides, his bed was occupied, so he could only read in the study while taking care of the poppies. . The next day, Yu Meiren's cell phone rang. She thought it was her home, and she didn't even open her eyes, so she asked Li Tiantian to answer it for her. Zhuang Yu was helpless, and wanted someone to pick up Poppy quickly, so he picked up the phone. When Mother Yu heard Zhuang Yu's voice, she thought it was Meiren Yu's boyfriend. When she knew that the two stayed together last night, she couldn't help worrying that Meiyu was too open. Fortunately, Meiren's sleepiness was scared away by the phone call, so she explained to Mother Yu. , The two of them stayed up all night doing experiments, and then fell asleep in the laboratory. Jin Dong brought good news to Poppy. After the last video was released, Zhuang Yu relied on his identity as a teacher and his outstanding appearance. Lami fell in love with him and wanted him to be a product ingredient consultant. 

Yu Meiren was very happy when she heard the news, and decided to take down Zhuang Yu, but the process was not smooth. Yu Meiren took down all the people in Zhuang Yu's office, and everyone spoke to her, and made various coincidences, trying to show her presence in front of Zhuang Yu all the time, but Zhuang Yu just refused to agree. Yu Meiren knew that Zhuang Yu valued research the most, so she got a lead from it, and gave the laboratory a chance to be named, so as to get a batch of equipment for free. Meiren Yu knew that Zhuang Yu's WeChat was very difficult to add, so she took this opportunity to add to WeChat, but Zhuang Yu made it clear that he would not send her WeChat, so he turned around and added Meiren Yu who corrected his mistakes in the comment area. Poppy's confidence was overwhelming, and she couldn't help thinking about the day when Zhuang Yu bowed down under her pomegranate skirt, and she would be the first to be happy.

Episode 3

The poppies moved again recently, and were pestering Zhuang Yu again. Jin Dong smelled an unusual smell from it, and decided that the poppies had plans for Zhuang Yu. Yu Meiren didn't know how to reply, and she caught Jin Xi's umbrella out of the corner of her eye, so she teased him, and she also offered to help him throw the broken umbrella into the trash can by herself. . Jin Xi missed the first meeting with Li Tiantian that day, how could she be willing to throw it away, so she quickly snatched it back and put it on the table. After Yumei left, she took out the hearing aid she picked up, and was dazed. Li Tiantian took the big and small bags that Poppy had asked her to bring to her family and sent them to the Yu family in the village. Mother Yu learned from Li Tiantian that Yu Meiren's boyfriend is not only a professor, but also very handsome. She was very excited, so she hurriedly made a video call with Yu Meiren to meet her boyfriend. At this time, Mei Yu was outside Zhuang Yu's laboratory, peeking at him through the glass window, the video bell rang, Zhuang Yu turned around following the sound, just in time to see the corner of Mei Yu's clothes, knowing that it was this annoying spirit again up. 

Faced with her mother's constant questioning, Yu Meiren had to find an excuse that her boyfriend was busy with a scientific research project, and secretly showed Zhuang Yu's back in the video for her mother to see. Yu's mother wanted to take a photo to show off to her sisters, but Yu Meiren quickly turned the camera away, worried that it would be difficult to describe it afterwards. After dealing with her mother, Mei Yu watched Zhuang Yu close the curtain for her to peep in front of her face. Unconvinced, she found the main entrance of the laboratory and entered as Zhuang Yu's friend. Zhuang Yu got a headache when he saw the poppies, but the poppies found an excuse for him to do a product test, so he had to be patient. In order to spend more time with Zhuang Yu, Yu Meiren offered her face as a test sample for him, so she stayed. At night, Poppy thought, now that the test has been completed, the next step is to promote the event. For this, she thought of many ways. Lami's activity meeting will be held in two days, Yu Meiren specially went to Zhuang Yu's office to invite him to attend. When Director Li of the office saw Poppy coming, he greeted her very warmly, and even made an appointment for Zhuang Yu's event. On the day of the event, Jin Xi had something to do, and Yu Mei entered the event alone. 

The person who knew her at the front desk told him that the blogger Xia who had been fighting with her today would also come, reminding her to be more careful. Zhuang Yu came relatively late, and as soon as he entered the venue, he was surrounded by nympho women who coveted his handsomeness. Seeing that he was trapped, Poppy hurried over and pretended to be his girlfriend to persuade those women to leave. The person in charge of Lami has a good impression of the poppies, this scene made the blogger Xia even more angry, so he directed and acted the scene of splashing red wine, trying to deliberately discredit the poppies. As soon as Zhuang Yu came over, Boss Xia complained first, accusing Yu Meiren of her misbehavior. Zhuang Yu deduced the truth from the wine stains on Bozhu Xia's body, so he mercilessly accused Bozhu Xia and took Yu Meiren away, which made Bozhu Xia jealous and hated. Mr. Wang of Lami was very interested in poppies, so he offered to give poppies a new dress, but poppies refused several times without success, so he had to hide in the dressing room pretending to answer the phone, took off his makeup, and changed his appearance . Sure enough, Mr. Wang didn't know Poppy, so Poppy walked past him swaggeringly. Zhuang Yu gave up his suit jacket to Yu Meiren in order to cover up the embarrassment on her skirt, and walked out of the venue by himself, unexpectedly, he and Yu Meiren snatched the same shared bicycle again. 

Yu Meiren looked up and saw Zhuang Yu, she felt that with her bare face, Zhuang Yu would definitely not recognize her, but she was also worried that she would be worn out if she stayed for a long time, so she got on her bicycle and left. Zhuang Yu had a new problem in his research and needed to find new samples of Artemisia annua. Poppy saw some clues from Weibo, so she deliberately forwarded a picture of Artemisia annua, and marked the location. Zhuang Yu's fans complained that the pictures posted by Poppy were ugly enough, so Poppy took advantage of the popularity and successfully let Zhuang Yu see the picture of Artemisia annua she posted, so he left a message for her. Seeing this, the fans immediately followed suit and flattered Poppy. Yu Meiren couldn't help thinking narcissistically, she never thought that she would be able to help Zhuang Yu in his career so soon. In fact, Zhuang Yu had already seen through the poppies without make-up, the same poppies who chased him closely on weekdays, but he didn't say anything.

Episode 4

Early in the morning, when Poppy was still dreaming in bed, the phone rang, and she answered the phone reluctantly. Unexpectedly, it was Jin Xi who brought her good news—Lami wanted her to carry out soft publicity and improve the delivery of goods. quantity. When Yu Meiren heard the news, she was very excited. She gave a rainbow fart, first praised Jin Xi, and then told him that she had already accumulated a large amount of material in her head, and she would definitely live up to her expectations. When Zhuang Yu's two assistants went to Zhuang Yu's house for the first time, they saw that the room was empty except for the bookcase. They couldn't help thinking that Zhuang Yu's house could be described as "a house with four walls". The work of Artemisia annua painted by Zhuang Yu was very popular with the students, so Zhuang Yu agreed to wait for the homework to do it, send him off when it's over, which makes the students very happy. The two students quickly got into work.

According to Zhuang Yu's proposal, they have checked out the blooming period of Artemisia annua in various regions. According to the soil and climate, the most likely place is Zhejiang, but the scope of Zhejiang is too large. difficult. Fortunately, Zhuang Yu had already received news from Poppy, and he knew the exact location in his heart. Poppy came up with a "one-day shop assistant" plan and went to work as a salesperson in a Lami brand store. The employees in the store loved Poppy's friendly style very much, and couldn't help but praise her again and again. Mr. Wang didn't know whether it was intentional or unintentional, he just happened to visit this store today, and even found a lame reason to dismiss the clerk. Mr. Wang wanted to take advantage of the poppies, and as soon as his hand touched the poppies, the poppies retracted their hands reflexively, and dropped the things in their hands to the ground in fright. The clerk asked aloud, Mr. Wang asked the clerk to do her own business and not come over. Yu Meiren mentioned that she left without saying goodbye that day because there was a wretched man chasing her, but she was hit by a car and died. Her mother asked her to consult the cemetery, so she released Mr. Wang's pigeons. 

When Mr. Wang heard this, he felt a little upset, but he didn't want to let Poppie go just like that, so he asked Poppie to accompany him for dinner. Yu Meiren had no choice but to propose that she wanted to interact with fans in a live broadcast, and she had to turn on her mobile phone so that Mr. Wang could be on camera together, so scared that Mr. Wang hurriedly found an excuse to slip away. The promotional video made by Poppy was praised by Lami, so the other party asked her to promote two new products. Mr. Wang sent 14 WeChat messages to Poppy yesterday to express his love, but all of them fell to nothing, so today he took the opportunity of sending samples to Poppie, and stalked Poppy again. At first, Poppy was concerned about Mr. Wang's face, and rejected him tactfully. Unexpectedly, Mr. Wang saw that Poppy refused to agree to be his "best friend", and immediately tore up his face, mocking that Poppy was just a beauty blogger. If it wasn't for him Nodding, there will be no chance to cooperate with Lami at all, as long as she doesn't get in his car, then he won't cooperate with her in the future. Yu Meiren would rather give up this job than have entanglements with Mr. Wang, but Mr. Wang obviously didn't want to let her go, and threatened her with a breach of contract payment. Fortunately, Zhuang Yu happened to meet him and threatened Mr. Wang with the surveillance in the cafeteria. Sexual harassment of poppies can be reported to the police, or directly let Rami take responsibility for his personal conduct. 

Naturally, Mr. Wang couldn't afford to lose his reputation, so he could only leave in resentment. Jin Xi knew what Mr. Wang had done to Yu Meiren, without saying a word, he immediately proposed to terminate the contract, and arranged a new job for Yu Meiren. Boss Xia happened to be one of the people that Que wanted. Seeing that Vincent specially designed a wedding dress for Poppy, but she didn't have one, she wanted to snatch the wedding dress. Naturally, Poppy won't let her go, and some soft but hard words made Blogger Xia unable to say a word, but she is not a fuel-efficient lamp, so she tripped up Poppie behind her back. Lami’s boss, Wang Shu, injected funds into the heart, which directly caused Yu Meiren’s short film to not let her show her face at all. When she was in a low mood, she forgot to turn off the water in the bathroom, which caused Zhuang Yu’s residence on the first floor to be shut down. The leaking water from her bathroom had soaked some places. After Zhuang Yu went up to knock on the door, Yumei discovered the condition of her bathroom, and rushed in wearing a wedding dress that was about to be returned to the brand. The water didn't stop, and she drowned herself. Zhuang Yu found the main switch and turned off the water. Yu Meiren couldn't take off her wedding dress, so she had to ask Zhuang Yu for help. Zhuang Yu endured his embarrassment, unzipped the zipper a little, and hurried out. Zhuang Yu was going to look for Artemisia annua, and he settled on the B&B in Poppy's house, and Poppy also lost her job one after another and was in urgent need of income, so she wanted to go back to Qingshui Village to shoot commercials.

Episode 5

Zhuang Yu stayed at the Beauty B&B on the first day. Just as he was packing up his various equipment, Mama Yu knocked on his door and brought him a plate of welcome fruit. She also specifically mentioned that grapes are a special product here, which is very sweet. . Zhuang Yu didn't like to talk too much with people, which made Yu's mother feel that he was too dull, so when she glanced away, she happened to see the words Huaguang University on the luggage. Yu Ma muttered in her heart, while guessing whether Zhuang Yu knew Yu Meiren, after all, they were both in the same university. Mama Yu thought of Zhuang Yu's appearance, and felt more and more familiar. After she took out the picture cut from the video with Poppy last time and compared it, she was even more convinced that Zhuang Yu was Poppy's boyfriend. Father Yu and his son didn't think it was very similar, after all, how could there be such a coincidence in this world, but Mother Yu firmly believed that she would not be wrong, but decided to wait and see what happened so as not to appear abrupt. Zhuang Yu came downstairs and asked the Yu family about the way up the mountain. 

Father Yu pointed out a way for him and told him to go to the old hunter in the village for help. It's a pity that when Zhuang Yu found the hunter's house all the way, he was not at home. Poppy returns to the tea garden in Qingshui Village to shoot commercials. The director has a bad temper because his career is not going well, so he makes things difficult for Poppy. The assistant looked very angry, only Poppy knew that this job should be cherished, endure the director's difficulties, and make him perfect. Wearing a puppet costume, the poppies shot in the tea garden under the sun for a long time before they got a chance to take a break, but before taking a break for two minutes, the director had to start work again, and had to walk rudely through the tea garden with the machine. Poppy felt sorry for the tea leaves, so she asked the director to give her 20 minutes to pick the tender leaves. Zhuang Yu's student Lu Jian also came to Qingshui Village. Seeing the beautiful scenery here, he took pictures along the way. The appearance of poppies picking tea leaves was particularly moving, so he took several photos in a row to record the beautiful moments. 

After Lu Jian took the photo, he offered to help pick the tea leaves. When Poppy learned that he was majoring in botany, she couldn't help but wonder why botany had become a popular major recently. Poppy finished her day of work. In order to avoid being exposed to her parents as a fake teacher, she specially arranged for her assistant to stay in the best hotel in the town, and she dragged her doll costume back to the hotel. The more Yu's mother saw that Zhuang Yu looked more like Yu Meiren's boyfriend, she immediately called Yu Meiren and asked about the details. Meiren Yu was almost at the door of her house, when she heard Zhuang Yu's voice on the phone, she realized that something was wrong, and before she could react, she saw Zhuang Yu coming out of her homestay. Yu Meiren was stunned, and quickly squatted down to hide her existence, and then took advantage of Zhuang Yu's inattention and went up the path to the old house. The Yu family's old house has not been lived in for many years. Yu Meiren was frightened as soon as she opened the door. While encouraging herself, she overcame her fear and planned to spend the night here. 

Poppy hadn't fallen asleep yet, first she heard a noise, which made her jump up immediately, and then there was the red rash that the village elders said they would get when they saw an "old friend". Yu Meiren couldn't calm down anymore, she screamed and ran out in fright, just in time to bump into Zhuang Yu's arms who had come out for a run. Yu Meiren hugged Zhuang Yu tightly, and Zhuang Yu knew that she was afraid, so he explained that the sound just now was the sound of the wall falling off. Yu Meiren immediately said affectionately that Zhuang Yu cared about her, and asked Zhuang Yu to go back with her to meet her family as his boyfriend, so she could waive the room fee for Zhuang Yu. Zhuang Yu didn't want to sell his body in exchange for the rent, so he rejected the poppies, but he saw that the rash on the poppies was very uncomfortable, so he sent her a bunch of herbs and put them on the threshold. Li Tiantian came to the old house to look for Yu Meiren, and learned that the herb was given by Zhuang Yu, so she advised Yu Meiren to find a reason for Zhuang Yu so that he could be her boyfriend. 

The next day, Poppy was putting on makeup in the tea garden, ready for shooting. The assistant noticed Zhuang Yu's figure sharply. As soon as Meiyu opened her mouth to greet Zhuang Yu happily, she saw her mother, and she was so frightened that she quickly picked up the puppet headgear next to her and hid herself. Zhuang Yu knew that Yumei was afraid to see his mother, so he excused himself not knowing the way and asked Yu's mother to help guide the way. Mother Yu wondered why Zhuang Yu clearly knew the way, but now he didn't remember it, and led the way enthusiastically. Lu Jian was waiting for Zhuang Yu on the only way up the mountain. Zhuang Yu really didn't like to be born with this kind of relationship, so he didn't look good when he saw him.

Character Cast of A Romance of the Little Forest

Poppy (Actress Yu Shuxin)

She is a fashion blogger. Many years later, Yu Meiren obtained a doctorate in ornithology with honors, but because she did not want to bear the pressure of scientific research, she switched careers and became a fashion blogger, and accidentally formed a relationship with Zhuang Yu again. Yu Meiren was also infected and inspired by Zhuang Yu's dedication to academics, and determined to shoulder the responsibility and use what she learned to give back to her hometown. He started to fall in love with Zhuang Yu secretly in high school, reunited with Zhi Qiu after work, and finally succeeded in reaping sweet love.

Zhuang Yu (Actor Zhang Binbin)

Zhuang Yu, a male god professor of botany who is "obsessed with academics and reticent". He devotes himself to scientific research and is indifferent to worldly fame and social life, which inadvertently hurts the country girl Poppy who had a crush on him many years ago. Zhuang Yu went to Qingshui Village to conduct field research, and happened to live in Yumei's homestay. With the help of the poppies, Zhuang Yu's scientific research progressed smoothly, and at the same time, he also felt the love and warmth that plants could not give from the poppies.

Li Tiantian (Actress Li Jiaqi)

The grape girl in Qingshui Village originally lived a simple and simple life in the countryside. Because of a chance encounter in the rain, she met Jin Xi and worked as an assistant in his company. Not only the best female best friend, but also a love expert. A series of ironic stories happened in the process, which is warm and healing.

Jin Xi (Actor Ding Guansen)

Poppy's boss, he is witty, thoughtful, and affectionate, but unfortunately he treats love too casually and hurts many girls. However, the appearance of Li Tiantian completely changed Jin Xi. Facing the simple-minded Li Tiantian, Jin Xi, a master of love, felt at a loss for the first time. And Li Tiantian is a love rookie, so he was easily captured by Jin Xi.

Lu Jian (Actor Wu Difei)

Zhuang Yu's students are gentle, considerate, humorous, not only young and promising, but also have a transparent heart, and they are good at seeing people and things. For love, he is very focused, persistent, and devoted. Knowing that Poppy has no feelings for him, he still followed his heart and chose to pursue Poppie, even though he knew it was difficult, he didn't give up. Later, Lu Jian asked Zhuang Yu to assist him in pursuing Yu Meiren. As a result, Yu Meiren only had Zhuang Yu in her heart, and Lu Jian had to end with regret.

Li Changyuan (Actor Ango)

Zhuang Yu's senior brother, the only wish is that Zhuang Yu can get married as soon as possible. As a result, Li Changyuan became Zhuang Yu's biggest assist on the road of love. In the end, Li Changyuan also encountered his own happiness in the process of assisting Yu Meiren and Zhuang Yu. At the same time, Li Changyuan's career has also become prosperous.

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