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Twilight Heart (暮色心约) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Twilight Heart (暮色心约) is a contemporary urban drama directed by Li Ang and starring Ren Jialun and Yang Ying.

This drama has started filming since January 5. Twilight Heart drama is adapted from the novel “Hard to Find Only Because of Twilight” (只因暮色难寻) by Yujing Pengxiang (御井烹香). This drama is produced by Tencent Video with Yuekai Pictures, XingYue Media & Youhug Media. This drama tells the story between a mental health chancellor and a writer.

Detail of Twilight Heart (暮色心约)

Chinese Title: 暮色心约 (Twilight Heart)

Genre: Contemporary, Urban 

Production Company: Zhejiang Dongyang Hongbang Film and Television

Filming Location: Ningbo

twilight heart synopsis
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Plot Story of Twilight Heart (暮色心约)

Liu Xia, who is engaged in mental health guidance, encountered a woman who wanted to jump off a bridge. When Liu Xia saw it, she used psychological knowledge to guide her, and finally successfully rescued the woman. This scene happened to be witnessed by Qi Lianshan, a writer who was about to adapt his psychological reasoning novel into a script, and he invited Liu Xia to be a consultant. 

In order to realize the ideal of helping more people, Liu Xia set up his own studio, with excellent professional standards and empathy ability, to help clients who feel psychological pressure due to career, family or emotional problems to solve problems and help them recover. Active life. Qi Lianshan's novels received professional guidance from Liu Xia in the process of adapting them into film and television dramas. As the contact between the two deepened, he was deeply attracted to Liu Xia. 

In his spare time, Liu Xia cooperated with the genius geek Shen Qin to develop an AI psychological testing system, and applied it to children and community public welfare with excellent results. Qilianshan also gradually participated in Liu Xia's public welfare undertakings, helping those who faced life challenges to get out of their psychological difficulties. The two got closer and closer in cooperation time and time again, and in the end, while their respective careers were successful, they also gained a beautiful love.

Cast of Twilight Heart (暮色心约)

Ren Jialun as Qilian Shan

Yang Ying as Liu Xia

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