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Who Rules The World (且试天下) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Who Rules The World (且试天下) is an ancient costume martial arts romance drama starring Yang Xiaopei and Fang Fang as chief producers, directed by Yin Tao, starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi, and co-starring Zhang Fengyi, Li Ruotong, Lai Yi, Xuan Lu, Liu Ruilin, and Zhang Tianyang.

Who Rules The World (且试天下) seriesBased on Qing Lingyue's novel of the same name, the play tells the story of Feng Lanxi and Bai Fengxi working together to travel to the end of the world. The series will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video from April 18, 2022.

This Who Rules The World (且试天下) drama stars two top Chinese artists, namely Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi. Yang Yang previously starred in the popular drama You Are My Glory with Dilraba Dilmurat. Meanwhile, Zhao Lusi has 3 dramas that have aired previously in 2021, namely The Long Ballad, Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling, and A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College.

who rules the world chinese drama
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Who Rules The World (且试天下) tells the story of Hei Fengxi (Yang Yang), a handsome and elegant man, and Bai Fengxi (Zhao Lusi) who are known as majestic and free-spirited figures. Like black and white, the two always have differences of opinion and cannot be united. However, in terms of martial skills, they were unrivaled. For ten years, Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi were trapped and involved in a war caused by the chaos that occurred in the world of martial arts. Unknowingly, the flowers of love began to bloom between the two. 

Detail of Who Rules The World (且试天下)

Chinese Title: 且试天下 (Let's Try the World)

English Title: Who Rules The World

Genre: Costume, Romance, Martial arts 

Production Company: Penguin Film and Television.

Premiere Time: April 18, 2022 

Director: Yin Tao, Yu Yonggang, Shi Zhanli 

Producer: Yang Xiaopei, Fang Fang 

Starring: Yang Yang, Zhao Lusi, Zhang Fengyi, Li Ruotong

Number of Episodes: 45 episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 Minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: Tencent video

Plot Story of Who Rules The World (且试天下)

The elegant Feng Lanxi (Yang Yang) and the peerless Bai Fengxi (Zhao Lusi) join hands in a legend of martial arts love. After ten years, their love blossomed in blood. After a war, Hei Fengxi finally realized his sincerity and scattered his cultivation to save Bai Fengxi.

Cast of Who Rules The World (且试天下)

Yang Yang as Feng Lanxi

The name of the rivers and lakes is Hei Fengxi, who is proficient in calculation and has a deep scheming. The black breath in the white wind and the black breath in the martial arts, the prince of Fengguo, the prince of Lanxi, who founded the Mo Yuqi, has a peerless appearance, and has a deep mind. It seems that everyone is in his calculations, and is deeply loved by the people in the name of King Ren. love.

Zhao Lusi as Feng Xiyun

The character is unrestrained and straightforward, the ability is very strong, the force value is max, and he can come and go freely in the arena. In the martial arts, Bai Feng, the white wind and the black breath, and Princess Xiyun of Fengguo, later became the King of Wind. When she was Bai Fengxi, she was free and easy, informal, greedy and fun. When she was Princess Xiyun or the King of Wind , stable and powerful, wise and unparalleled, spread the world in the name of talent and love, and founded Fengyunqi with one hand.

Zhang Fengyi as King Yong

Xuan Lu as Feng Qiwu

Lai Yi as Wang Chao

He Kailang as Yan Yingzhou

Liu Ruilin as Feng Ju

Zhang Tianyang as Feng Chang

Li Ganfeng as the King of Biancheng

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