The Fairy Lady (仙琦小姐许愿吧) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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The Fairy Lady (仙琦小姐许愿吧) is an urban romantic comedy drama directed by Wu Zongde, supervised by Zeng Yingxue, starring Wu Yingjie, Liu Zhiyang, Qiu Kaiwei, Zhao Xiaosu, Ramu Yoko, and Peng Gaochang.

On April 7, the TV series "The Fairy Lady (仙琦小姐许愿吧)" was launched on the full episode of the genuine video platform. The TV series was written and directed by Wu Zongde. The director has directed the first and second parts of "The Fairy Lady". "Miss Xianqi Make a Wish" continues the path of "There is a Fairy Wife at Home". It is still the heroine who has a magic bracelet, which can fulfill some wishes. Then, the pure and kind heroine and the hero live a happy and hilarious life.

The Fairy Lady (仙琦小姐许愿吧) series will premiere on iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku on April 7, 2022.

Detail of The Fairy Lady (仙琦小姐许愿吧)

Chinese Title: 仙琦小姐许愿吧 (Miss Xianqi Make A Wish)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Filming Location: Zhangzhou, 

Premiere Time: April 7, 2022, 

Director: Wu Zongde (general), 

Screenwriter: Xia Zhiming, Wei He, Yuhong,

Producer: Li Chunhai 

Starring: Wu Yingjie, Liu Zhiyang, Qiu Kaiwei, Zhao Xiaosu,

Number of Episode: 33 Episodes, 

Length of Each Episode: 46 Minutes

Online broadcast platforms: iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku

Plot Story of The Fairy Lady (仙琦小姐许愿吧)

Fashion magazine editor Chen Xianqi accidentally lost the diamond borrowed by the magazine, but mistakenly thought that it was picked up by the trainee lawyer Xiao Jiayou. Chen Xianqi tracked down Xiao Jiayou, but not only did he not get the diamond back, he also lost his job, and even took on a huge debt. Just when Chen Xianqi was devastated, she accidentally inherited a mysterious bracelet. She found that the bracelet seemed to contain some kind of mysterious power. 

Xiao Jiayou became Chen Xianqi's roommate by accident and shared a two-bedroom apartment with her. Now the two who originally hated each other were forced to start a "cohabitation" life. They used the power of the bracelet to help many people, experienced a lot of things, and the hearts of the two are slowly getting closer.

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5th Episode Summary of The Fairy Lady

Episode 1

The editor of the magazine, Chen Xianqi, accidentally lost the diamond on the ring while returning it. After checking the video of the mall, he thought the diamond was picked up by passerby Xiao Jiayou. Xian Qi is carrying a huge debt of diamonds. A phone call gave Xian Qi a glimpse of life. Aunt Zeng Zeng, who was far away in Singapore, had a legacy for her. Joy fell from the sky, she met the noble and handsome financial talent Lin Yuan at the airport, and she was overjoyed. Xian Qi received a Chinese jade bracelet from Chen Liping, and accidentally rescued Lin Yuan, becoming Lin Yuan's "savior". And at a concert, he met his friend Xiao Jiayou.

Episode 2

Xian Qi didn't recognize Jiayou who was wearing makeup, and the two were separated by yin and yang. Jiayou's house is leaking, he goes upstairs to knock on the door, and unexpectedly finds that the resident upstairs is Xian Qi. Xian Qi wanted to "punish" Jiayou, but under the influence of the bracelet's ability, Jiayou rode a bicycle and turned into an acrobat, almost scared. Xian Qi determined that the diamond was on Jiayou, and started a follow-up investigation. In the evening, Xian Qi made a wish to see her future husband, but she only saw the clue that her future husband was wearing a red hat. The next day, Xiao Jiayou appeared in front of Xian Qi wearing a red hat, and Xian Qi was surprised. It turned out that Jiayou was a newly recruited tenant by Zhen Xiaoqiao.

Episode 3

Jiayou moved into the house, Xianqi made a contract with him for three chapters, and the two did not like each other. Jiayou's good friend Tony comes to help move the furniture, and has a crush on Xiao Qiao Chun. Xian Qi came to Lin Yuan's company to try on the VR glasses. With the super power of the Xian Bracelet, he actually realized the concept of "conscious intervention" that Lin Yuan dreamed of. Lin Yuan admired Xian Qi with admiration. Tony came to the gym and accidentally learned that Xiao Qiao was the coach here, and Xiao Qiao was also very moved by him. The next day, Xian Qi felt guilty about Jiayou and made breakfast for Jiayou to apologize. Because of Xianqi's special ability, Lin Yuan is determined to attack and investigate Xianqi's secret.

Episode 4

Lin Yuan launched a luxurious offensive against Xian Qi, and Xian Qi's heart trembled. Jiayou interviewed the paralegal of Lin Yuan's company and became a colleague with his friend Luo Han. In order to test whether Lin Yuan is her future husband, Xian Qi accidentally made a wish to be invisible and became a transparent person. After returning home, Jiayou and Tony were scared to death. Jiayou was determined to move away, while Xianqi was determined to take care of himself. Observe him. Lin Yuan checked the company's surveillance cameras and found that Xian Qi had disappeared invisibly out of thin air, and he firmly believed that Xian Qi had some kind of magical power, which made him see the turning point of the company's operations.

Episode 5

Because of the bad power of the jade bracelet, Xian Qi was reluctant to give it up, but he still took it. Who knows that the jade bracelet has returned to Xian Qi again. It turned out that Xiao Qiao helped Xian Qi to redeem the bracelet. Lin Yuan finds his right-hand man, Xiao Qian, who promises to help him investigate Xian Qi. Xian Qi was startled to realize that she had always had her wishes come true recently, so she made a wish to have 800,000 yuan. As a result, the cash box of the bank's cash truck flew towards her, and Xian Qi ran away in panic. Lin Yuan called Xian Qi for dinner, and Xiao Qian deliberately designed to test whether Xian Qi really had superpowers. The result was unexpected, Xian Qi really had the ability to restore the withered roses.

Cast of The Fairy Lady (仙琦小姐许愿吧)

Wu Yingjie as Chen Xianqi

Liu Zhiyang as Xiao Jiayou

Yoko Ramu as Zhen Xiaoqiao

Qiu Kaiwei as Lin Yuan

Zhao Xiaosu as Tony Ma

Peng Gao-sing as Xiao Qian

Wang Xuedong as Luohan

Sally Chen as Aunt Zeng Zeng

Gong Xiaoxuan as Tony's mother

Zhang Yidan as Meigui

Dong Fan as Fang Xia

Sun Yijie as Liu Yang

Xiao Yao as Tang Junjun

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